Scouts launch campaign to recruit volunteers in Glasgow & Lanarkshire to help young people recover from the pandemic

28th May 2021


Scouts are today launching the #GoodForYou campaign designed to recruit over volunteers across Glasgow and Lanarkshire to help young people to reconnect, supporting their wellbeing and building their skills for life.

Over the last year, thousands of online meetings were held, as leaders found innovative ways to continue to deliver Scouting and camps at home.

Scout groups across Clyde Region are now looking to build on this amazing work and empower young people when they need it most. To do this Scouts need more adults to step up and volunteer to lead young people. Scout volunteers will create opportunities for young people to recover from the impact of the pandemic by supporting their wellbeing and building the skills needed to succeed in life.

The pressures of the pandemic have led to a decrease in youth membership by 25% over the past year, falling from 7,704 last year to 5,708. Adult volunteer numbers are also down from 1,952 in 2020 to 1,871 for 2021.

These numbers are an indicator of how the pressures and disruptions to life over the past year mean not all youth members have been able to continue. This is especially the case in communities disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.

Regional Commissioner, Marion, said, 'Young people have lost out on so much in the past year and our membership numbers show how many were unable to continue with Scouts due to lockdown. The good news is they are coming back in droves, so we need more people to help us ensure young people can meet friends, have fun and fulfil their potential by learning skills for life. That's why today we're calling on people to volunteer for Scouts. Volunteering is good for communities, good for young people and good for you.'

Over the next six months the Scouts will be running a series of locally focused recruitment campaigns across the UK, including in Clyde Region, designed to encourage those young people and adults who drifted away during the pandemic re-join and to create new Scout groups in areas of greatest need. The campaign will be designed to appeal to new adult volunteers and emphasis why volunteering is good for your health, happiness, skill development and family life.

Since the first lockdown, Scout volunteers have provided thousands of hours of Zoom sessions, supported young people with at-home challenges like the Great Indoors and Hike to the Moon. And when restrictions have allowed, have run socially-distanced meet ups.

Bear Grylls, Chief Scout, said, 'The past year has been so tough for so many. And it's also shown just how important it is for us to work together to help those in need. Scouts plays a fundamental role in the lives of thousands of young people and our goal is to build back our membership by welcoming thousands of new volunteers across the movement. As an adult volunteer you can help us continue to make an incredible contribution towards helping young people learn new skills for life. You'll gain some great new skills, new friends and be part of empowering young people to be prepared for their future.'


Phone: 0141 248 6022

Address: 21 Elmbank Street, Glasgow, G2 4PB