Gone home: Norrie Munro

8th August 2013


It is with much sadness that we have to report the death of our colleague and friend Norman Munro.

Norman, or as he was always known to his friends Norrie, was a much loved and popular person who had the knack of getting on with everyone. This is borne out by the fact that no one ever had a bad word to say about him.

Norrie who was brought up in Maryhill Glasgow joined the 39th Glasgow Scouts taking part in all of their activities. He became one of the last scouts to gain the coveted King’s Scout Badge and Certificate signed by the late King George the sixth.

He went on through the ranks and as a Rover Scout he gained every badge that was available to him including the Rambler’s which involved him walking 100 miles through Northern France. His great interest of course, was camping and getting the ‘out’ out of Scouting.

He had a great many interests and was a frequent visitor to Glasgow’s theatres and it therefore came as no surprise when he auditioned for a place in the cast of Glasgow Scout’s Gang Show in 1952. As a competent singer and dancer he was immediately accepted as a member.

When Norrie decided to leave the stage he then concentrated his efforts both as Head of our Make Up Department and as Secretary to the 39 Club, a group of older Scouts who look after the best interests of The Glasgow Gang.

As a professional printer Norrie took the burden of administration and producing the official magazine, and other duties in his stride.

Norrie served in many committees and gained many awards all richly deserved.

The huge turnout at Norrie’s funeral in July was testament not only to the extent of his interests, but especially to the high regard and affection which was held for him by so many people.

Norrie is very sadly missed by his family and friends, and the Scouts and Leaders of The Glasgow Gang Show.

He has ‘Gone Home’ but his memory will always remain with us.

Written by: Raymond StoddartWritten by: Raymond Stoddart

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