Kirkintilloch and Lenzie Scouts raise funds for Haiti

18th February 2010

Just days after the Haiti disaster, Scouts & Explorer Scouts from the 12th, 32nd & 45th Glasgow joined together for a fundraising extravaganza to raise funds for the Shelterbox efforts in Haiti.

During the course of the day, they packed bags in their local Sainsbury's, with the Cubs and Scouts working hard alongside their Leaders to ensure everyone's bags were packed well. Samanthan from the 45th Glasgow said 'it's amazing how generous people are being and how interested they are in what Shelterbox are doing.'

Scouts bag packing 

While that was going on, Explorer Scouts from were out on the streets of Kirkintilloch with a bucket collection, which brought in a surprising amount. Explorer Scouts Charlotte and Craig said 'we couldn't believe it when people were actually crossing the street to put money into the buckets; it shows how much they care.'

Explorer Scouts raise money for Haiti

As the day drew to a close, tired Explorers and Leaders worked on, to get the last donations out of Kirkie's generous shoppers.

The bag pack and collection raised more than £1,800 with further donations and support from Beaver parents totalled £1,960 which enabled sponsorship of four shelterbox's for Haiti, giving accommodation and support to forty people for up to six months.


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