Clyde's first new Scout Group is still growing

5th June 2013

During the first half of 2011, Clyde Region was pleased to welcome its first new Scout Group in Plains, just outside Airdrie. Started by some enthusiastic Parent's and a former Scouting volunteer, the Group has been running Beavers for young people in the village for just over 2 years now.

Earlier this year, the group had a slight set-back when some of the leadership team decided to move on but undeterred, Linda Lafferty decided to take on the challenge of running the colony and rebuild the leadership team.

'The young people get so much fun out of coming to Beavers every week' said Linda, 'I just knew that we couldn't let the Group close and when I started speaking to others they agreed to help.'

Taking on-board Scouting's flexible volunteering suggestions, Linda has been running the Colony with help from some Explorer Scouts, a member of Scout Network and a team of eager Parents on a rota for the last 5 months and she was delighted to invest 8 new members last week, bringing the Colony up to 12 members.

Plains Beavers 

The Beavers have been working hard on their Air Activities and Promise Challenge badges and this weekend will see them join in the Plains Gala Day.

Future plans for the Colony includes a family camp at Avondyke.


Avondyke Would any Beaver Colony consider linking with 1st Clyde (13 beavers)to organise an overnight or weekend stint in 2014. Love to hear from you?

Linda Lafferty - 12th June 2013 at 9:21am


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