Thinking of going abroad in 2015?

28th November 2014

Thinking of going abroad in 2015?

Read on to find out about what you need to do to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Pending the full roll-out of Compass, Clyde Region has reverted to using the paper based system for all Groups travelling abroad. As soon as Compass is ready to be used for submission of visits abroad paperwork, we will communicate this to everyone.

Step 1 in the process is to make contact with William, our International Adviser to request the forms that you need.

Once you've got that, you'll need to follow through the planning process which is reasonably logical. Any help or support required can be provided by William for you.


Please note that your international paperwork must be completed by the required deadline to allow your DC and then William to review it for sign off.

If you are travelling within Europe your DC must have your completed paperwork at least 4 months before you depart. This means, e.g. that if you are departing on Friday 3 April 2015 for an overseas trip at Easter, your paperwork should be with your DC on Monday 1 December 2014.

If you are travelling outwith Europe (USA, etc.) your DC must have your completed paperwork at least 7 months before you depart. This means, e.g. that if you are departing on Monday 20 July 2015 for an overseas trip next summer, your paperwork should be with your DC on Tuesday 20 January 2015.

If your paperwork is not submitted within the deadlines, you run the risk that your overseas trip may not be approved.


At the recent meeting of the District Commissioners, it was agreed that with immediate effect, all Groups from across Clyde Region would need to ensure that every adult and young person must be on the same travel insurance policy for their overseas trip and the preferred supplier for this insurance is Unity (Scout Insurance Services). It is not acceptable to have some adults and/or young people travelling abroad using their own personal/family insurance.

Am I properly complying with Scouting rules & best practice?

We have provided all District Commissioners with a checklist of things that they need to review before approving your next overseas trip. Click here to see a copy of this. Please help to make their lives easier by getting all of this in place before submitting your paperwork.


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