Safeguarding Awareness Training - Eastwood District

14th November 2012

Uniform: There is no need for Scout Uniform.

Venue: 79th Glasgow, Stamperland Church 

What to bring: Notepad & pen.

The format is a brief PowerPoint presentation followed by discussion groups and case studies so that leaders can share ideas. Issues covered include:

  • Bullying - preventative strategies, recognising the signs and how to deal with it
  • Keeping young people safe - different forms of abuse, warning signs and procedure to report concerns
  • Internet safety - online dangers for young people and guidance for leaders on use of social media
  • Safeguarding code of practice - advice for leaders to stay safe, and recognising inappropriate behaviour by adults or young people in the group
  • Resources and support - how to obtain resources, run a group activity and where to find help.

To apply to complete this course, click here - please note that there is no cost for this.

For more background information on why The Scout Association has introduced a requirement for Safeguarding Awareness Training, please click here to see an email that was sent to GSLs and Group Contacts - 


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