DofE Expedition Report

11th March 2011

In August 2010, Scout Network members Joanne Hay, Magnus Judge, Willian McFarlane and Andrew Thomson undertook their Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award Expedition.

After 3 practice expeditions, the team headed to the Cairngorm Region where they completed a physically demanding route and collected a number of water samples were taken which were to be analysed and compared against branded bottled water at a later date.

They have recently published their report from the expedition which formed part of their presentation. The report logs the experiences of each member of the team during the qualifying expedition as well as all the work that went towards preparing for it. This includes all the practice expeditions that took place; how a project and route was selected; and the outcomes from the project.

The team have kindly agreed that the report can be published online for others to see how they got on.


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