Have fun, get active and help save lives - BHF Scotland helps groups to get moving

27th September 2011

With the summer holidays now a distant memory, British Heart Foundation (BHF) Scotland is urging group leaders to get off to a healthy start by signing up to take part in Ultimate Dodgeball, Jump Rope For Heart or Artie's Olympics.

Ultimate Dodgeball and Jump Rope for Heart are open to all groups for children aged 7 - 16 years. And the great news is that BHF Scotland supplies everything you need to play, including a free kit, so it couldn't be simpler to organise. The Ultimate Dodgeball kit contains three balls, an organiser's guide, posters and sponsorship form. This will help you run a series of lessons that will promote safe activity in a fun, enjoyable environment. You can then run an Ultimate Dodgeball Tournament as a sponsored event!

Photo of children taking part in Ultimate Dodgeball 

Young people taking part in Ultimate Dodgeball 

The Jump Rope For Heart kit is worth over £100, including teaching materials and skipping ropes. Once the children are confident with the skipping games, you can organise a sponsored "Jump Off''.

Artie's Olympics is tailored for younger children aged 3-8 years old, and aims to encourage them to get active and enjoy physical exercise from an early age. This scheme is suitable for Beaver, Cubs & Scouts and any other groups that work with young children. The group receives a free kit with a range of activities that are simple for children to learn, plus a supporting teacher's pack, gold medal stickers and balloons.

All these activities can contribute to children's recommended one hour of physical activity a day. Groups taking part raise vital funds to help the nation's heart charity continue its life-saving work, and raise funds for themselves, keeping 20% of money.

Carole Nicol, BHF Scotland's local Fundraising Volunteer Manager, says: "If children can catch, throw, dodge or skip they can play Ultimate Dodgeball and take part in Jump Rope for Heart or Artie's Olympics! Heart disease is still Scotland's biggest killer, so it's vital that our children know the importance of being active to lead a healthy life. We invest time and funds, both locally and nationally, to help educate children on how they can look after their hearts. A wide range of our children's resources is available free of charge. But we can only do this thanks to donations of time and money - such as the sponsorship raised from schemes like Jump Rope For Heart, Ultimate Dodgeball and Artie's Olympics. "

For more information on how BHF Scotland can support and improve your group's health education, or to register for any of the above initiatives and receive free kit, contact Carole Nicol on 0141 954 8542 or nicolc@bhf.org.uk or visit bhf.org.uk

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