Clyde Unit's Jamboree Countdown Begins

16th June 2011

The Clyde Jamboree Unit have begun the final countdown to their departure on their 22nd World Scout Jamboree Experience.

With less than 40 days until they meet at Glasgow airport for their flight to Copenhagen for the UK Contingent Pre-Event, there is still a lot of preparation and organisation still to be done.

Last weekend saw all but one of the Scottish Jamboree Units congregate at Meggernie for a final Training Weekend, including team building activities, a Burns' Supper and lots and lots of Ceilidh dancing!!! UK Contingent Leader Mike Parkes did the address to the haggis with a translator by his side ably assisting his pronunciation.1 After a feast for nearly 300 people, it was time for some ceilidh dancing, followed by a short disco and supper.

Sunday morning saw units get an introduction to subcamp life and some team building activities amongst the units. It was then time for a BBQ and to strike camp and saying goodbye to new friends, next to be seen at the UK Contingent Beach Party in Copenhagen.

It is scary to think that it is over 18 months since the Clyde Jamboree Unit was formed and in just over 2 months time, the Jamboree Experience itself will all be over. As Leaders, we can talk and talk about a World Jamboree; we can show pictures of a World Jamboree; we can share experiences gained from a World Jamboree. However, it will only be during and after the 22nd World Scout Jamboree that the young people will appreciate how wonderful and life changing an experience it is and how privileged they should feel to have been part of it. Each young person will gain something different as a result of being part of such an event, whether it be confidence, tolerance or appreciation of other cultures.

It is up to them to then pass on their experiences and encourage younger generations to aspire to attending a World Scout Jamboree. We must also not forget that these young people are the future of Scouting and by being part of the largest event in the Scouting calendar, they are more likely to carry on in the Movement and allow other young people the opportunity to experience the fun

The Clyde Jamboree Unit with Chief Commissioner for Scotland, Eleanor Lyall 


1 “A marquee filled with over 200 young people and adults going to the Jamboree was always going to be an amazing atmosphere. Add to this traditional dress and music, and you really have something special. I have to admit that when the haggis was piped in by five pipers, it was one of those moments that made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.” Mike Parkes - UK Contingent Blog 


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