Has Scouting helped you or someone you care about?


Find out how you can thank them by leaving a gift in your Will.

For many adults, Scouting has created some fantastic memories that you cherish over many years. From your first time trying a new activity or achieving something, to your first night away from home in a tent without your family. We want to make sure that we can continue to do this for future generations and we're asking you to help us do this.

After you've taken care of loved ones, you may wish to leave a gift in your Will to Clyde Scouts and help us to create more wonderful memories for future generations. It's a little-known fact that many charities wouldn't survive without gifts in Wills but by remembering us and your favourite charities in this way, you're ensuring that their good work lives on. Leaving a gift in your Will gives us more room for making the long-term plans and development which is part of what we do. The donation can be as small or large as you like - every gift makes a big difference.

A legacy is a gift (usually of money) donated to a charity by someone on their death. The legacy should be specified in the Will of the donor. Legacies are tax-free to the recipient and to the donor. Depending on the size of the donor's estate a legacy to a charity may reduce the amount of any inheritance tax to be paid.

It is preferable to leave Clyde Scouts to decide how the legacy should be used. However it is possible to qualify the use to which a legacy may be put, but it is best to keep those qualifications broad as specific Groups or projects change over time. Examples of qualifications to a legacy would include:

  • To help more young people and adults join Scouting.
  • To support young people going to camps.
  • To assist the further development of the activity centres in Clyde Region.
  • To aid the development of Scouting for disabled children.


How to leave a gift in your Will

There are a number of options when it comes to making your Will, but you should seek professional help to ensure your Will is valid. The  Remember a Charity campaign has some good guidance and is worth a read as you gather your thoughts. This will give you peace of mind that your wishes will be carried out the way you intended.

In order make a legacy in favour of Clyde Scouts in your Will, your professional advisor will require the following information:

  • Registered name: Clyde Scouts
  • Registered Office: 21 Elmbank Street, Glasgow, G2 4PB.
  • Charity number: SC010415

It would be helpful if you let Clyde Scouts know if you have made a legacy in its favour. You can do this by  emailing or writing to us.

Any legacy that you donate to Clyde Scouts will be used to support the development of young people so that they can play a constructive role in future society and we're grateful to you for reading about how you can help support more young people get the tools, activities and programmes to develop their #SkillsForLife to help them flourish into adulthood.


Email: info@clydescouts.org.uk

Phone: 0141 248 6022

Address: 21 Elmbank Street, Glasgow, G2 4PB