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  • Celebrating our young peoples top awards

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 25th January 2021

    Whilst 2020 might have been filled with challenges, the resilience of Scouting has stood out for families right across our local communities.

    We know that adapting our programme was challenging but our young people have continued to grow and develop as they completed their badges and awards and that is a huge testament to you, our volunteers.

    Ordinarily, we celebrate the achievements of Scouts, Explorer Scouts and members of Scout Network during November but we were unable to do that last year.

    We are now inviting you to submit details of young people from all sections who have completed top awards during 2020 and during March, we will showcase a video online sharing the achievements of our young people.

    Please use this form to tell us about the young people who have completed their awards. To allow us to make the celebration something more than a list of names, we are asking for photos and favourite memories from young people when they worked towards completing these.

    Thank you for all that you are continuing to do to deliver Scouting to our young people, it is greatly appreciated.

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  • Youth Involvement

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 25th November 2020


    Our Youth Involvement Commissioners, James and Iona, are looking for young people to share what their experience of Scouting has looked like over the last year and what's important to them in the future.

    Clyde Scout's first Youth Voice Blether is taking place on Monday, December 14th at 7pm via Zoom and all Explorer and Network Scouts within Clyde Region are invited.

    You can sign up to this event, or just stay in the loop by completing this form:

    Discussions from this event will be extremely useful in shaping the priorities of our new Regional Youth Advisory Group (RYAG).

    To find out more, you can email James or Iona.

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  • Would you like to help shape direction or make a difference to Scouting in Clyde Region?

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 6th October 2020

    We’re looking for volunteers to stand for election to the Regional Executive Committee and become a Trustee of the Charity.

    What’s the Regional Executive Committee, do I have anything to offer and what might I get out of it?

    All good questions!

    So, the formal bit… The Regional Executive Committee is responsible for managing the affairs of the Region, for supporting the Regional Commissioner in meeting the responsibilities of their appointment and for providing support for Scout Districts, Groups, Explorer Scout Units and Scout Network Units across the Region.

    But what does that mean in practice?

    The committee meets four times a year and is responsible for overseeing the running of The Glasgow Scout Shop, Auchengillan Outdoor Centre and the regional office. In addition, it sets a development plan or strategy to look at how we might support local Scouting.

    The committee discusses potential new developments for Auchengillan Outdoor Centre and ideas for events and activities, gets updates on accounts and budgets for all operations and manages risk (anything bad) that we might be exposed to.

    We also look at challenges that are occurring within Scouting and how we can support more young people, regardless of their background to be given the opportunity to join Scouting.

    Lots of people don’t realise it but members of the Executive Committee are to some extent overseeing a business with a turnover of more than £1million per year.

    But I’ve never been on a board or a committee before?

    That doesn’t matter, we can train and support you to grow in to the role. You’ll get an induction training evening with the Chair and Secretary and then we’ll discuss what other skills you feel would be useful to you.

    Additionally, some people opt to join committees because of skills that they already have in management, governance, communications, HR or risk management.

    It’s good to have a mixture of experienced and new members.

    So, interested? We have 2 vacancies this year for a 3 year commitment and 1 for a 1 year commitment.

    For an informal chat about the role, you can contact Gary in the regional office.

    For more information about the nomination process, click here .

    To complete a nomination form or self nomination, which should be returned to Gary Bainbridge in the Regional Office by 6 November 2020, click here .

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  • What's being done to support Scouting in Clyde Regions during lockdown?

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 31st May 2020

    It's hard to believe that it's more than 8 weeks since the last group left Auchengillan and we took the decision to close both Auchengillan and 21 Elmbank Street to members of the public. While we have been unable to meet face2face, a wide ranging programme of work has been undertaken by the staff and volunteer team during this time and it's been a few weeks since our General Purposes sub-Committee (Scott Ballantyne, Regional Chair, Stuart Yuill, Regional vice-Chair, John Moffat CA, Regional Treasurer, Marion Rankin, Regional Commissioner and Gary Bainbridge, Chief Operating Officer) last updated you on the ongong work being undertaken since face2face Scouting stopped.

    Firstly, a massive thank you to everyone who has adapted the way in which you are delivering Scouting. We are delighted to see that so many sections have been undertaking activities online through Zoom, using #TheGreatIndoors and #CampAtHome materials and a whole variety of challenges. The General Purposes sub-Committee has been meeting regularly and maintained almost daily contact in between meetings to keep abreast of the information coming out from The Scouts and the Government about what we can and cannot do and to look at the challenges that face Clyde Region and its Groups and Districts.

    For those Groups who own their own Scout Hall, you will be aware from the national call and emails from The Scouts and Scouts Scotland that there is funding support available, based on the rateable value of your Scout Hall. We have written to the Chief Executives of the 5 local authorities and are pleased to report that we are receiving positive responses from them. If you own your own Scout Hall and have not yet applied for funding from the Retail, Leisure and Hospitality Fund or Coronavirus Business Support Fund, please do so via your local authority. It would be good to know whether or not Groups are being successful in receiving grants.

    We have maintained regular contact with Scouts Scotland and our General Purposes sub-Committee will shortly be meeting with them to discuss how we can work closer together at this time of challenge. We have reviewed and discussed the content from the all members calls that were led by Tim Kidd and Matt Hyde from UKHQ to ensure that we are aware of the impact of the challenges that they are facing, on local Scouting.

    Support for Groups and Districts continues to be available from the volunteer and staff team so please do get in touch if there is anything that we can do to assist you at this time. We have held a fortnightly drop-in cafe using Zoom with District Commissioners and members of the Regional Support team. We surveyed our membership to find out how we can support you at this time and arising from that have been sharing programme ideas on our social channels.

    As Auchengillan and 21 Elmbank Street were closed to the public and once the details of the Job Retention Scheme were clarified, we furloughed members of our staff team to reduce our staffing costs. Our Treasurer, John Moffat and our Accountant, Ailsa Milne have been working tirelessly to look at the costs that Clyde Scouts incurs operationally in supporting Scouting, in running our regional office, at The Glasgow Scout Shop and at Auchengillan Outdoor Centre, to identify which of those costs we still need to incur and which can be deferred or cancelled in the interim. They are providing regular support to members of the General Purposes sub-Committee to enable us to steer our way through these challenges financially while minimising our financial risks. We have met with Scout Store to discuss and review the ongoing relationship between The Glasgow Scout Shop and them as they are both the supplier of many of our products and a competitor to our online business. The Glasgow Scout Shop continues to trade online with internet orders being dispatched regularly, supporting volunteers who continue to deliver programme activities. We have written to the Directors of Education of the 5 local authorities to engage with them in discussions about how Auchengillan Outdoor Centre can play its part in the delivery of outdoor learning as a phased return to school begins for our young people in August.

    We submitted applications to Stirling Council and Glasgow City Council and have been successful in receiving funding from the Retail, Leisure and Hospitality Fund with us receiving 100% of the available grant for Auchengillan and 75% of the available grant for 21 Elmbank Street as our second property. We have made a successful application to the Third Sector Resilience Fund for financial support for the salaries of the 3 members of staff who were not furloughed to allow us to maintain our basic finance, HR, administration and governance functions during this time.

    We know that there are challenging times ahead for us all as we steer our way through the easing of restrictions and consider what future support for Scouting will look like. While the First Minister of Scotland has published the route map out of lockdown, we are still considering what this means for how we operate and of course guidance about how and when face2face Scouting might restart will come from The Scouts and Scouts Scotland in due course. There will be challenging discussions and difficult decisions in the weeks and months ahead as we look at how we might work towards achieving what we'd like to deliver balanced with how we can become financially sustainable again, in the time beyond lockdown. We will share more about these challenges and what the future looks like in further updates as the Trustees of Clyde Region consider our route map out of lockdown.

    Thank you for all that you are doing and we hope that in the midst of this busy time for us all in Scouting and in our family and professional lives, you are taking time for yourselves. It feels as though on some days life is going even faster than it did before lockdown but this needs to be a marathon and not a sprint for us, so that we are ready for adjusting to life beyond lockdown.

    If you have any questions in connection with what we have shared, please do get in touch via the regional office.

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  • Coronavirus - Clyde Scouts update

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 23rd March 2020

    Following the recent advice from the Prime Minister, the Scouts have suspended all face-to-face Scout meetings, activities and events for the time being.

    Sadly, this means changes to our day to day operations for Clyde Scouts.

    Auchengillan Outdoor Centre is now closed to customers and our staff team are going to be focusing on improving the Centre for your return and supporting our communities where we can.

    We have decided to temporarily close The Glasgow Scout Shop to the public, with immediate effect for the time being. You can continue to place orders online at and these will be dispatched without postage charges being applied.

    The Regional Office is currently closed in line with Government advice about social distancing. Members of staff are working from home and enquiries by email will be dealt with. You can email or leave a message on 0141 248 6022 and your message will be returned.

    We'd like to thank everyone for their continued support.

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  • Consultation on membership of the Regional Scout Council

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 15th January 2020

    At our Annual General Meeting in November 2019, proposals to expand membership of the Regional Scout Council were discussed and amendments were proposed from the floor.

    It was agreed that the Regional Executive Committee would discuss the matter further before bringing proposals back to the Regional Scout Council.

    In order to help inform that discussion, you are invited to answer a short questionnaire about your views on adult and young person membership of the Regional Scout Council here.

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  • Thank you from Dorothy Weston

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 19th December 2019

    Dorothy and daughters Alison, Kirsteen and Carolyn would like to express their sincere thanks to all Scouting friends who attended the Service of Thanksgiving for Roy's life at Killermont Parish Church, Bearsden on Monday 11th November. It was indeed a great comfort to see so many at the service and it is with deep regret that Dorothy was unable to speak to everyone on this occasion and apologises to those concerned.

    Many thanks also for the cards and letters received which have been greatly appreciated and the tributes to Roy which will be treasured.

    The family extend their best wishes to everyone for a happy festive season and for health and happiness in 2020.

    Dorothy Weston.

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  • Christmas closures

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 17th December 2019

    The Regional office will close at 12noon on Tuesday 24th December and re-open at 9am on Friday 3rd January 2020.

    The Glasgow Scout Shop will close at 5.30pm on Friday 20th December to allow for our annual pre-Christmas stock take and will reopen at 11am on Friday 3rd January 2020.

    All orders placed up until 2pm on Friday 20th December will be dispatched that day. Any orders placed after 2pm may not be dispatched until after the shop reopens on January 3rd. Please note that we cannot guarantee orders being delivered in time for Christmas outwith the guidelines issues by the Post Office.

    Auchengillan Outdoor Centre will close at 5pm on Monday 23rd December and reopen at 9am on Monday 6th January 2020.

    We'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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  • Paddling in Glasgow's City Centre

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 19th October 2019

    The last session of canoeing and kayaking at Pinkston for 2019 took place on October 1st after another busy year and here,Scout Active Support Manager, Don reflects on their activities.

    Our last Groups were from 2nd Larkhall and 144th Glasgow having fun paddling on what was a very cold night. The Groups both accepted this late date having had to postpone their sessions due to unforeseen circumstances with the watersports centre at Pinkston earlier this year. 

    So what makes 2 full sessions of Scouts come paddling on a dark October night you may ask?

    Or even more what makes the Scout Active Support volunteers give up their time away from there own family and Groups?

    Quite simply its a fun time with a different approach to build your learning of paddlesports on the water. No matter what your age and ability we have something to offer at Pinkston. Our core teaching surrounds kayaks and individual paddling. We also do canoeing on occasion and this often suits our younger members who would struggle to paddle as an individual so they learn that it is often better to paddle as a team.

    Don asked Lindsey the leader from 2nd Larkhall to write about her first experience coming as a group in the summer.

    '2nd Larkhall Scout Group took up the opportunity to try the watersports activity at Pinkston in May. For some of the Group it was their first ever session of this kind. The instructors were great, first spending time out of the water getting familiar with the equipment and giving everyone a chance to ask questions. We weren’t kept waiting to get on the water and soon got to put things into practice.

    The instructors got us through the basics, everyone quickly gaining confidence on the water and they soon had us performing basic manoeuvres in our kayaks. As the session progressed, we were encouraged to have fun and played some games.

    Even though our group was a mixture of Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Leaders, we were all able to take part and no one was made to feel left out.

    The final task involved ‘rafting up’ which proved tricky for some and tested our confidence but no one was made to do anything they didn’t want to. Perhaps it helped, when I demonstrated how to fall in!'

    Thanks to all for making it another memorable season at Pinkston and we look forward to another one next year.

    If you are interested in bringing your group next year or are interested in the work of our Active Support Unit to gain further paddle skills please get in touch

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  • Would you like to join our team in The Glasgow Scout Shop?

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 12th June 2019

    Role: Sales Assistant

    Location: The Glasgow Scout Shop

    Salary: £8.21 per hour

    Hours of work: As required

    We're looking for highly motivated and enthusiastic team members to join our staff team in The Glasgow Scout Shop.

    Every day we dispatch hundreds of items of books, badges and uniforms to parents of youth members and Scouting volunteers from around the UK and further afield.

    You will be responsible for picking and packing online orders and providing sales assistance to customers in The Glasgow Scout Shop as well as assisting the Scout Shop Team Leader with the general running of the Shop.

    You will have excellent attention to detail in picking, packing and dispatching orders, ensuring that our customers get everything that they've ordered first time and a good level of communication skills to help you interact with people from different backgrounds.

    Do you have a passion for excellent customer service and a good knowledge of Scouting?

    Click here for more details of the role .


    Please send your CV and a covering letter helping us to see why you're the person to join our team to by Friday 28th June 2019.

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  • Explorer Scouts wanted to join camp with Disabled Scouts this Summer

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 24th May 2019

    This summer a group of 35 young people will go on a summer camp to Meggernie Scout Adventure Centre in Glen Lyon for a week of activities and adventure.

    Unlike most Scouts, these young people need some support so they can fully take part in all the activities. That’s where we’re looking for enthusiastic Explorer Scouts to join us!

    You’ll take part in all the activities too, but at the same time you’ll be helping one of the young people to also take part. You’ll work as part of a Patrol with five or six other Explorers and a team of experienced leaders so you don’t need to have any previous experience working with disabled people.


    We’re looking for Explorers who are enthusiastic, patient and have an interest in helping others. We’ll provide some training for all the rest! More than half of our volunteers are aged 14 to 18 so you’ll be part of a team very similar to you.

    This is a particularly good opportunity for anyone completing Duke of Edinburgh Gold (it will count as your Residential Experience) or for anyone with an interest in studying medicine, nursing, teaching or anything similar.

    The dates are Saturday 29th June (leaving from Glasgow in the morning) back on Saturday 6th July. The fee for the week is £90 but this can be reduced if anyone has any difficulty paying. The camp will be at Meggernie near Aberfeldy with day trips to nearby cities and a full programme across the week.

    Full details are available from Michael Shanks by emailing or giving him a call on 07880777324. Even if you’re not sure if it’s for you but want to find out more please get in touch!

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  • Looking for support for the Animal Friend or Animal Carer badges?

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 6th May 2019

    Blue Cross, the charity dedicated to helping sick, injured and homeless pets has offered a national free education service to children aged 5-12 since 2005. Using their network of fully-trained and checked volunteers we have seen over 100,000 young people last year. Their talks are not a fundraising initiative but are part of our programme of information and education.

    Talks can be to large groups or made age-appropriate for smaller groups of children. The programme is particularly appropriate to areas such as Animal related activity badges. Talks can be given on subjects such as:

    • What pets need
    • Safety around dogs
    • Life skills – Responsible dog ownership (age 10 and above)

    Some of their volunteers have temperament-assessed dogs with them, and all carry a number of resources to help make the message of the Blue Cross a fun and interesting experience.

    These walks can be tailored to assist Beaver Scouts and Cub Scouts working on their Animal Carer and Animal Friend badges.

    cubsanimals  beaveranimals

    Availability of talks is dependent upon the availability of our speakers, so please contact me (Sue Malin) direct to make a booking during term-time at or 0300 111 8950. More information on responsible pet care and a booking form can be found at

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  • Join our Executive Committee

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 14th September 2018

    Would you like to help shape direction or make a difference to Scouting in Clyde Region?

    We’re looking for volunteers to stand for election to the Regional Executive Committee and become a Trustee of the Charity.

    What’s the Regional Executive Committee, do I have anything to offer and what might I get out of it?

    All good questions!

    So, the formal bit… The Regional Executive Committee is responsible for managing the affairs of the Region, for supporting the Regional Commissioner in meeting the responsibilities of his appointment and for providing support for Scout Districts, Groups, Explorer Scout Units and Scout Network Units across the Region.

    But what does that mean in practice?

    The committee meets four times a year and is responsible for overseeing the running of The Glasgow Scout Shop, Auchengillan Outdoor Centre and the regional office. In addition, it sets a development plan or strategy to look at how we might support local Scouting.

    The committee discusses potential new developments for Auchengillan Outdoor Centre and ideas for events and activities, gets updates on accounts and budgets for all operations and manages risk (anything bad) that we might be exposed to.

    We also look at challenges that are occurring within Scouting and how we can support more young people, regardless of their background to be given the opportunity to join Scouting.

    Lots of people don’t realise it but members of the Executive Committee are to some extent overseeing a business with a turnover of more than £1million per year.

    But I’ve never been on a board or a committee before?

    That doesn’t matter, we can train and support you to grow in to the role. You’ll get an induction training evening with the Chair and Secretary and then we’ll discuss what other skills you feel would be useful to you.

    Additionally, some people opt to join committees because of skills that they already have in management, governance, communications, HR or risk management.

    It’s good to have a mixture of experienced and new members.

    So, interested? We have 3 vacancies this year, 1 of which will be a 1 year commitment and 2 of which will be a 3 year commitment.

    Whilst anyone who is eligible can opt to stand for election, we’re keen to encourage applications from adult leaders and Scout Network members aged 18 to 23 as we would like two of our trustees from that age group and it would be good to increase our female representation on the committee as well.

    For an informal chat about the role, you can contact Gary in the regional office.

    For more information about the nomination process, click here.

    To complete a nomination form or self nomination, which should be returned to Gary Bainbridge in the Regional Office by 15 October 2018, click here.

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  • Could you support water activities at Pinkston?

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 21st June 2018

    For more than four years, Clyde Scouts has been offering easy access to canoeing and kayaking in Glasgow, through Pinkston Watersports based in the North of Glasgow City Centre.

    The team that deliver these sessions is a volunteer Scout Active Support Unit who coordinate the sessions with the staff in the Regional Office and organise a rota of kayak and canoe instructors to deliver sessions between 6pm and 8pm and 8pm and 10pm every week.

    Are you a keen kayaker or canoeist who might be prepared to join this team on a Tuesday evening? We're looking to grow the team of volunteers to help continue this excellent facility.

    Please contact Gary in the Regional Office if you'd be interested in joining this team.

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  • Vacancy for Assistant Regional Commissioner (Adult Training)

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 1st June 2018

    Later this year, Ann Gordon will step down from the role of Assistant Regional Commissioner (Adult Training) after more than a decade in post.

    We're looking for a successor to step in to this important role that supports our volunteers to be equipped wth the skills to carry out their roles in Groups and Districts across Clyde.

    The main tasks of this role are:

    • Create and manage an annual calendar of training events including dates, venues, participants numbers and staffing.
    • Manage a group of Regional Trainers, including ensuring that they have completed appropriate training.
    • Support and advise Assistant District Commissioner's (Adult Training) in our 8 Districts.

    A more detailed role description and nomination form can be found here.

    The programme of adult training for 2018/19 has now been agreed and the new post holder will have time to liaise with Ann before she steps down.

    If you'd like to discuss this role, nominate someone or express an interest in it, please contact Gary in the Regional Office by Monday 18th June.

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  • Our Young People Yield the Way for Change

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 20th November 2017

    Iona Brownlie

    Member of the Regional Youth Advisory Group, Iona Brownlie relfects on their first full meeting held recently.

    At the beginning of the month, Clyde Region's Youth Advisory Group (RYAG) met at Auchengillan Outdoor centre for their first official meeting. Within the meeting the group elected its Chair, James Gallagher from the 28th Glasgow, Vice-Chair Zoë Jordan and Secretary Emma McLea from 1st Lenzie. James is now the first ever Regional Youth Commissioner for Clyde Region. Congratulations to James, Zoë, and Emma on their election.

    At its meeting, the Group discussed how to encourage the young people of the Region to take part in more events. The Group was split up and together they came up with activities to get the youth members of Clyde Region more involved and this included discussion on whether a weekend or a day event would be more successful. After the hard work the Group were then treated to a spot of rifle shooting provided by Mark from the Auchengillan team.

    The RYAG are now working towards an activity day to encourage the youth members of Clyde to become more involved in Scouting. The RYAG hopes to encourage Clyde to become more #youthshaped and under the watchful eye of Regional Commissioner Marion Rankin and Assistant Regional Commissioner (Youth Involvement), Euan Waddell it is bringing the Scouts from across the Region together to ensure that they as young people are at the front of all that is Clyde Region.

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  • Meet Deputy Regional Commissioner, Simon

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 7th November 2017

    Name: Simon Robb

    Role: Deputy Regional Commissioner (14-25 Programme)

    How long have you been involved in Scouting? Since I was a cub, 30+ years ago.

    Favourite Scouting memory: hard to choose just one, but probably leading my Jamboree Unit, complete with pipers, into the opening ceremony of the World Scout Jamboree in Japan.

    #iScout because I want to ensure that more of the 14-25 age group has access to quality Scouting.

    When not Scouting, I'm a fan of Deacon Blue and was lucky to catch them at their end of tour gig at the famous Glasgow Barrowlands last year.

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  • Meet Deputy Regional Commissioner, Carslaw

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 7th November 2017

    Name: Carslaw Purdie (aka Blakey)

    Role: Deputy Regional Commissioner

    How long have you been involved in Scouting? Joined at 8 (no Beavers back then), so in total 53 years.

    Favourite Scouting memory: heading to San Diego with 37 Scouts and 5 leaders.

    #iScout because Scouting DOES make a difference and I wish to be part of those supporting Groups and Districts in Clyde Region to make the difference.

    When not Scouting, I enjoy spending time with my children and grandchildren and I like to travel the world with my job. Fab food is rib eye steak when in USA and the best holiday destination is Tenerife. I also watch Sky Sports a lot.

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  • Blog: Great Western Leader's weekend

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 26th October 2017

    Our adult volunteers are at the heart of all that goes on in Scouting across Clyde Region so it was great to see that Great Western District recently held a weekend to support their development at Auchengillan.

    This is the third of such events that we have run over the past 10 years,' said Anne Law, District Commissioner 'and they have proved extremely popular with approximately 50 attendees each time.' She continued, 'we felt that there is a gap in the official volunteer training with not enough time for practical skills, so our events are skills and knowledge sharing, with bases being run by Leaders from Groups in the District as well as guests from Clyde Scouts and Scouts Scotland.'

    The weeend commenced on Saturday morning with a session about group development, led by Deputy Chief Commissioner Stuart Imrie and in between the practical sessions, participants enjoyed a variety of plenary talks from Activities Adviser, Claire Taylor, a member of Clyde Region Hills Team and the South Western District-led Gang Show.

    The majority of the Saturday and also on Sunday morning were bases of Map and Compass, Duke of Edinburgh's Award, a tour of Auchengillan, OSM, crafts, Nights Away Permits, fire lighting, backwoods cooking, food hygiene, camp gadgets, axe & saw, scout games and circuits, planning sleepovers, Cub Camp programmes, camp kitchen set up and Going Abroad.

    We had special visitors on Sunday, as our Scout team from the 183rd Glasgow who gained third place in the National Camping Competition joined us to teach camp gadgets, youth led Scouting!

    We had a chance to relax and socialise on the Saturday evening, which gave everyone a chance to get to know each other and increase the support and friendship, which will enhance our future programmes and increase sharing of ideas and joint events.

    We gave an opportunity for leaders to share their ideas with the District team about what they want for future events and support.

    It was a great weekend and I highly recommend that other districts give this a go!

    Special thanks to the Scouts Scotland Development Fund which awarded us a grant to cover the cost of the accommodation and some of the food and to our District Executive for funding the balance meaning the event could run with no charge to the leaders.

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  • A night of celebration for 30th Lanarkshire (St John's Church) Scout Group

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 18th October 2017

    The 30th Lanarkshire (St John's Church) Scout Group recently held a night of celebration and fun involving all sections in the Group as they held their recent Annual General Meeting (AGM).

    The AGM was very well attended and the Executive Committee were pleased to accept new members offers to help with the running of the Group. Official business was swiftly concluded so that the focus of the night could turn to fun and celebration, with the Beetle Drive acting as a focus for the evening and providing an opportunity to raise over £130 for the Group.

    In between rounds five new Beaver Scouts were invested, followed by seventeen new Cub Scouts which is a record for the Group if not in the District or Region.

    Group Scout Leader Judy Trayner was delighted to perform another first for the Group, the award of the Chief Scout's Platinum Award to two members of its partnered Explorer Scout Unit.

    Judy said 'the 30th Lanarkshire Scout Group is going from strength to strength, our new Beaver colony already has over 20 Beavers as well as a waiting list and we invested SEVENTEEN Cubs tonight. I was very proud to award two Chief Scout's Platinum awards to two young people who are a fantastic asset to our Group and who are good role models for our younger members.'

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  • Join our team as Assistant Manager in The Glasgow Scout Shop

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 29th September 2017

    Role: Assistant Manager

    Salary: £17,000

    Working hours: Any 5 days from 7, 37 1/2hrs per week.

    The Glasgow Scout Shop isn’t your average retail outlet. We supply a range of Scouting and entry level outdoors products for our membership and their families to support them on their life changing experiences.

    The store is a fast-paced environment, serving customers who visit us and processing a high volume of internet orders as well as assisting customers to source products that they need for their next activity.

    We’ve grown the business substantially in recent years and are passionate about doing even more so we’re looking for someone with a hunger to make a difference to join our team.

    You’ll be ready to lead part of the operation while the Shop Manager is here and at times take the reins fully and lead the entire team. Outstanding customer service is at the heart of our operation and you’ll be an excellent communicator who can multi-task while ensuring quality and consistency is maintained at all times and with the enthusiasm to ensure that we have a happy team, even happier customers and an efficient, high-quality shop.

    To apply, please read the job description and person specification and send us a copy of your CV with a covering letter exploring why you’re the right person to join our team and how you meet the person specification.

    Closing date: Monday 16th October 2017 at 12noon.

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  • Meet Jamboree Unit Leader, Anne

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 23rd August 2017

    Name: Anne

    Role: Unit Leader, Clyde Jamboree Unit & member of Scottish Scout Active Support

    How long have you been involved in Scouting? 18 years, before that I was in Guiding for 6 years.

    Favourite Scouting memory: Completing my Queen's Scout Award and taking part in the Queen's Scout parade at Windsor.

    #iScout because fun and adventure are for everyone and I want to help people experience that.

    When not Scouting, I love to travel, ski and get lost in a good book and I'm a huge Harry Potter fan.

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  • Meet our third Assistant Unit Leader, David

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 14th August 2017

    Name: David Love

    Scouting role: Assistant Unit Leader, Clyde Jamboree Unit & SHQ Commissioner for Scouts

    How long have you been involved in Scouting? 18 years

    Favourite Scouting memory: Sunrise morning on 1st August at the centenary jamboree 2007

    #iScout because I enjoy the fun, skills, challenge and adventure

    #funfact about me: My nickname is Smiley

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  • Meet Sam from our World Scout Jamboree Unit

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 12th August 2017

    Name: Sam Murdoch

    Role in Scouting: Assistant Scout Leader with 1st Insch Scouts & Assistant Unit Leader, Clyde Jamboree Unit.

    How long have you been involved in Scouting? Since I was a Beaver aged 6 and have never left.

    Favourite Scouting memory: Going to the World Scout Jamboree 2011 in Sweden as a participant

    #i.SCOUT because I want to give young people the fantastic experiences I had as a Scout.

    When I am not Scouting, I play rugby for my local team and a fun fact about myself is that my initials spell my name (S)am (A)lexander (M)urdoch.

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  • Introducing Laura from our Jamboree Unit Leadership Team

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 12th August 2017

    Name: Laura Yuill

    Scouting role: Assistant Beaver Scout Leader 159th Glasgow and Assistant Unit Leader, Clyde Jamboree Unit.

    How long have you been involved in Scouting? Officially 10 years starting as an Explorer in 2007 but with both my parents being involved I have grown up with Scouting.

    Favourite Scouting memory: Would have to be completing my Explorer belt in Estonia in 2013. It was tough at times and I said never again on completion. By the presentation 3 weeks later, it was when can I do something like this again? It was an amazing experience meeting local people and working alongside them along with Scouts from all over Scotland.

    #iScout because I want to give others the opportunities I've had through Scouting and more.

    When I am not Scouting, I am a Curling coach at Braehead ice rink.

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  • Pegasus Explorers head for Canada

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 29th June 2017

    We all completed a practice expedition in Arran, last September, including a major project
    and three minor projects, to be completed over the course of the three days on the island. We then did mock presentations to the rest of the Explorers, to give us an idea of how we would present our final expedition results.

    Based on that experience, each of our three teams then chose their major and five minor projects for Canada. Since our exams finished, we have been researching information we will be able to use to complete our challenges when in Canada. We have been concentrating on Scottish information, so we have a better understanding and can compare British Columbia to Scotland, when we are there. Once we are in Vancouver, we will be issued with another five minor projects.

    To make our Explorer Belt expedition possible, the participants, leaders and our parents have worked hard by participating in multiple fundraisers over the last two years, including bag packs, car boot sales, quizzes, rag collections and sponsored cycles.

    In addition to raising money, our cycle from Bowling to the Falkirk Wheel and back really helped the group realise the type of distance that we will have to cover in a day, during the expedition. This has resulted in us cycling whenever we can, as part of our personal training. Some of the guys have managed to cycle almost every day, sometimes with a rucksack filled with things like bottles of water, in order to become more used to cycling with a heavy bag. Some people have also attempted to ration their water intake when cycling, in case they can’t fill bottles in Canada, as regularly as they can in Scotland. Being able to do this has improved our physical fitness, which should greatly benefit us for the expedition and in general. We are all really looking forward to the challenge and can’t wait to get to Canada.

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  • Gone home: Duncan MacLean

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 14th June 2017


    Clyde Scouts was saddened to hear of the recent passing of Duncan MacLean, aged 83 years old.

    Duncan was a Scouting volunteer for almost 40 years as part of the leadership team at the 30th Glasgow, leading the team as GSL for almost a decade of that time. In addition to his role in the Group, Duncan served as part of the South Western District team for a number of years where his supportive and kind nature saw him nurturing adults across the District to develop themselves and their programmes.

    In addition to his work locally Duncan was, for many years, a key member of the team supporting Glasgow Gang Show and his weekends were often spent at Auchengillan Outdoor Centre where he was 'at home' helping to deliver activities, carry out maintenance and lend his experience to leaders in getting young people off to camp as a member of the Scout Active Support Unit.


    When he wasn't Scouting, Duncan was involved in many other organisations in his local community including Rotary, Govan Workspace, Govan Fair and Scottish Conjurers.

    A true gentleman with a firm belief that helping others could go a long way in making this World a little better, every one of us who knew Duncan was touched by his love for people and you could always be sure that if you needed help, Duncan would be there doing whatever he could to support you.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with his family Margaret and Alasdair and it was lovely to see that Duncan was held in such high regard that there was not a space in the crematorium as we gathered to give thanks for his life last week.

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  • Meet Joe, our new International Adviser

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 14th June 2017

    Name: Joe

    Role in Scouting: Regional Advisor (International)

    How long have you been involved in Scouting? 13 years.

    Favourite Scouting memory: Investing 12 Explorer Scouts in Oeschinensee, Kandersteg.

    #i.SCOUT because I look forward to promoting international Scouting within the programme & managing the Visits Abroad process for Clyde Region.


    When not Scouting, I am a Woodland Activity Leader and a member of the Institute for Outdoor Learning and I am committed to conservation and children learning outdoors.

    PS: I would like to take this opportunity to remind event leaders that final Visit Abroad forms must be submitted to me at least 6 weeks prior to the event starting. Please don’t risk having your event cancelled. If you are going abroad this summer you should contact me now.

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  • Scouts from East Kilbride raise funds for children’s charity close to their hearts

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 7th June 2017

    Beaver Colonies from the 1st East Kilbride Scout group took part in a sponsored walk around Heritage Loch recently to fundraise for Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity (GCHC) in support of a fellow Scout.

    The Group raised over £1,200 for the charity who is close to their heart having looked after fellow Scout Jack Tennick who had open heart surgery at the Royal Hospital for Children earlier in the year.

    Mark Campbell, Beaver leader for East Kilbride Scouts said, 'I am very proud of all of our Beavers, leaders, parents, committee members and local community for supporting our sponsored walk.' He continued, 'it was our small way of thanking all of the tremendous work they do at Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity and for the care and attention Jack received before during and after his operation.'

    The walk raised £1,219.00 for the charity and the cheque was presented at 1st East Kilbride Scouts Spring Fayre.

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  • Meet Scott, he's one of our Trustees

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 5th April 2017

    Name: Scott

    Role: Trustee

    How long have you been involved in Scouting? Since being invested as a Cub Scout in the Ninth Glasgow on 1st December 1981.

    Favourite Scouting memory: Being the Troop’s first winning PL at District Flags and being in the Area Final at Auchengillan on my 16th birthday (before the age range changes lol!).

    #i.SCOUT because any small effort I make might just have an impact on a young person’s life!

    When not Scouting, I like cycling and watching Have I Got News For You.

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  • Meet Gillian, our Safeguarding Awareness Coordinator

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 31st March 2017

    Name: Gillian

    Role: Safeguarding Awareness Coordinator

    How long have you been involved in Scouting: 8 years.

    Favourite Scouting memory: So 'assisting' a cub down a watery sledge is what you have! No Cub scouts harmed, but loads of laughter and adventures had and is a fond memory of Cubs and Beavers having a fab Christmas party. (I was also covered in mud coz I fell over and was so proud when the young people wanted to make sure I wasn’t hurt and help.)

    #i.SCOUT because I want to support adults to keep young people in Scouting safe and enjoying the adventures.

    When not Scouting, I enjoy walking and fishing with my dog, periodically the cat comes too.

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  • Our St. George's Day Award recipients

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 30th March 2017

    Clyde Scouts was delighted that 6 of our leaders and supporters from across the Region had their contribution to Scouting recognised by the Chief Scout in the 2017 St. George’s Day Awards with the award of the Silver Acorn.

    Iain Forrest is currently Deputy District Commissioner in Clydesdale District and has been involved in Scouting for more than 28 years. Iain is held in high regard by all who are supported by him and there is no doubt that the successful growth of nearly 10% in membership in Clydesdale District in the last 4 years can be attributed in part, to the support of members of the District Team like Iain helping adults to fulfill their role.

    Brendan Harris first joined Scouting as an adult volunteer in 1992 and is currently GSL at the 145th Glasgow. He is a firm believer in the benefits of coaching and mentoring adult volunteers, to provide them with sufficient confidence to become successful Section Leaders, and then delegating responsibility for running a high quality programme. His is unassuming, but with firm determination; considered, while very astute; charmingly assertive yet modest.


    Andreena Linley has been at the heart of Cub Scouting in East Kilbride since 1995 . At her Group’s Centenary Camp, despite being 68 years old at the time she was the backbone of the catering team who catered for approximately 150 children and adults over 2 days and she still found time to run activities for Beavers and cubs.


    Stephen MacMillan has given almost 30 years’ service to Scouting since, after years as a youth member of the organisation Stephen became a leader at the age of 18. He has continued in Scouting ever since and still maintains the nickname of “Titch” given to him when he started as a young boy. Over the years he has continued not only to make a valuable contribution but has always strived to acquire more skills which he gives back to Scouting.


    Peter McMahon’s adult service to Scouting spans more than 40 years at Group, District and Region level. Not content with running a Scout Group in the challenging North East of Glasgow, Peter’s commitment to training locally and regionally has been exemplary. He is a TA, First Aid trainer, and a member of the Regional Training Team. Within the Regional Training team he has willingly taken on the role of Course Director for the residential training weekends for several years and continues to do so. He has drawn together an enthusiastic team for these events.

    Lindsay Sharp spent more than 20 years supporting the delivery of exciting, quality programmes for the Cub Scout section of the 145th Glasgow before her appointment to the position of AGSL within the Group which was welcomed warmly by both leaders and parents. In this role she leads and supports the development of the Group. She has motivated an excellent team of volunteers and has delivered quality support to leaders who are delivering the programme to young people in every Section.


    • They have a total of 172 Scouting years behind them and that doesn’t include their years as youth members.
    • On average that’s over 28 years each.
    • Using that figure and the great myth of the game of Scouting being only an hour a week!' they have each spent:
      • 1120 hours running weekly sessions, so 1120 flag breaks or grand howls.
      • 56 hours having their ear drums bombarded at pantomimes/Gang Shows.
      • Participated in a minimum of 28 annual camps. Would anyone like to work out how many renditions of “Campfire’s burning” that is or how many rashers of bacon they’ve cooked. I’ll wager it’s a staggering amount.

    To everyone who volunteers for Scouting, thank you!

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  • Permits

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 16th March 2017

    With Easter just round the corrner and brighter longer days cheering us all up, we're sure that you're all getting excited about outdoors and adventure opportunities that will soon be upon us.

    In preparation for that, now is a great time to check that you've got all your permits in place for nights away and any activities that you are doing.

    All nights away and adventurous activity permits expire every 5 years but if you've been active since you're permit was issued to you, renewing it won't be a challenge.

    The first step is to log in to your record on Compass, the Scout database and check that your current permit is properly recorded there and when it expires. If your permit isn't there or is wrongly recorded, please contact Gary in the regional office to see about getting this corrected. We know that some people have small plastic permit cards that have been issued over time but if this information isn't recorded on Compass, your permit isn't valid.

    If your permit has or is about to expire, for Night's Away, contact your District Night's Away Adviser and they'll support you through the process.

    For all other activities, you can find the permit application form and log book templates online and these should be completed and sent to Claire Taylor.

    Not sure where to start to check the rules for running an activity, check out the A - Z on

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  • Help required at Pinkston Watersports

    Author: Lyndsey Hobbs | Date: 26th January 2017

    Would you like to provide young people with their first experience of kayaking or canoeing?

    Are you a confident paddler who is enthusiastic about the sport?

    We are looking for volunteers to help out on our dedicated Clyde Scout Tuesday nights at the purpose built Pinkston Watersports Centre. You aren’t required at this stage to hold the relevant Scouting permits or any national qualifications, just experience on the water and enthusiasm. If you are interested please contact Robert Wands, the Active Support Unit Manager at Pinkston.

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  • Celebrating the Cubs 100 Birthday with the ‘Wildest Party’ with the 43rd Glasgow

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 23rd November 2016

    #Cubs100 celebrations are in full swing across Clyde Region as our excited and enthusiastic Cub packs join our global family celebrating the milestone occasion.

    At the weekend the 43rd Glasgow Cubs pack threw a wild birthday party inspired by the Jungle Book for all to attend

    Party prep and planning was done weeks in advance with the Cubs, parents and volunteers all helping to craft a jungle kingdom King Louie would be proud off. They sculpted their very own jungle throne and waterfall – specially designed using foil paper.

    The crafty group used old cardboard boxes and items around their hall to set the scene and with some creative decorating and panting made it a great one!

    They played traditional party games including Pass the Parcel. The Cubs took part in a Balloon Stomp which involved tying balloons around each player’s leg and challenging the group to burst someone else’s balloon, the last Cub standing is the winner. Pin the ‘nose’ on Baloo, went down a treat and the Cubs enjoyed their party Piñata.

    An extra special Cubs 100 cake, round of Happy Birthday and of course posing for party pictures finished off the evening and captured the fun.

    Well done all!

    Check out the 43rd Scout Group Facebook page to find out what other events they have coming up.

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  • Volunteer to support the development of Youth Involvement

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 24th October 2016

    As an organisation that is all about support the development of young people, Scouting is striving that by 2018, 80% of young people will be able to say they shape Scouting, feel listened to and are taken seriously, 80% of Young Leaders will have the opportunity to develop their skills and have a positive impact on Scouting and 80% of adults will help young people to shape their Scouting.

    How do we plan to work towards this ambitious target for Clyde Scouts?

    We are seeking nominations for the appointment of an Assistant Regional Commissioner (Youth Involvement) (ARC (YI))who will take a lead in driving forwards and implementing, in partnership with our young people, the Scouts Scotland Youth Involvement strategy.

    What does this mean in practical terms?

    The ARC (YI) will support the creation of a Regional Advisory Group (RAG) with between 8 and 14 young people, one of whom will be elected as the Regional Youth Commissioner.

    They will then work with the RAG to design their style of meeting, set their agenda and design their organisational process empowering them to explore where they can influence the operation, direction and delivery of the Regional activities, programme and events.

    As the culture of youth involvement gets embedded in the work of the Region, the ARC (YI) will then begin supporting District Commissioners to undertake a similar process.


    To find out more and apply or nominate someone for this role, click here. If you'd like an informal

    Completed applications/nominations should be submitted to Gary in the regional office by Monday 21st November.

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  • Could you support the work of our Appointments Advisory Committee?

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 14th October 2016

    Would you like to help ensure that we are appointing the best individuals to District Commissioner, Deputy District Commissioner and Region level Scouting volunteer roles?

    We’re looking for volunteers to join the Region’s Appointments Advisory Committee.

    What does it do?

    The Appointments Advisory Sub-Committee meets every second month and the majority of its business is meeting with volunteers who have been recommended for a new Scouting role.

    The committee meets with them to explore the role that they have been asked to undertaken, ensuring that they fully understand the detail of what they are taking on and that they are suitably skilled and experienced, or can be supported to develop their skills to allow them function effectively in that role.

    Being part of the committee will develop your skills in interviewing people and plays an important part in the process of vetting Scouting volunteers.

    With the commitment from Scouting to becoming youth shaped by 2018 and more diverse, we would particularly welcome interest from young adults in the 18 – 25 age range and also female members of the committee.

    For further information or to have an informal chat about the role, please contact Committee Chair, Ian McPherson.

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  • My Diamond DofE Challenge: Traversing the Cairngorms (without a tent)

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 10th October 2016

    Niall Archibald has been volunteering as a Skills Instructor with the 12th Glasgow since 2009. In this blog, he talks about his DofE Diamond Challenge.

    Here’s a question: How would you traverse the Cairngorms over 3 nights without recourse to a tent? South to north from Linn of Dee? West to east from Glen Feshie? Using Corrour Bothy, Hutchison Memorial Hut or Bob Scott Hut? As a DofE Gold Assessor this would be my DofE Diamond Challenge, to mirror a Gold Expedition.

    The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) supports over 300,000 young people every year across the UK. Over 30,000 are from disadvantaged backgrounds. Youth leaders supporting DofE participants inspire and guide them to develop skills for life and work, making a world of difference where young people can reach their full potential, whatever their circumstances.

    DofE has gone international. Over the last 60 years millions of young people across the globe, from all backgrounds and circumstances, have challenged themselves through their DofE Award. The experience, and achieving their Award, is setting them up for life, opening doors to new jobs, cementing life-long friendships, broadening interests and stretching horizons.

    Celebrating the Diamond Anniversary the DofE presented me with the chance of fulfilling the dream of traversing the Cairngorms in a 3 nights / 4 day expedition using bothies or whatever shelter might be available. And if friends sponsored me for the privilege that would allow more young people the opportunity of planning their DofE adventures.

    The timing for my expedition narrowed to a small window when my Army Reserve companion would be available and I too could slip away from a busy workload. This meant travelling to the Cairgorms after office hours. So no long walk-in to begin with. The first night had to be within a reasonable yomp from a car park.

    That, I often mused, probably explains why the El Alamein Refuge Hut is tucked away on the NE flank of Cairn Gorm. The Soldiers of 51st Highland Division would cut away on Friday afternoon, pitch up at the lower car park (in their day the only car park) and then make the 500m ascent over 3½ km to the boulder field beyond the northern spur of Cnap Coire na Spreidhe. It was then a case of identifying, in the late evening gloom and lowering mist, the pile of stones that constitute the Refuge Hut.

    This we did on a direct bearing on 350m of pacing. The roof showed signs of renovation and the tightly bolted door opened to a clean floor fit for two. Clearly seldom used. Meal on, quick scoff, heads down. We hadn’t calculated on the clouds condensing on the round granite boulders of the roof to deposit laden drips on us; otherwise our sanctuary was sound.

    There is no finer prospect than opening the Refuge Hut door to see the tors on Beinn Mheadhoin (pronounce Vane); the remote Munro in the heart of the plateau. After a sedate breakfast we aimed for morning coffee at the Ptarmigan Restaurant (rear door entry for walkers) and lunch on Cairn Gorm itself.There then followed the long descent to Loch Avon (pronounced A’an), and the unique thrill of sleeping under the Shelter Stone.

    Two English teachers from down south were already encamped with their tent erected under the Shelter Stone. We waited among midges and walked briskly to and fro over boulders to avoid them eating us as we tried to eat our evening meal. The occupants returned from their adventures: swimming the length of Loch Avon! They kindly collapsed their tent and gave floor space, which we prized no less than the many climbers who huddle here in winter.

    Suspecting the English teachers were not morning people, we were on our way at 8 a.m. on the steady ascent to Loch Etchachan before picking up the whale-back ridge to the summit of Beinn Mheadoin with its line of tors named the Barns of Mheadhoin. It’s the descent that often catches people out so we continually checked our route through the various crags on the NE slope as we descended to our final overnight in the Fords of Avon Refuge.

    Having arrived by midday and consuming a large lunch, it felt a bit phoney to take such a prolonged rest in what is marked on the map as a Mountain Refuge Hut. So a quick map appreciation and we estimated 4 hours to return from Bynack More by the less trodden southern approach, via more tors, the Barns of Bynack. In fact it took 3½ hours including time for photos and catching up with text messages that flooded in from Aviemore, but we had left our packs to travel light.

    Despite the hard wooden floor we slept soundly. The Fords of Avon Refuge was built by Fleet Air Arm ratings under training in June 1970 as an emergency refuge. It is on record as having saved a number of lives, being the only shelter for many miles in an area where people seem to excel at getting lost.

    Another early start on our final day to scale Beinn a’ Chaorainn, and a long trek over the peat hags and moorland of Moine Bhealaidh to Beinn Bhrec, our 5 th Munro of the expedition. Now the weather was turning and driving rain arrived as we made the long gradual descent to the shelter of the Caledonian Forest before reaching Derry Lodge for a restful lunch with the sun’s return.

    If circumstances dictated a short walk-in, we extended the long peaceful trek out from Derry Lodge to Linn of Dee, detouring to investigate the waterfall and salmon ladder on the Lui Water but the banking and steps were under repair so could not see much. Nevertheless the torrent passing through the gorge here and the force on the River Dee were impressive even with water levels lower than the surge of Spring. It was no hardship to wait for transport at this RV and luxuriate on an expedition well executed.

    Of course, I had carried my tent with me. DofE puts a priority on safety and having a Plan B. But essentially it’s in planning and doing such expeditions and setting personal challenges that young people gain a sense of purpose, self-confidence, responsibility and resilience. It’s also great fun and satisfying to appropriate a genuine sense of achievement.

    With continued funding through the Diamond Fund initiative and with the valued contributions of adult leaders, the DofE Award will continue to inspire young people from all backgrounds who are work-ready, well-rounded and ambitious, with the skills that businesses and society needs.

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  • One year on from Clyde Regions Queen’s Scout Expedition

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 10th August 2016

    One year on from Clyde Region’s Queen’s Scout Expedition to Indonesia, 30 Explorer Scouts and Scout Network members reflect on their adventure and experience meeting the world’s largest Scouting organisation.

    In July 2015, the team travelled to the Indonesian island Java spending 18 days acclimatising to new surroundings and taking on challenges.

    Planning for the expedition took two years. Once selected, the expedition team began training and fundraising. Some embarked on a group challenge to collectively climb the height of Mount Everest.

    Organisational skills were put to the test during planning alongside a group of in-country experts – vital in the preparation process.

    On arrival the team was welcomed by the world’s largest Scouting organisation and introduced to their new culture. Scouting plays a key part of the national curriculum in Indonesia. The group shared traditional Scottish music before hitting the road to start their community and conservation projects.

    The team quickly discovered the language barrier was solved through perseverance and positivity and the local monkey population liked clothing as much as spare food.

    Team building was put to the test at the turtle sanctuary on Sukamade beach and again doing a jungle and volcano trek. Working together to support and motivate each other was as important as being physically fit.

    The trip was a huge success, one member is even returning to take part in a sustainable development course and a number of Network Scouts are leading upcoming summer European expeditions. Preparation has also begun for the next Queen’s Scout expedition to Sumatra in 2018.

    Fraser Mcgarrigle, Regional Vice Chair and Scout Network member from the Great Western District shares his advice on how to get the most out of the experience, 'getting to know one and other in advance, engaging in the planning process, cultural research and making sure you are physically fit as well as approaching the experience with an open mind is the key to success, he continued, 'we would not have been able to do this without the support of our in-country experts who worked round the clock to make sure we had an incredible and unforgettable experience.'

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  • Queen's Scout Award expedition: Indonesia 2018

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 1st August 2016

    In 2015 the Region, in partnership with Indo Trek Ltd, organised and delivered a Queens Scout Award expedition for 29 Explorer Scout and Network members aged 16-24 year olds to Java, Indonesia.

    Following the success of the 2015 expedition, which resulted in 15 of the 29 participants gaining their Queens Scout Award within 6 months of their return, plans are now being developed for a second Queens Scout expedition, hosted by Indo Trek, to the island of Sumatra, Indonesia for 2018.

    This expedition is designed to meet the criteria of the ‘Expedition and International’ element of the Queen's Scout Award, with all young people being given the opportunity to complete the expedition element of the Award, this being the most challenging part of the Award.

    As with the 2015 expedition, a series of training days will take place prior to the expedition. In addition, there will be an emphasis on physical training to help ensure that the young people have attained a standard of fitness to enable them to achieve all elements of the programme, which will provide them with a most challenging but rewarding international experience.

    As part of the expedition, at the Invitation of the Indonesian National Park office and in association with the Gerakan Pramuka ( the Indonesian National Scout Movement), a team of up to 40 Explorers and Network Members (aged 16 to 24 years old) with four leaders will travel to Indonesia to participate in a cultural and conservation expedition based in the UNSECO World Heritage Park of Mount Leuser National Park, Sumatra.

    A total cost which will not exceed £2,900 per participant has been calculated to cover all costs including selection and training weekends, uniform t-shirts and badges, flights, in country costs and project costs with 10% contingency costs. The aim will be to confirm the final cost by July 2017.

    Applications are now closed for this event.

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  • District Commissioner vacancy for Strathcalder

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 29th June 2016

    After nearly 3 years in post, Sandy Rae who is District Commissioner for Strathcalder District is stepping down on 31 August 2016.

    Could you succeed Sandy as District Commissioner and provide inspirational leadership and support to volunteers across the District?

    The successful candidate will be able to embrace the 6 key areas of leadership and management in Scouting:

    • Providing direction
    • Working with people
    • Achieving results
    • Enabling change
    • Using resources
    • Managing your personal time and skills

    As District Commissioner you will be responsible for leading the Scout District, ensuring that we provide good quality Scouting for young people. You will help take us forward as a growing organisation relevant to young people and adults alike. You will be capable of providing strategic direction and working with people of all ages.

    It's a key part of our support structure and a lot of hard work but the reward of seeing young people enjoy the adventure of Scouting is something that can't be beaten.

    Click here to download a copy of the role description/person specification and nomination form.

    Nominations and self nominations should be submitted to Gary Bainbridge in the Regional Office by 22 July 2016.

    For an informal discussion about the role, please contact Marion Rankin on 01236 826946.

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  • Clyde Cubs mark centenary with world record attempt

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 19th May 2016

    More than 800 Cub Scouts from across Clyde Region, took part in a world record attempt during the first weekend in May to mark the global centenary of Cub Scouts.

    Auchengillan Outdoor Activity Centre in Stirlingshire hosted Clyde Scouts attempt for the most people taking part in a Grand Howl ceremony to kick start their #Cubs100 Adventure Camp.

    Inspired by Rudyard Kipling's Mowgli from the Jungle Book, the Grand Howl was created by Scouts founder Robert Baden-Powell and is performed at the start of each Cub session with the young Cubs, aged between eight to ten years old saluting their ‘old cub’, the Cub Scout leader.

    Stuart Hunter, Camp Chief who led the Grand Howl said, 'We loved the idea of going for a world record attempt at the adventure camp and thought this was a great way to mark such a momentous occasion for Cubs.'

    'The weekend was jam packed with exciting and fun activities and each of the seven districts attending chose a theme for the weekend. We’ve enjoyed pirate, space and wild western styled activities to name a few.'

    Coinneach Thompson, 10 from Symington who helped lead the Grand Howl said, 'I love being a Cub Scout because we get to do fun activities and it’s a great opportunity to make new friends before going to high school.'

    'I’ve really enjoyed the Cubs 100 Adventure Camp.'

    Throughout 2016, Cub Scout groups from across the world are celebrating the milestone anniversary. Activities at Auchengillan Outdoor Activity Centre over the weekend included climbing, archery and a host of others including a visit from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service from Milngavie who put on a display and shared fire safety advice.

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  • The Explorer Belt - memories and would you like some help?

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 19th May 2016

    My Explorer Belt adventure started roughly 2 years before the actual trip. Once deciding I wanted to go on the trip, I had to find a team, a group that you can get on with and can trust.

    Then the training and planning started. Training involved lots of walking, strangely enough! Navigation, team building, first aid and cooking also featured in the training and as we improved our navigation skills, we then started to look at a route.

    We decided to leave from roughly 100 miles north of Harpers Ferry, where our leaders were based, and heading back towards them. Slowly, the route began to break down into individual days, including ensuring that we had a good plan for Independence Day, which was about 3 or 4 days into our trip. We also started work on deciding what our projects would be, both major and minor. Whilst doing this, we made contact with some local Scouts, which would help us fulfil both our major and minor projects once on the trip. Another major consideration before the trip was thinking about the equipment that we would use. As a group of four, we decided we would use two tents. Blair and I ordered a very cheap, very small but crucially very lightweight tent. We knew that the weather should be mainly dry – barring the odd thunderstorm! We also decided to use lightweight gas stoves, and ensured that we would be able to purchase the correct Gas in the USA, given that you cannot take Gas on a plane!

    We flew out to the USA a few days before the Explorer Belt started and used that time to grab some last minute equipment and get some maps, which we had struggled to get in the UK.

    The night before we started, we stayed in a campsite at the top of the route, away from the main group. Suddenly, it all started to seem very real! We spoke to a friendly couple who were able to help us with various pointers along the route. Next morning, we were off!


    With the five surprise challenges fresh in our heads, we started walking our route. Our first problem turned out to be that the road we planned to walk along was a major highway! Next problem, the Campsite we planned to camp at turned out to be a Static Caravan site, and not a very friendly one at that! We were a bit stuck. We went into the local bank and asked if there was anywhere we could camp nearby, but they were stuck for answers. We were told head into town and look for Old Bill. Having said that, we had never met Old Bill! Close to the bank we stopped at a house to ask to refill our rapidly emptying water bottles, got chatting to the elderly couple who lived there, and soon found ourselves being put up in the local church! Little did we know it was also women’s evening at the Church, so we were invited to share in their buffet dinner which they had organised. It was a great first night, if a little bewildering.

    I think that first night summed up the Explorer Belt experience; be prepared for the unexpected! The days seemed to fly by, with projects being completed left right and centre, without us really having to go to much effort to do so. Before leaving I was concerned that my fitness would not be up to it. However although the walking was hard work, it turned out to be the best fitness regime ever! I’ll always remember the sense of achievement and pride walking with my group into Harpers Ferry on that final morning. Looking back, I still can’t believe how good an experience those 10 days were.

    Upon our return to Harper’s Ferry, we met with our mentor, who talked us through our experience, and took notes regarding our projects, which we would then be able to use in our presentation once we returned home. Even then, we struggled to sum up exactly what we had just completed, the number of people we had met and the different stories we had, including two newspaper stories!

    On return to the UK, we began to prepare our presentation. The challenge; how do you sum up such an amazing and life changing experience to an audience in less than 30 minutes! During the presentation so many memories came back, and we wished we had time to tell everybody more! Looking back now, nearly 3 years since the trip, I realise how much confidence the trip has given me, knowing now that if I put my mind to it, anything is possible. The bond between the four us in our team is fantastic, from folk that I didn’t know terribly well before the trip, they are now some of my closest friends.

    If you’re interested in getting support to run an Explorer Belt expedition, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

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  • Chapelhall Explorers prepare to vote

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 25th April 2016

    Chapelhall Explorer Scout Unit hosted a meeting of the candidates from the main political parties standing in the Airdrie & Shotts Constituency for the Scottish Parliament election.

    Represented were the Scottish Conservatives, Labour, Green, Liberal Democrat, and Scottish National Parties.

    The Explorer Scouts heard opening statements from each of the candidates before asking questions about various policies and issues.

    Lorna McIlwraith, Explorer Scout Leader, thanked the candidates for taking time out of their busy campaign schedules to meet with the Explorer Scouts, 'the Explorers took the opportunity to question the candidates about issues that they cared about, they listened and they learned. The candidates were keen to influence the young voters and showed an understanding of the concerns of this age group. Candidates and Explorer Scouts left with lots to think about.'

    Becky, an Explorer Scout, summed up, 'The evening was very informative and helped me decide on who I would use my vote on because before I was unsure.'

    The Explorer Scouts undertook this activity as part of their work towards their Community Impact project.

    The project focuses on effecting social change and engaging with decision-makers to discuss issues.

    The Explorer Scouts have also chosen to support the work of Chris’s House: Centre for Help, Response & Intervention Surrounding Suicide, the first 24 hour non-medical crisis centre in Scotland, based in Airdrie.

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  • Supporting Adventure - volunteer vacancies

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 15th April 2016

    After almost 5 years in the role of Regional Adviser for Activities, Colin Lamont has decided to step down from that role this summer.

    Do you have a passion for supporting adults and young people to get outdoors and enjoy our wide range of adventurous activities?

    We're looking for either 1 or 2 volunteers to join the Regional Team who can provide adults across the Region with effective support in order to enable more young people to safely experience more activities.

    The role holder will provide a focus for specialist advice and support in relation to the activities area, to other members of the Regional Team and those in the Region and its Districts.

    You will also be responsbile for line managing the team of Activity Assessors and supporting the smooth operation of the activity permit scheme and assessment processes locally.

    This role can be filled either by one person taking on the role of Regional Adviser (Activities) and Manager of the Activity permit Scheme (MAPS) or by 2 volunteers working together.

    More details about the role of the Activities Adviser can be found here.

    More details about the role of the Manager of the Activity permit Scheme (MAPS) can be found here.

    If you are interested in supporting this area of the work and joining the team, please email an expression of interest to Gary Bainbridge by Wednesday 25th May.

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  • Future use of Avondyke

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 3rd March 2016

    Following receipt of a recent independent survey to provide advice to the Regional Executive Committee about the condition of the building at Avondyke, it was clear that the building was no longer safe for use. Therefore, with great regret, in January the Executive had no choice but to temporarily close the site for safety reasons and currently bookings are not being accepted.

    We're now discussing how the site may be used in the future and would appreciate it if you could take a couple of minutes of time to complete this short survey to inform any plans that will be discussed.


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  • Gone home: Ronnie Caldwell

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 2nd March 2016

    Gone Home: Ronald Lynton Caldwell 1922-2016


    Ronnie Caldwell

    Ronnie Caldwell, Honorary vice-President of Clyde Scouts and former Area Commissioner of Greater Glasgow Scout Council, passed away on 18 February at the age of 94 years.

    Ronnie was a Scout in the 1st Glasgow Group and a cast member of the Glasgow Gang Show. After a distinguished Army career during the Second World War Ronnie returned to Glasgow to work as an accountant for Malcolm Campbell. He remained with company during his working life, reaching the position of Finance Director.

    Ronnie returned to Scouting as an inspirational Scout Leader of the 1st Glasgow A Troop before being appointed as Area Commissioner in 1973 at a time of considerable change to Scouting in the UK. Ronnie managed that change in Glasgow Scouting with flair and good humour. With his wife, Diana, Ronnie introduced Beavers into Glasgow, ahead of their national acceptance. He was also responsible for introducing Young Leaders and for the Area Commissioners Emblem (ACE Award) to encourage development in Scouting.

    Following his retirement as Area Commissioner in 1980 Ronnie became a Vice President. He returned to Scouting at Group level as Treasurer of the 20th Glasgow (Milngavie).

    Outside of work and Scouting Ronnie enjoyed a strong family life. He and Diana were married for  more than 55 years and together with their three children (Martin, Kenneth and Moira) they enjoyed active participation in a wide variety of sports and adventures and travelled extensively.

    The importance of Scouting to Ronnie was emphasised at his funeral and the music on exiting was ‘These Are the Times.'

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  • Yet another action-packed weekend at Auchengillan!

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 19th February 2016

    Last Friday saw the start of the third annual SubZero camp for Scouts and Explorer scouts. 750 young people descended on the campsite for two nights to socialize, take part in activities, and meet both old and new friends.

    With activities being run on a continuous basis throughout the weekend, there was an option to try out a new activity and learn new skills or alternatively kick back, relax and catch up with old and new found friends – a popular option with many explorers.

    Whether it’s killing time in the Café, cheering on Scotland’s latest 6 Nation attempt in the games room or dropping in on the activity sessions, there was a bit of something for everyone.

    Kicking off events in true Scouting style, Friday saw a delicious hog roast complete with a campfire in the courtyard - the perfect way to get settled in.

    Saturday was a bit chilly with most waking up to frost covered canvas on frozen grass however temperature’s climbed quickly with a jam-packed day of exciting activities. From pedal karts and giant inflatable games to abseiling and paradrops on the climbing tower, we had all bases covered.

    The latest and ‘hotly’ anticipated addition to our facilities included the heated outdoor pool (making new use of the old heating system in the Allander Chalet – recycling at its finest!) which was open all weekend. Shout out and a massive thanks to Angus and Scott who were our volunteer lifeguards for the weekend.

    In the evening we hosted Auchengillan’s first outdoor pool party – with an air temperature below freezing the water was a toasty 40 degrees, a DJ and full sound & lighting systems made this a raging success with the explorer units. Another is now planned for next summer’s Jamboree. In the meantime you can check out the weekend’s party here:

    Sunday was another frosty morning and saw the camp come to a close mid-afternoon after another highly successful SubZero camp!

    We of course need to give thanks to the staff and volunteers at Auchengillan – Claire and Andy, the centre management team, Mark, Remi and Andrew our instructor staff, and Fraser, Jamie, Martin, Fearghas, Sharpie, Hards, (couple of others) to name a few of the 40 volunteers who donated their weekends to making another exceptional regional camp.

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  • Developing our Young Leaders

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 12th February 2016

    Another short update on last weekend’s goings on and this time our focus was on supporting Explorer Scout Young Leaders.

    The Allander Chalet and the Providore building at Auchengillan played host to 80 Explorer Scouts, completing the first of two weekends of Young Leader training. The course was organised by Assistant Regional Commissioner (Explorer Scouts), John Rafferty, so tremendous thanks for his effort and planning.

    The weekend started with getting to know each other and ice breaker games, leading into Module A on Friday night. The evening was concluded by a presentation from Fraser McGarrigle and Amy Lynch about their adventures in Indonesia in 2015 and to launch Indonesia 2018 – recently approved by the Region’s Executive Committee. The 2018 project will focus again on wildlife conservation and community enhancement, this time taking place in Sumatra, and again in partnership with Indotrek.

    Saturday’s programme worked through modules B – E, guiding the Explorers on how to take charge as a young leader, including training on dealing with challenging behaviour, personal decorum and age appropriate activities. The afternoon was broken up with some on-site activities, included climbing, abseiling, air rifle shooting and archery, run by the Auchengillan team (Claire, Remi, Chris (Platt) and Mark).

    Sunday saw out the last two modules, showing the participants how to be inclusive and engaging with all of our members, and how to work their pack or troop through a variety of badges and awards. We also met up with Harry Kilgour, our Duke of Edinburghs Award Advisor who gave some welcome some advice and information on the award, which runs in parallel with Chief Scout's Platinum and Diamond Awards.

    Whilst not everyone has fully embraced Young Leader training, it’s always great to see the next generation of Leaders getting stuck in. It’s a great networking opportunity; a chance to meet groups from other districts, swap stories and ideas, and most importantly to forge new friendships. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at the second training weekend, and hope that this weekend’s modules were helpful, enlightening and entertaining.

    Special thanks to our cook team for the weekend; Lisa Finn, Gregor Murray, and Sharon Fleming, and to our module hosts; John Rafferty, Graham Burns, and Paul Crolla.

    Thanks to Nathan Gallogley for this blog.

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  • Blog: Planning and preparing for the future

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 3rd February 2016

    In his latest blog, our vice-Chairman Fraser reflects on a busy and productive weekend on many fronts at Auchengillan, but involving the whole Region.

    Preparing for our biggest ever Explorer Belt expedition in 2017, there was a parents and participants evening on Friday night. 96 Explorers and Networkers from all 7 Districts, aged 16 to 24 will trek 100 miles unsupported over 10 days through Switzerland, with the potential to enter neighbouring Czech Republic, Austria, and a few others. En route back to the UK the group will stop at Europe's three most popular theme parks and spend five days at Kandersteg World Scout Centre.

    Across in The Providore, Stuart Yuill and his team ran training for new 18 new volunteers and the Auchengillan Young Leader Explorer Scout Unit was up for the weekend, helping with final preparations for this year’s Sub Zero.

    John Rafferty (Raff), ARC Explorers hosted a Scottish Jamboree Leaders reunion on Saturday Evening and on Sunday Scott Douglas, recently appointed SHQ Commissioner for Explorer Scouts hosted a meeting of his support team.

    During the day on Saturday, 56 representatives from our Districts across Clyde Region, aged 16 and upwards gathered to discuss a strategy to help grow our Region under the guidance of Professor Robert Macintosh, from Herriot Watt University. Robert has developed and delivered strategy development programmes for a range of public and private sector organisations including a number of FTSE-listed firms and he co-founded Stride which provides on-line resources for those developing strategy in their organisations.

    So, what is a strategy? More importantly, why would we need one?

    Well in this particular context strategy defines the medium to long term priorities of an organisation and is applicable to all types, whether it be commercial, public, or third sector (us). The workshop gave a brief overview of the key concepts of strategy assembly and guidance on how to operationalise these in a pragmatic and objective manner. The intention is to ensure clarity over key measures, processes and obstacles such that these can be effectively and concisely communicated to the wider region, in particular our groups and districts.

    In the morning the group split into teams to consider three topics: Growth and Development, Programme Support and Governance & Trading. We discussed the challenges faced at Regional, District, Group and section levels from each of these viewpoints and traced the issues back to a common source. We recognised a very diverse skill set at all levels, however most issues were backtracked to a sense of "stuck"ness. An air of being set indefinitely in a way of doing things, and in certain cases a reluctant attitude towards the natural evolution and progression in our activities. We wondered whether this "but we've always done it this way" mindset (in places) stood in the way of maximising the range and potential of our volunteers?

    The afternoon session was spent thinking about how to ease the progression of leadership, constructing a set of sentences to succinctly communicate our conclusions, and how to measure the success of the strategy:

    To ease the progression of leadership, it was decided that there should be a continuous progression of volunteers through leadership roles, using more seasoned members to mentor and guide the new appointees through their roles. This will simultaneously achieve several goals:

    • It will give a more targeted and objective method of appointing successors, hopefully leading to smoother transitions.
    • It will provide more opportunities for, and greater potential for personal development for all volunteers, regardless of age and standing.
    • It will give a more effective system of retaining explorer young leaders and volunteers new to scouting. This will help counteract falling adult volunteer numbers, which is a significant problem in some groups.
    • It should help to keep the programme up to date and interesting for the participants.

    Aspointed out to a group of explorer scouts involved in the discussions, "us old guys, we're not the future. You guys are." The aim bring not to get rid of longer serving volunteers, but to build on their experience to start a process of ever refreshing leadership in the best interests of the young people.

    Overall the day was a huge success. In terms of objective planning it was a huge step forward, and we have now framed a strategy for the next five to ten years - to be released in the coming weeks. But what was most reassuring was the difference in ages and experiences present, and how well everyone worked as a team. Academic, pensioner, or school pupil, all had their say and made a fair contribution to the end product.

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  • Executive Committee agrees developments at Auchengillan

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 22nd January 2016

    As we near the end of our first month of 2016, the team across Clyde have been busy planning developments to support local Scouting. In the first of a new series of blogs, our recently elected Vice Chair Fraser introduces himself and shares some updates from the first meeting of our Executive Committee this year.

    Vice Chair, Fraser

    I am Fraser McGarrigle, Assistant Cub Scout Leader with the 204th group in Great Western District and Vice Chair of Clyde Scouts. Over the coming months and years a series of projects have been planned to enrich scouting in Clyde Region, both on a small scale and on an international level.

    Projects within the region itself have been planned with the intention of supporting our Regional Commissioner Marion Rankin in her efforts to encourage more camping and traditional outdoor skills over a wider spectrum of groups. We are therefore supporting four distinct but interlinked proposals at Auchengillan.

    First, work is soon to begin on the long awaited tree conservation project. Site managers Andy and Claire have been working on a 10 year Woodland Management Programme which will remove the unsafe spruce and large trees and secure the future of the woodland across the entire 120 acre centre. The project will result in the restoration of diverse native British Woodland: over 12 different tree varieties are being planted to increase biodiversity, improve drainage throughout, and to provide a more open and appealing landscape. Crucially, it will allow for permanent bivouacking sites and even reclaim the lost campsites of McNamara’s Outpost and Lomond View, which were lost to the forest some years ago.

    Second, we will be introducing some new buildings with the hope of making the outdoors more accessible to smaller or traditionally “indoorsy” groups. Three small cabins are to be erected sleeping six people each, and one large cabin with a raised barbeque fire in the centre, seating round the edges, and two rear extensions to accommodate four leaders. All four cabins have will lighting and electricity, and are designed to provide an all-weather, ready to use introduction to overnight outdoor experiences. Proposed to support new groups, groups with limited equipment and leaders with limited experience under canvas, they will provide a “best of both” accommodation – some of the charm of sleeping close to nature, but with the luxury of a roof and electricity! Of course they will be readily available to any group that wishes to take advantage of them.

    Third, we are going to be building some camping shelters in three of our most popular camp sites: Slums, Himalayas and Tank Wood. With incorporated fire pits, these undercover shelters will provide a base to store equipment whilst pitching tents and an undercover area to eat in during wet weather. They will also provide a small sheltered area for teaching vital outdoor skills such as orienteering, craft work or cooking on a gas stove. Or even more simply for sheltering from rain, or for shade in sunny weather! There will be no charge for hiring the shelters, they will be free for all groups.

    Fourth, returning to Marion’s vision of a focus on traditional scouting skills, we will be introducing new resources in conjunction with the tree project. Sites like McNamara’s Outpost, Lomond View, and the Kyle Cabin woods will afford opportunities for development of bivouac, hammocks, and light weight camping sites, hence allowing some slightly more innovate and imaginative camping, and affording opportunities for learning lightweight camping and traditional Scouting skills.Free of charge for Clyde Scout Groups that are camping, each patrol (or equivalent) will be issued with an altar fire, a daily basket of fire wood, and a couple of extra baskets for a campfire. Large pioneering timbers will also be made freely available - although groups will need to provide their own ropes.

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  • We've still got space for young people to attend Blair Atholl

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 5th January 2016

    Did you miss out on the opportunity to be part of the international fun and friendship that is offered at Blair Atholl?

    Due to a withdrawal there is still an opportunity to join the Clyde Unit for the Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette in 2016.

    Anybody interested would need to be able to attend training on:

    • Saturday 27th February 2016, Auchengillan Outdoor Centre
    • 18/20th March 2016, Avondyke Training Centre
    • 17/19th June 2016, Avondyke Training Centre

    You must also be active in Scouting and where appropriate transfer to an Explorer Scout Section at the age of 14 years and be able to offer home hospitality for a period of up to 5 days following the camp.

    The cost of the camp is £340 with a £100 non refundable deposit due now and the balance due by 30th March.

    If interested or wish to discuss further contact Karen Imrie on or 0141 639 8623.

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  • New District Commissioner for Eastwood

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 17th December 2015

    The Regional Commissioner, Marion Rankin, is delighted to announce the appointment of David Smith as DC for Eastwood.

    David brings a wealth of Scouting experience having been a leader for over 40 years. His roles have included those of District and Area Commissioner. As Area Commissioner for Greater Glasgow he oversaw the amalgamation of Districts and then worked as part of the team smoothing the way for Greater Glasgow and Lanarkshire Areas to amalgamate in to Clyde Region.

    He has been actively involved in Auchengillan Jamborees since 1999 and was a Regional and Scottish Advisers for Faiths and Beliefs.

    Commenting on the appointment, Marion said 'I am looking forward to working with David, this time in reversed roles as it was David when Area Commissioner who recruited me to the role of DC of the then new Kelvin Valley District.'

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  • Cat Protection Visits

    Author: Lyndsey Hobbs | Date: 7th December 2015

    Cats Protection have been in touch offering their knowledge and time to Scouting sections completely free of charge. They aim to help people understand about cats, their behaviour and how to look after them responsibly.

    If your group is interested in organising a visit and hearing about the work Cat Protection does you can contact Caroline Burden their Community Education officer on 07792 441965 or via their website.

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  • And we'll call them the Good Old Days

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 9th November 2015


    Clyde Region was saddened to learn of the recent deaths of two former colleagues who contributed greatly to the success of the Glasgow Gang Show over decades.

    Eric Edmonds

    Eric Edmonds: 15th December 1927 – 16th October 2015

    Eric was an active leader in the 9th Glasgow Scout Group for many years as part of a Scouting family, with wife Rae and daughter Ann. He had a natural talent for the performing arts with a splendid singing voice and a great sense of humour. He was a cast member of Gang Show on many occasions during its glory days in the Kings Theatre. He became Chair of ‘The 39 Club’, which was the Gang Show support group raising funds and publicity for Glasgow Gang Show. Eric also co-formed and helped to run a theatre group that involved Gang Show cast members in other shows and light entertainment throughout the year. At his funeral scores of former Gang Show cast members (complete with ‘red neckies’) turned out to pay their respects, joining in a moving performance of ‘These are the Times’ at the conclusion of the service.

    Ian Grant

    Ian Grant: 14th March 1936 – 7th October 2015

    Ian was an adult leader in the 29th Glasgow (Sea Scout) Troop for many years contributing to its success as the only Royal Navy recognised Troop in Glasgow. He was also Assistant Area Commissioner with responsibility for water activities. Ian was a smart and highly organised person with the capacity to manage young people to realise their potential. He joined the Gang Show team and became Head of Personnel, which involved looking after all non-performing aspects of the cast, creating the team spirit and ethos that are so essential to Gang Show. Ian was also active in Rotary where his organisational skills were put to great use. His funeral was attended by a large congregation, including colleagues from Gang Show and from Rotary. Ian is survived by his wife Mary and daughters Pamela and Yvonne.

    Thanks to Graham Beastall for these memories of Eric and Ian.

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  • #youthworkchangeslives Week of Action

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 21st October 2015

    Youthlink Scotland have asked us to help them with the #youthworkchangeslives Week of Action in November. This is a brilliant opportunity for your young people to get involved in active citizenship, community empowerment and political engagement. Making sure their voice is heard by those that make the decisions.

    There are meetings set up with MPs and MSPs from Friday 6th November for a week at various times and locations. Within Clyde,we’ve got elected members in Coatbridge, Airdrie, Cumbernauld, East Kilbride, Newton Mearns, Springburn, Anniesland, North Glasgow, Glasgow City Centre, Kirkintilloch, Motherwell & Rutherglen keen to meet people.

    If you might be able to help with tell them why youth work is key to improving the life chances of our young people, drop an email to Gary Bainbridge.

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  • Would you like to learn more about the denominations of Judaism?

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 15th October 2015

    Zoe from the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (SCoJeC) has been in touch to offer some of their volunteers visiting your section meeting to run a session about Judaism and help with the faith element of the Scouting programme or for you to visit a Synagogue.

    All of their sessions are free, age-appropriate, fun and active, and offer the chance for learners to ask questions, experience a bit of Jewish life and interact with Jewish people. They aim to represent all denominations of Judaism, giving a fair and honest representation of Judaism in Scotland today. Our aim is to give information, not to convert, and they ensure our sessions do not imply Judaism is the only correct religion, or that we know ‘the truth’. We clearly express that Judaism is one way of interpreting faith and God, and believe that respect and interfaith dialogue is of the utmost importance.

    Interested, drop an email to Zoe.

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  • Could you lead Scouting in Eastwood District?

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 2nd September 2015

    Could you support and motivate more than 200 volunteer adults to deliver Scouting to our youth members. We're looking for a volunteer District Commissioner to lead a support team and coordinate the work of Eastwood District.

    The successful candidate will be able to work well in meetings and on a one to one basis, provide positive management for local Scouting and develop relationships with volunteers in the organisation and external agencies who can enhance our work.

    It's a key part of our support structure and a lot of hard work but the reward of seeing young people enjoy the adventure of Scouting is something that can't be beaten.

    Click here to download a copy of the role description & person specification which also includes a nomination form for returning to Gary Bainbridge at the Regional Office by 28 September 2015. For an informal discussion about the role, please contact Marion Rankin on 01236 826946.

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  • Cubs100 Adventure Camp - design a badge

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 1st September 2015

    In May 2016, we will be holding a weekend long adventure camp at Auchengillan as part of our celebrations for the centenary of Cub Scouts.

    As well as Cubs being able to wear the Centenary badge on their uniform, we plan to give every Cub and adult who attends our centenary camp, a special commemorative badge to mark the occassion.

    But first, we need your help with some creativity!

    Click here to download a template with instructions and please hand this out to your Cubs and invite them to help designa badge.

    Please encourage them to be as creative as they like and think about things that conjur up an image of Cub Scouts in their centenary year.

    Completed entries should be returned to the Regional Office by Monday 9th November 2015.

    More details about the celebration event will be available shortly.

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  • New members of the Regional Team

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 31st August 2015

    The Regional Team a very pleased to welcome Sarah Ward and Jacqui Shepherd who will jointly fill the role of Assistant Regional Commissioner (Communications).

    Commenting on the appointments, our Regional Commissioner Marion said ‘Sarah is new to Scouting but brings a wealth of professional experience and Jacqui is a Beaver Scout Leader with a very active Colony and her knowledge of Scouting and her own professional skills will complement Sarah’s. One thing the share in abundance is enthusiasm for the task and I’m sure that sum will be even greater than the parts. I look forward to working with them both.’

    sarahw   jacqui   billmcd

    (From L to R: Sarah, Jacqui and Bill)

    Asked what she was most looking forward to, Jacqui said, ‘I'm looking forward to finding out what awesome activities Scouts across the Region are up to and to help them grow their sections by showing young people how much fun being a Scout is and dispelling some of the stereotypical images of scouts,’ she continued, ‘I am also hoping to encourage more sharing and collaboration of ideas and resources between the different districts and streamlining communications.’

    Sarah added that she was ‘looking forward to working with an exciting and inspiring organisation and helping spread the word about the great things Clyde Scouts are doing!’

    We’re also delight to announce that Bill McDonagh has taken up the role of Assistant Regional Commissioner (Development). Clyde Region has continued its growth and development steadily over the past few years. This has been enhanced, in areas of multiple deprivation, by the work of the Youth United Project. Bill has very actively encouraged the development the 5th Clyde Group, from its inception, with notable success.

    We know that our Regional Commissioner Marion has got great plans to continue to grow Scouting and reflecting on Bill’s appointment to the team she said, ‘we want to move forward with development opportunities throughout the Region and support existing Groups to grow as well as starting new Groups. Bill’s experience in Scouting and professionally will, I am sure stand us in good stead to reach out to more young people and adults.’

    Bill said, 'I'm looking forward to helping more young people and adults get involved in Scouting and stop missing out on the fun that we all have.'

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  • Could you save a life?

    Author: Lyndsey Hobbs | Date: 5th August 2015

    Here's a different idea for next term's program...

    Anthony Nolan are looking for your help in their bid to help find a cure for people with blood cancer! They would like to come and meet Explorer Scouts and Scout Network at your meetings to tell you more about their work and perhaps hold an event to get more lifesavers on their register. 

    For more information click here.

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  • The journey to Japan

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 22nd July 2015

    After more than 20 months of planning, preparation and a whole lot of fun, our young people and adult from Clyde Region are now heading for Japan where they'll join nearly 4,000 UK Scouting members and 30,000 Scouts from across the World.

    You can follow their activities on the Clyde Scouts Facebook page

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  • Sky Academy Skills Studios- new session times

    Author: Lyndsey Hobbs | Date: 29th May 2015

    Update 22/07/14- I know many of you were interested in the opportunity to visit the Sky Academy Skills Studio Experience but found the times unsuitable. They are now offering alternatives with sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from either 4- 6pm or 5-7pm. Evening sessions have to be booked directly via email at

    Sky Academy Skills Studios is an interactive learning experience that takes young people behind the scenes at Sky. Clyde Scouts have been discussing with the organisers at Sky to see what can be offered to its groups and how a visit could fit in with the Scouting programme.

    Using state-of-the-art technology including broadcast-quality cameras; green screens and touch-screen edit tables Scouts would be able to make a TV news report on local Scouting or subjects that fit in with their Group’s interests. We think this provides an excellent opportunity for Scout Sections to earn their Media relations and Marketing badge.

    Your free trip to Skills Studios caters for up to 32 Scouts and includes:

    • A behind the scenes tour of Sky Studios and the complex at Sky Livingston.
    • A hands on learning experience at Skills Studios where students will create their own television report.
    • A chance to work with a team of experts and cutting edge technology.
    • A screening of your video on the day and an online link to watch and share the video after your trip.

    Visits can take place during the school holidays and after school.

    Leaders can download all the resources needed to plan a visit. Click here to take a detailed look at how it works. You can book by emailing Cameron Green at Sky.

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  • Opportunity for a PhD and evaluating a Scouting project *deadline extended*

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 28th May 2015

    In April 2012, Clyde Regional Scout Council, in partnership with Kelvin Valley District, Girlguiding Dunbartonshire and the Scottish Prison Service established a prison based Scout & Guide Group at HMP Low Moss. The work to support the starting of this new Group was carried out first, as part of the Region’s Development Project and since March 2014, the Group has been supported by a part-time member of staff, leading and supporting the volunteer team.

    Unsurprisingly the project is attracting considerable attention from both internal and external audiences. Being ‘a first’ for Scouting in the UK, there is need for Clyde Region to be able to support the development and sharing of good practice and to help inform others, how this might be rolled out as a wider project across The Scout Association and Girlguiding UK. Therefore an evaluation project will be undertaken to help inform the future direction of Scouting in Prisons across the wider Scouting and Girlguiding movements.

    Heriot Watt University’s School of Management & Languages  have a agreed to go into partnership with us and fund the majority of the costs of the evaluation project, under the guise of a PhD scholarship. The evaluation will be overseen by Professors Umit Bititci and Robert MacIntosh with the work being carried out by students working towards a PhD in their school. It is proposed that someone be appointed by July to ensure that the full scope of the project can get underway during October 2015.

    As well as evaluating the project at HMP Low Moss, the wider PhD research seeks to establish a methodology for evaluating complex, inter-organisational projects in ways which allow stakeholders, including funding agencies, to assess the overall effectiveness and value-for-money represented by collaborative working. Whilst the focus of the research would be performance evaluation of complex inter-organisational projects, the integration of project specific performance measures with “business as usual” performance measures of the individual organisations will also be investigated to identify and develop appropriate managerial routines and review processes to enable the collaborating organisations to effectively collaborate.

    For full details of this opportunity, including details of how to apply and the deadline, click here.

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  • Regional Commissioner's Challenge

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 19th May 2015

    Click here for details of our exciting new Regional Commissioner's challenge.

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  • Looking for some help to plan an overseas trip?

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 27th April 2015

    Are you thinking about taking your young people abroad? Or would you like do so in the future? Uncertain as to how to go about it? If so this workshop is for you.

    The one day session covers:

    • How to ensure your trip is compliant with the Visits Abroad process
    • Practical exercises on planning a successful trip
    • Building a leader team and contingent
    • Youth Involvement
    • How to deal with the unexpected
    • Capitalising on your trip upon your return

    Each course has a limit to 20 places so book now to confirm your place.  

    23rd May 2015 - South East Region - Edinburgh HQ, Valleyfield Street, Edinburgh

    24th May 2015 - South West Region - Barcaple Christian Outdoor Centre, Castle Douglas

    6th June 2015 - Highlands and Islands Region - Kingsmill Hotel, Inverness

    7th June 2015 - North East Region - SRUC, Aberdeen

    20th June 2015 - West Region - Venure to be confirmed

    21st June 2015 - Clyde Region - Clyde Regional Scout Council, 21 Elmbank Street

    Date to be confirmed - Forth Region - Venure to be confirmed

    Date to be confirmed - East Region - Venue to be confirmed

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  • Volunteer supporter opportunity for development

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 24th April 2015

    You may be aware that Scottish Headquarters has recently appointed a Local Development Officer in Clyde Region earlier this year and this will lead to the formation of a number of new Sections and Scout Groups in some of our more hard to reach communities.

    They hope to exceed the targets set by the project and be able to offer Scouting to many more young people, which is great news. They are also hoping that there will be much learning from the projects so that they can replicate these successes in other parts of the country.

    One previous success story that they are going to implement as part of the project is the use of Volunteer Supporters to provide added support to the newly formed Sections. This was used successfully in a project in Cornwall and essentially new Sections are provided with a Volunteer Supporter for a period of 20 weeks to help the new Section become established and the new leadership team take on full responsibility for running the section.

    Volunteer Supporters will need to be carefully selected and they will receive remuneration of £1,000 for their services on a self-employed basis. As part of the YUF project in Scotland we have shaped this post to meet our particular circumstances and we are seeking initially a pool of 5 Volunteer Supporters in each of the two Regions and then the most appropriate and available will be selected to support each new Section.

    The Volunteer Supporters will report to the Regional Representative on the Management Team and the District Commissioner who will be involved in the selection of the Supported Volunteer for the new Sections in your District.

    This is a very new venture and I am convinced that the success of the Youth United Foundation (YUF) project depends on us getting appropriate people in this role to enable Nikki and Deirdre to continue their front role in development in the Regions. This approach may be only appropriate in this project or it may have a wider application in Scouting.

    Please follow the link to the paperwork related to Supported Volunteers and if you or any of your Leaders are interested then please complete the paperwork and return it to Scottish Headquarters by Tuesday 5 May 2015.

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  • Could you help cheer on runners at the Great Women’s 10k?

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 13th April 2015

    On Sunday 17th May, the Morrison’s Great Women’s 10k takes place in Glasgow and Breast Cancer Care in Scotland has recruited ladies to join their team at this event, described as the largest, friendliest and most atmospheric women only 10k in the UK.

    This event is not to be missed and now they’re looking for some help from local Scouting to support the runners.

    They’re looking for enthusiastic volunteers to join their cheer squad to help to support and encourage their incredible runners and make their cheer point the biggest and loudest out there on the day.

    Could you give them up to 3 hours of your day that morning between 9.30am and 12.30pm? Join them for an amazing and uplifting experience, cheering on runners and feeling the atmosphere and buzz of the event, while doing something really fantastic for charity.

    On the day, you will be met by a Breast Cancer Care staff member, a Breast Cancer Care t-shirt and materials will be provided and you’ll be located in the South Side of Glasgow.

    For more info, contact Claire at Breast Cancer Care.

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  • Explorer Belt registration is now open

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 6th April 2015

    Click here for details of how to register for selection for our 2017 European Explorer Belt expedition.

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  • Auchengillan Explorer Scout Young Leader's Unit

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 26th March 2015


    Interested in developing your skills and knowledge about activities and campsite operations?

    Aged 16 to 18 years old and already in Explorer Scouts?

    Selection for our first ever Auchengillan Young Leader Explorer Unit will take place as an overnight camp on Friday 10th April until Saturday 11th April.

    You can arrive anytime on Friday from 6pm and we will start activities at 8pm.

    Saturday will run from 9.30am until 4.30pm.

    The selection day will be a range of activities and team challenges. You will be asked to deliver a short game/problem solving task to your group.

    You will need:

    • A nights away passport from your ESL.
    • A completed medical form.
    • Overnight camping equipment and food (you will be cooking for yourself both days).
    • A full change of clothes, shoes and a towel (just in case)!
    • Equipment you will need to deliver your game/task.
    • And last but not least a positive can do attitude.

    This is a great opportunity to learn new skills and enhance your CV whilst meeting new friends and share new adventures. Our team works hard and we’ll expect you to fit in with our work hard, play hard ethos. We look forward to welcoming successful candidates on board.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Claire at Auchengillan. Please confirm your attendance by email by 4th April 2015.

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  • Some further improvements for Avondyke’s camping area

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 24th March 2015

    Following some feedback from larger groups camping at Avondyke, the committee has been looking at how they might reduce the ‘water logging’ in some parts of the field.

    Donald Cook, a member of the volunteer team who helps look after Avondyke explains what they’ve done.

    Well the story here is an environmental project to help aid the drainage in the left-hand side of camping field at Avondyke. The project came about because at the tail end of last season and the early part of this season, a couple of larger groups who were camping had problems in the mid to lower half of the left field. Having had a look about the field, it would seem that there is an old drain near where the drinking water tap had been which had partially collapsed and the digging out of the field drain would be very time consuming and possibly costly.

    The waterlogged soil has only been confined to this area of the field and was generally not noticeable unless a group are constantly walking over it and then we have some muddy Scouts. Wondering if anyone else had a solution, i remembered a similar issue at Hawkhirst whose challenge had arisen from tree felling at a nearby bit of the forest. So what do we do at Avondyke? Let’s plant some trees.

    Following an application to The Woodland Trust and some advice from a friend that works for the Forestry Commission, a donation of a working wood pack was secured.

    When the trees arrived, the Blackwood Scouts agreed that this would be a great new skill for the young people to learn. The Wednesday of that week they arrived at Avondyke, wellies at the ready.

    Excited, they opened the packs and I explained what the other leaders were doing in the background was marking and measuring where our trees would go so that they could grow fully and that each marker spray dot was where a new tree should go. I then left it to James to explain how each each tree should be planted properly. Due to the really wet soil we would do ‘rounders.’ That consisted of creating a round of earth by digging a circle of earth and flipping it over on top of the grass then splitting the circular sod that had been dug to the depth of the tree root for planting packing with a little compost then fitting the protective tube and cane stake.

    The young people really got stuck in, thoroughly enjoying getting their hands dirty taking turns both digging the rounders or planting the tree and setting the canes and protective tubes. They worked so hard even James was impressed saying they should be rented out for piece work as a planting squad for him!

    The finished result?

    Lots of newly planted trees, another 5 species for Avondyke, a drier camping field and possibly given time to grow another fun environment project as they grow big for groups to identify what species there are (the answer = Grey Willow, Wild Cherry, Rowan, Silver Birch & Field Maple).

    Thanks to The Woodland Trust for their support!

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  • An offer of support for the My Faith badge

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 4th February 2015


    Not sure where to start with delivering the My Faith badge to your Scouts?

    Gideons International have expressed a keenness to engage with young people across Clyde Region and provide some support for our programme.

    They have offered to spend some time with the Scouts and support the delivery of part of the My Faith Badge to your young people during a short presentation to them.

    In addition, they have recently sought agreement from Scouting to print New Testaments with the World Scout badge on the front of them and would like to present one to any young person or adult volunteers who would like to receive it.

    Interested in taking up this kind offer? Drop an email to Gary or Lyndsey in the regional office and they'll put you in touch with a local contact.

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  • Regional PL/APL camp

    Author: Lyndsey Hobbs | Date: 18th December 2014

    Clyde Region are running a patrol leader training weekend at Lapwing Scout Centre on 20th to 22nd  February 2015. The weekend will be a chance to meet with other PLs and APLs across the region, to learn and develop some new skills plus give Scouts the opportunity to share/bounce ideas. They will work in small groups with learning based both indoors and outside. Each small group will have a leader to support them through the weekend. It is anticipated that we will cover some scout skills as well as some transferrable skills which will become more useful to older Scouts as they take on more responsibility within their own Troops.

    The weekend will be part funded by a grant from Scouts Scotland so the cost will be confirmed as soon as possible. Places will be allocated on a first come/ first served basis.

    Closing date: Thursday 15th January.

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  • Thinking of going abroad in 2015?

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 28th November 2014

    Thinking of going abroad in 2015?

    Read on to find out about what you need to do to make sure everything goes smoothly.

    Pending the full roll-out of Compass, Clyde Region has reverted to using the paper based system for all Groups travelling abroad. As soon as Compass is ready to be used for submission of visits abroad paperwork, we will communicate this to everyone.

    Step 1 in the process is to make contact with William, our International Adviser to request the forms that you need.

    Once you've got that, you'll need to follow through the planning process which is reasonably logical. Any help or support required can be provided by William for you.


    Please note that your international paperwork must be completed by the required deadline to allow your DC and then William to review it for sign off.

    If you are travelling within Europe your DC must have your completed paperwork at least 4 months before you depart. This means, e.g. that if you are departing on Friday 3 April 2015 for an overseas trip at Easter, your paperwork should be with your DC on Monday 1 December 2014.

    If you are travelling outwith Europe (USA, etc.) your DC must have your completed paperwork at least 7 months before you depart. This means, e.g. that if you are departing on Monday 20 July 2015 for an overseas trip next summer, your paperwork should be with your DC on Tuesday 20 January 2015.

    If your paperwork is not submitted within the deadlines, you run the risk that your overseas trip may not be approved.


    At the recent meeting of the District Commissioners, it was agreed that with immediate effect, all Groups from across Clyde Region would need to ensure that every adult and young person must be on the same travel insurance policy for their overseas trip and the preferred supplier for this insurance is Unity (Scout Insurance Services). It is not acceptable to have some adults and/or young people travelling abroad using their own personal/family insurance.

    Am I properly complying with Scouting rules & best practice?

    We have provided all District Commissioners with a checklist of things that they need to review before approving your next overseas trip. Click here to see a copy of this. Please help to make their lives easier by getting all of this in place before submitting your paperwork.

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  • Gone home: Colin Scott

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 26th November 2014

    Clyde Region was sorry to learn of the sudden passing of Colin Scott earlier this week.

    A stalwart of the 24th Glasgow, Colin came up through the Group as a young person and on becoming 18 years old, immediately joined the Scout section leadership team. Colin's leadership skills led him to later become District Commissioner for Bearsden & Milngavie District for a number of years where he provided support and wise counsel to adult volunteers across the District.

    Latterly, Colin's professional skills as an Accountant were utilised by Scouting when he was appointed Honorary Treasurer of Scouts Scotland where he not only oversaw the stewardship of the finances of SHQ but he provided grass roots support to local Groups, Districts and Regions (Areas) in complying with the accounting requirements of Scouting and of the Scottish Charity Regulator, OSCR.

    Colin returned to his roots of the 24th Glasgow just a few years ago to take on the role of Group Chairman, supporting the GSL Liz with the maintenance of their impressive Scout Hall and implementing a programme of fundraising to support one of the Region's biggest Scout Groups.

    Colin's funeral service will be at Baljaffray Parish Church at 10.30am on Monday 1st December, followed by a service at Clydebank Crematorium at 11.30am.

    Colin will be greatly missed by his many friends in Scouting and our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Magda and his family at this sad time.

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  • Scotland's Young Real Heroes

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 15th October 2014

    Clyde Region was delighted to learn that last night that a group of young volunteers from the 77th Glasgow had been attended the awards ceremony for “Scotland’s Real Heroes” and that they had won the award for being Scotland's Young Real Heroes!

    They represented the almost 60 young people who volunteer with our group on a weekly basis, providing one to one care for young Scouts with physical disabilities.

    Commenting on this award, Regional Commissioner Stuart said, 'Scouting exists to empower young people to make a positive contribution to society and I was delighted that this public award truly epitomizes all that is right with our young people! To all of those involved on a weekly basis, well done – just rewards for all that you do.'

    Click here to read the full story on the Glasgow Disabled Scouts website which includes a short video clip made about the volunteers.

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  • Our latest recipients of good service awards

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 26th September 2014

    Clyde Region was deolighted to learn that the Chief Scout has recognised the service of the following volunteers from across the Region:

    Medal for Meritorious Conduct

    Roberta Willis, GSL, 43rd Glasgow - in recognition of her courage and fortitude whilst dealing with a serious health condition and having to endure many operations, her determination for Scouting despite many adversities is a true inspiration to others.

    Chief Scout's Commendation for Meritorious Conduct

    Agnes Raybould, Appointments Committee member, Kelvin Valley District - In recognition of her commitment to scouting despite having to cope with a chronic health condition , her strength and devotion to duty is a true inspiration to others.

    Award for Merit

    Iris Adam, Beaver Scout Leader, 28th Glasgow

    Bruce Dick, Explorer Scout Leader, Eastwood District

    Richard Sneddon, District Commissioner, Kelvin Valley

    Chief Scout's Commendation for Good Service

    Andrew Grant, Assistant Group Scout Leader, 171st Glasgow

    Gordon Jack, Assistant Explorer Scout Leader, Pegasus Explorers

    Craig Martin, Assistant Scout Leader, 116th Glasgow

    Euan Sutherland, Assistant Scout Leader, 116th Glasgow

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  • Compass is coming

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 18th September 2014

    If you receive your weekly updates from UKHQ, Scouting+, you can't help but notice that Compass, our new membership system is coming soon.

    What does this mean for us, here in Clyde Region?

    At the moment, there is a delay in processing new appointments as the membership services system was switched off during August to allow for the transition but this will soon be caught up with.

    We are expecting Compass to be launched during September/October and presuming you have got an email address in the system you will receive an invitation to register.

    If you are a DC or GSL, you will need to check that all of the adults that you are responsible for are in the correct District or Group, with the correct role and where they work directly with young people, attached to the correct section.

    Thereafter, you will need to begin collating all of your youth data for uploading during December of this year and we will supply you with a spreadsheet template for this.

    A member of the Regional Team will be attending GSLs meeting to discuss this in more detail with you.

    For the latest on Compass, click here.

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  • What's been happening in Clyde Region?

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 17th September 2014

    Wondering what's been happening across the Region during the last year?

    Check out our annual report for 2013/14.

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  • Preparing your Groups annual accounts

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 29th August 2014

    For many Groups and Districts, August 31st marks the end of the financial year and the time to prepare your annual report and accounts.

    Struggling with where to start? Don't worry, there is help at hand with some easy templates and guidance available from SHQ.

    Click here for a worked example, some guidance notes and a template for preparing your accounts.

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  • The search is on for our next Regional President

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 23rd June 2014

    Following the untimely death of Alistair Hamilton in 2012, the role of Regional President has lain vacant.

    At it's recent meeting, the Regional Executive Committee agreed what they would like a new Regional President to do in support of Scouting and what skills and qualities it felt that that person have.

    We're looking for someone who will work the Executive Committee and regional team to raise the profile of Scouting across Clyde Region, to help secure corporate support for our work and someone who can lead a fundraising campaign to increase the funding available to continue to grow Scouting.

    To read the full role description and person specification, click here.

    Do you have thoughts or ideas as to who would make a good Regional President? A prominent Lanarkshire or Glasgow business person, a local personality or a community champion who is good at harnessing the support of the wider community?

    If so, please email Gary Bainbridge in the regional office by Monday 28th July with your suggestions.

    Following receipt of your suggestions, the Regional Chairman and Regional Commissioner will review these and decide how best to proceed with securing a nominee for this role. Please do not approach anyone that you think would be suitable to allow for the process to be completed confidentially. The appointment of the President is ultimately made by a nomination to the Regional Scout Council.

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  • East Kilbride Explorers test the water

    Author: Lyndsey Hobbs | Date: 18th June 2014

    East Kilbride Explorer unit were first to try out the new Pinkston Paddlesports on the dedicated Clyde Region Night. Great fun was had by all. 

    Click here for more info on this facility and to book.


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  • Bookings now open for Pinkston!

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 15th May 2014

    Scout Groups from across the Region can now book in to use the kayaking facilities at Pinkston on a Tuesday night.

    Check out our upcoming events or events diary for details of dates and availability.

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  • Lenzie Scouts head up the West Highland Way

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 7th May 2014

    Last Saturday, at 8am we set off in the minibus from the scout hall. We were heading for Rowardennan, where the last walk along the West Highland Way ended.

    This walk was slightly different as we did not walk with the Clyde Region Scouts instead it was just the eight 12th Glasgow Scouts and four of our leaders. Mother Nature was very kind to us for a change, it was dry and quite warm. The path was fairly flat and we started at the top of a steep hill/cliff next to the loch and worked our way down until lunch when we were almost level with the loch. Just before lunch we came across a stream off the mountain which went under the path. A few of us decided to go through the hole under the path and out the other side. At lunch we were next to another stream in which we threw large logs down, some bounced, some snapped and some just fell.


    After lunch we headed off along the last part of the walk which was very flat along the loch. We had a few stops on beaches where we threw stones aimlessly into the loch. In no time at all came across a huge waterfall which we crossed by a bridge and ended up at the Inversnaid hotel, in which most of us had a well-earned snack of some hot chips.

    Thanks to Grant Bissett for sending us his report on the day

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  • Appointment of District Commissioner for Kelvin Valley District

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 5th May 2014

    The Regional Commissioner, Stuart Imrie is delighted to be able to confirm that he has appointed Richard Sneddon as the new District Commissioner for Kelvin Valley with effect from 28th April 2014.

    Richard has been involved in Scouting in Cumbernauld for nearly 15 years, following the introduction of the Explorer Scout section in 2000 and most recently he has held the important role of Appointments Secretary for Kelvin Valley District.

    Commenting on the appointment, Stuart said, 'I am delighted that Richard has taken on this challenging role to which he brings a wealth of experience as an Explorer Scout Leader and as District appointments secretary. I wish him every success.'

    When asked what he was looking forward to about this challening role, Richard said 'After watching Kelvin Valley develop over the last few years, I am looking forward to the challenge of keeping up the good work by working with the Scouts and Leaders in the district.

    We are sure you will join with us in wishing Richard well in his new role and that adults from across the District will provide him with the support that he will need to continue to grow and develop Scouting in Kelvin Valley District.

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  • As membership grows in Clyde, what’s the plan to keep growing?

    Author: Gavin Holt | Date: 2nd May 2014

    Scouting membership in Clyde continues to grow, with 454 new members in the past year.

    ·  The number of adults volunteering to change young people’s lives grows by 14%  in the past 5 years to a total of 1,325

    ·  Teenage membership grows from 494 to 719 between 2010 and 2014

    ·  Female membership grows from 959 to 1363 between 2010 and 2014

    Nationally, Scout membership has grown by 100,000 to 550,000 in the last ten years, cementing its place as the largest coeducational community-based youth charity in the UK. During this period female membership has grown from 69,996 to 128,042.

    Our growth continues to transform the lives of young people by providing an inspiring programme of everyday adventure and nationally we are committing to further increase the number of 58,000 more young people, as well as 18,000 more adult volunteers, by 2018.

    Scouting for all, the national development plan is designed to ensure in 2018 Scouting will be enjoyed by 500,000 young people. They will come from every background, make their voices heard and bring positive change to their communities.

    Wayne Bulpitt UK Chief Commissioner is in no doubt where the success for the growth of the Movement lies “Scouting offers young people and adults alike a chance of real adventure. Scouting changes young people’s lives and the communities in which they live for the better. We have a clear plan to make the Movement more diverse, more community-focused and more youth-led in the next four years. Ultimately this means we want to recruit another 18,000 adults by 2018 so that they can help offer life changing adventures to 58,000 more young people.”

    Chief Scout Bear Grylls comments, “I am super proud to see so many young people and adults learning new life skills, achieving personal rewards through Scouting in the UK. I am excited to see Scout numbers continue to rise across the UK and the big reasons for this are that more and more young people are realising that Scouting can give them so much – whether it’s the opportunity to be involved with some incredible adventures, learn practical life, outdoor and teamwork skills, or helping to improve their local communities. People don't want to miss out and Scouting brings them all together, empowers them and allows them to make a positive impact.”

    Scouting has committed to Vision 2018, a set of statements that focus our work and help us better understand the impact we are having in our communities and further afield. If you would like to know more about how Scouting plans on becoming more inclusive, bigger and more accessible, please visit

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  • Royal Navy & Royal Marine assistance for Scouting

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 23rd April 2014

    Royal_Navy.JPGThe Royal Navy and Royal Marines run free activities for young people and would like to extend this offer to Scouts, either at Scout Group weekly meetings or at camp.

    There are three types of activities: science and technology interactive activities, practical leadership tasks, and lessons in field-craft and survival techniques.

    The science and technology activities are fun interactive problems based on the Royal Navy's new Type 45 Destroyer, for example communications or logistic supply exercises. Practical leadership tasks are problems which have to be completed within a certain time, for example removing a casualty using a make-shift stretcher, picking up an explosive device using ropes and staves, or navigating through a 'minefield.' Lessons from Royal Marines in field-craft and survival are best suited to outdoor environments such as at camp. They include shelter building, camouflage techniques and various survival techniques. Usually these activities are run at local Schools and Colleges for students in order to build teamwork and leadership skills in a non-classroom environment, however would work extremely well as an organised evening for the Scout Troop, or a morning/afternoon activity at camp. Alternatively if Scout Leaders have any other ideas that they would like military assistance to run the RN/RM team is willing to help in any capacity.

    Attendance by the team and all equipment is provided free of charge, and all personnel involved in any of the activities have CRB/Disclosure Scotland clearance. More information and requests for attendance should be made through the Royal Navy's local Area Careers Liaison Officer, Lt Peter Ling RN, contact details for whom can be obtained from Gary Bainbridge.

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  • RSPB Big Wild Sleepout

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 17th April 2014

    Discover the secret world on your doorstep by sleeping out in the great outdoors, whilst fundraising for nature!

    Put up a tent in your garden, build a makeshift shelter or, if you’re brave enough, simply sleep out under the stars!

    It’s your chance to sleep out in nature’s home, hear night sounds, feel the night air on your face and marvel at the night sky.

    If you’ve not got a garden, we’ll be hosting a range of sleepouts and other night-themed events, helping you experience the night at its best.



    2014's Big Wild Sleepout is taking place over the week 16-22 June.


    Nature is in trouble.

    Register a fundraising page with JustGiving and fundraise for the country's threatened wildlife. You’ll be giving nature a home by raising money for conservation projects across the UK.

    As well as helping threatened wildlife, it’s a simple way for you and your family to get closer to nature near you. Have you ever camped out in your garden, listened to owls hooting or discovered a hedgehog snuffling through your garden? Camp out with the Big Wild Sleepout and experience the elusive night-time nature that lives near you.

    What's it all for?

    You’ll raise money for conservation projects that protect birds, wildlife and the places they live. Here are just a few examples:

    Otters have begun their recovery but still need your help.

    Wetlands are home to 10 per cent of our nation’s wildlife species, but 57 per cent of wetland species are still in decline. With your support, we can make sure that marshy, muddy and silty wetland homes, both on and off our reserves, are managed properly across entire landscapes.

    The yellowhammers in our fields need you.

    Sadly, 60 per cent of farmland birds, such as yellowhammers, are declining. We’re working to change that. With your help, we can show other farmers how to make their farms better for nature. We also need to continue to lobby for incentives, to help farmers work in a wildlife-friendly way.

    The bugs in our cities need you.

    The green spaces between our homes and offices, as well as grass verges, can offer a safe haven for wildlife. Frogs, birds and hedgehogs need the bugs that live in them in order to survive in an urban habitat. Help us work together with city dwellers to create a web of life across our towns and cities.

    How can you get involved?

    We would like to offer your scouts group the chance to get involved with the Big Wild Sleepout. We can organise a visit from our staff that would include a several night-time themed activities involving wildlife. This could include camera trapping for small mammals, small mammal trapping, moth trapping, bat walks and possibly dawn chorus walks in the early morning.

    All we would ask in return is that your group participate in a sponsored sleepout in order to fundraise for the RSPB.

    If you would like to discuss the possibility of holding such an event, then please contact Sam Langford on 0141 331 9804 or at

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  • Clyde Scout in Scottish Powerchair Football Winning team

    Clyde Scout in Scottish Powerchair Football Winning team

    Author: Lyndsey Hobbs | Date: 8th April 2014

    We were excited to hear recently that one of our Scouts, Jack Twist, was a member of the winning team in the Scottish Powerchair Football League! Jack, who was a member of the Clyde Alba Team, emerged as one of the winners after a series of matches at the Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility. 

    One of our Scout Network members, Ben Miller, was also a competitor in Team Clyde and did very well, only being pipped at the last minute by Team Alba. 

    Powerchair football consists of two teams of four using powerchairs equipped with foot guards to attack, defend, and spin-kick a 13-inch football in an attempt to score goals. 

    The sport began in France in the 1970s and has since spread around Europe and the rest of the world. It is a sport recognised by the International Paralympics Committee but has yet to be represented at the Paralympics.  

    Each chair is set at a speed of 6km per hour, meaning no player has an advantage and must rely on skilful manoeuvring and quick reaction times to gain an edge.

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  • Opportunities to meet Scouters from Switzerland and New Zealand

    Author: Lyndsey Hobbs | Date: 8th April 2014

    300px_flag_of_new_zealand_svgWe have been contacted by Yana, a scout leader from Hamilton, New Zealand who will be visiting Glasgow this September/October and wishes to gain some international Scouting experience. If you are interested in 'hosting' a guest leader for a few weeks please email Yana.


    Also a trio of 16 year old Swiss students have been in touch telling us about their planned visit to Scotland to improve their English skills. Being Scouts themselves they would like to learn more about Scouting in Scotland. If anyone would like more information about meeting up with them please email Matthias.

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  • A bit of rain didn't put off our Blair Atholl journey

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 4th April 2014

    The first Blair Atholl Training weekend got underway with all 9 patrols proving they were able to set up their campsite in torrential rain on the Friday night.

    The weather brightened up and was dry and cold for the rest of the weekend. All 54 participants worked on developing their skills in axe & saw, fire lighting, pioneering and building camp gadgets.

    In their free time the camp organised themselves into a massive game of rugby complete with cheerleaders on the sidelines, the score is still unclear!

    A rousing campfire, including sketches from the patrols finished off Saturday night and we were allowed a longer lie on Sunday morning  due to the clocks changing. A great start to the training and everyone is looking forward to the next weekend in June and the camp itself.

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  • St George’s Day Awards

    Author: Lyndsey Hobbs | Date: 2nd April 2014

    Clyde Region was delighted to learn that the Chief Scout has recognised the contributions of the following adults with a St. George’s Day award in 2014:


    Silver Wolf

    Kathleen Campbell, Group Section Assistant, 126th Lanarkshire (5th Airdrie)  It’s never polite to mention a lady’s age but it has to be said Kathleen is now in her 81st year and still active in Scouting. She has given a lifetime of commitment to young people and continues to be involved in a range of activities on a weekly basis - a true inspiration.


    Bar to the Silver Acorn

    Andy Wilson, Manager, Auchengillan  Andy has been a member of the Scouting movement for 40 years and is a well-known member of the Scouting community. He has been Manager at Auchengillan for over 20 years and is continually making improvements and introducing new activities ensuring that the centre never gets tired or stale for its visitors.

    Gillian Caldwell, GSL, 35th Glasgow  Gillian has held a variety of roles in Scouting and for the last 20 years, she has been GSL at the 35th Glasgow where she works supporting a team of leaders who deliver the programme to the Group's young people every week. In 2013, she rose to the challenge of leading the team that delivered Auchengillan Jamboree and she is currently the SHQ Commissioner for Adult Training where she takes a strategic lead on the support for volunteer training across the country.


    Silver Acorn

    Liz Findlay, GSL, 24th Glasgow (Bearsden)  For many people Liz Finlay is the 24th Glasgow. Her incredible drive and dedication to the group, her support for it’s leaders and her commitment to pushing the group forward has yielded great improvement in the groups meeting place and a hugely successful active group of over 300 young people. 

    Christine Ford, Group Scout Leader, 94th Lanarkshire (9th Coatbridge)  Christine has been a member of the organisation for over 40 years now, holding a variety of roles within her group. Her approach could best be described as quiet and unstinting - always getting the job done and leading those around her by example.  Her encouraging manner has inspired many and there are many of her ex cubs who are now leaders.

    Bill Linley, Group Executive Chairperson, 1st East Kilbride  Bill is a highly motivated and pro-active member of the Scouting movement in Strathcalder district, always looking ahead and striving to provide the best Scouting experience for it’s young people. He has just had a particularly busy year co-ordinating a variety of events to celebrate the 1st East Kilbride’s centenary year.

    Ed Morrow, GSL, 1st East Kilbride  Ed has dedicated more the 40 years of his life to Scouting in East Kilbride. He now oversees one of Strathcalder’s largest groups which has in the past few years doubled in size. He has brought in new leaders and steered them through the appointments process and training in order to cater the rising number of young people. He is also a keen supporter of all district events.

    Peter Ritchie, Group Chairman, 28th Glasgow (Giffnock) Peter joined the 28th Glasgow in the 1960s and has never left. Over the years he has held a variety of roles both in the group and in Eastwood district which he has always carried out meticulously using his natural practicality. Now Group chairman he recently organised a dinner for over 200 current and ex members to celebrate the groups centenary.

    Rhona Robb, Cub Scout Leader, 28th Glasgow (Giffnock)  Rhona’s warm, caring nature and lively personality is reflected in her approach to Scouting. Able to engage well with adults and young people she leads by example and is able to inspire interest and enthusiasm in all around her. She has been an active supporter of several Auchengillan jamborees turning her hand to many activities.

    Simon Robb, District Explorer Scout Commissioner, Eastwood  Simon is definitely an active Scouter who likes putting the out in Scout. He is passionate about keeping young people in Scouting and as DESC in Eastwood he facilitates a smooth transition from troop to explorer unit and is keen to engage explorers as young leaders.

    Phyllis Taylor, Cub Scout Leader, 80th Glasgow  Phyllis is a well loved and respected leader at the 80th Glasgow. Her enthusiasm for Scouting as part of the community is reflected in the way she goes about her business - creating strong links between the sections, between parents and the group and between group and district. No mean feat but Phyllis achieves this through quiet persistence and her warm friendly approach.

    Kenneth Robertson, Explorer Scout Leader, Eastwood  Kenneth has been involved in the delivery of Scouting in Giffnock for more than 20 years and has worked with Cubs, Scouts and Explorer Scouts. Kenneth's most recent achievements include running 2 Explorer Belt expeditions to North America, leading a Unit to the 22nd World Scout Jamboree in Sweden and in 2011, he took on the role of Deputy Chief Commissioner (Programme) at SHQ which has seen him supporting the development of our youth programme.

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  • Are your Scouts working towards their Zodiac Award

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 2nd April 2014

    Scottish Headquarters has asked us to find out about the current uptake with the Zodiac Award in Scout Troops across the Region.

    If your section is currently working towards this, please drop an email to Stuart Hunter and let him know.

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  • Beavers visit Athletes Village

    Beavers visit Athletes Village

    Author: Lyndsey Hobbs | Date: 1st April 2014

    Lucky Beavers from the 1st East Kilbride Scout Group had the opportunity to tour the Commonwealth Games Village and get a sneak preview of the athlete’s accommodation.

    The visit was arranged by one of the parents who is an architect involved in the design of the village.

    No prizes for guessing who this bunch’s favourite athlete is.

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  • Chief Scout Silver for Stamperland Cubs

    Chief Scout Silver for Stamperland Cubs

    Author: Lyndsey Hobbs | Date: 28th March 2014

    For the first time, three Cubs from the 79th Glasgow (Stamperland) Cub Pack have earned their Chief Scout’s Silver Award. 

    Josh, Calum and Martin now move up to Scouts soon with Gold in their sights.

    Well done boys!!!

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  • Getting ready for Blair Atholl 2014

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 13th March 2014

    If the amount of mud splatters is anything to go by after their first training day, the Blair Atholl contingent had a great time on Saturday.  With the biggest every contingent (9 Patrols) they need a lot of space and they found just that at Auchengillan.

    The most fun was had by Kevin as he organised the Equalizer, and we were all well fed by Fiona and her Barbecue.

    The Patrols worked well and had a lot of fun exploring the site taking 'selfies' and negotiating a route over a toxic wasteland (the mud in front of The Providore).

    Well done to all participants - your training starts in earnest on March 28th.

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  • Gone home: Ron Alexander (updated with funeral arrangements)

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 5th March 2014


    It is with great sadness that Clyde Region learnt of the passing of Ron Alexander, who held the role of Duke of Edinburgh's Award Adviser for almost 20 years in Greater Glasgow Area and Clyde Region.

    Ron's funeral will be held on Wednesday 19th March at 1pm at The Linn Crematorium and a warm welcome is extended to Ron's many Scouting friends to celebrate his life at the service and then afterwards at The Kings Park Hotel.

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  • Lanark Scout Leaders hit the news!

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 5th March 2014


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  • Clyde Region's development plan

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 9th January 2014

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  • Support offer for the Scout Hobby & Model Maker

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 23rd October 2013

    Not sure what happens in Games Workshop or why it might be of interest to you?

    Read on…

    It’s all about collecting, building, painting and playing games with model soldiers (and tanks and dragons!).

    However, they are not just any sort of store, they are an active workshop, where people can come down and do their hobby, or try the hobby for the first time. They can bring their own collections down to play games against their friends or build and paint their models, all with friendly staff to help out.

    We deal with fantasy worlds, from Space Marines fighting space battles in the 41st millennium, through Wizards and Dragons battling in the Warhammer World, to adventures in the lands of Tolkien’s Middle Earth.

    We sell the model kits that people collect to form their armies. These model kits require assembly and painting (though painting is optional), and then collectors will fight battles against other collectors using their model armies.

    The hobby encourages a wide range of skills. The gaming worlds are supported with a rich range of literature, encouraging reading, the rules systems have simple maths at their core. The games themselves have problem solving and tactics, the model making and painting teaches skills at art and crafts, and finally the hobby is a very social activity as well.

    But how does that fit into the Scout programme?

    Up to 2 hours in store, where we will run introductions to both the painting and the gaming aspects of the hobby.

    This can be run on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, with times flexible from 5pm, and they'll stay open after their normal closing times for you.

    Your visit can be structured to help your Troop work towards 2 specific activity badges, the Model Making badge and the Hobby badge and further down you can see an activity plan of what they could do during your visit based around the criteria of the 2 badges.

    There would be no charge for the visit, and a full range of hobby materials is available in store to use for these purposes.

    Model Maker Activity Badge

    Over the course of the 2 hour visit, you will spend 1 hour building and painting a model.

    Because this would be a model making focused visit, they would use different, more advanced models and more advanced painting tutorials (though easily achievable results in the time available) than a normal introduction to the hobby.

    The model will be a multi part plastic kit of a space marine infantry soldier approximately 32mm high, comprising a minimum of 8 different parts.

    During the assembly activity, a staff member will explain the processes, the tools and the glue being used.

    The model will be spray undercoated. Again a staff member will take the scouts through the process of doing this, explaining different ways its done, as well as the benefits of an undercoat.

    You will then get a demonstration of painting the model. Using a minimum of 3 techniques to achieve great results. Basecoating, Washing and then highlighting.

    At the end of the painting session you'll get a worksheet, so that the Scouts can demonstrate the knowledge they have gained on the night. The scouts will also keep the model Space Marine that they have built and painted.

    They will then run a game for the scouts lasting approximately 45 mins. Showing the other side of the hobby, gaming with the models we make, which adds a whole different dimension to model making.

    Hobbies Activity Badge

    A 2 hour session, where we run an introduction to the hobby. This will explain the hobby and what the scouts are able to achieve in the hobby. It will also give the scouts a practical hands on demonstration of the hobby, by allowing the scouts to build there own models, as well as play a game of warhammer.

    You will spend 15 minutes introducing the worlds that your hobby is set in and then spend 30 minutes running through basic assembly and model painting (these are simpler 3 piece models, than the ones we would use for a session designed for the model making activity badge).

    You will then spend 45 minutes running through an introduction to the gaming hobby and finish off with a question and answer session.

    So by the end the session the Scouts would have had an introduction to the hobby. They would then be able to decide if they wanted to take part in the hobby and collect the hobby.

    For more information email Stephen Howe.

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  • Volunteer vacancy for Scout Active Support Adviser

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 22nd October 2013

    Flexible volunteering opportunities form a key component of Scouting's strategy for increasing our volunteers.

    This can be in part, supported by the development of Scout Active Support Unit's whereby adults can be recruited into a team or pool of people who can be available to support local Scouting, without necessarily making a weekly commitment.

    We're looking to recruit a Regional Adviser (Scout Active Support) which is a key role to provide practical support and assistance to District Commissioners and Group Scout Leaders in order to establish, manage and develop Scout Active Support units.

    The core tasks of this role will include:

    • To promote the benefits associated with establishing Scout Active Support Units at Group and District level within the Region.
    • To provide practical support and assistance to the Regional Commissioner, District Commissioners and Group Scout Leaders to establish, manage and develop Scout Active Support Units and to ensure they remain fit for purpose.
    • To be the recognised point of contact at Regional level on matters relating to Scout Active Support.

    If you have a passion for supporting volunteering or know someone that does, please click here for a copy of the role description, person specification and nomination form  which should be completed and returned to Gary Bainbridge by Friday 22nd November.

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  • Celebrating 5 years of growth!

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 21st October 2013


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  • Search for new District Commissioner for Kelvin Valley District

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 5th October 2013

    After more than 8 years in post, Marion Rankin who is District Commissioner for Kelvin Valley District has indicated her wish to step down from that role.

    Could you succeed Marion as District Commissioner and provide inspirational leadership and support to volunteers across the District?

    The successful candidate will be able to embrace the 6 key areas of leadership and management in Scouting:

    • Providing direction
    • Working with people
    • Achieving results
    • Enabling change
    • Using resources
    • Managing your personal time and skills

    As District Commissioner you will be responsible for leading the Scout District, ensuring that we provide good quality Scouting for young people. You will help take us forward as a growing organisation relevant to young people and adults alike. You will be capable of providing strategic direction and working with people of all ages.

    It's a key part of our support structure and a lot of hard work but the reward of seeing young people enjoy the adventure of Scouting is something that can't be beaten.

    Click here to download a copy of the of the roledescription/person specification and nomination form.

    Nominations and self nominations should be submitted to Gary Bainbridge in the Regional Office by Friday 1 November.

    For an informal discussion about the role, please contact Stuart Imrie on 0141 639 2243.

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  • Local support from Cotswolds

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 27th September 2013

    As well as our own Glasgow Scout Shop, Scouting nationally has entered into partnership with Cotswold Outdoor.

    All youth members are eligible for a 15% discount both online and in store. All adult leaders are also offered a 20% discount upon production of their membership card.

    But their assistance does not stop in the store and they are keen to offer their time and expertise to you. Store staff members are available to give bespoke talks to groups on the importance of having the right kit for the environment they are in and they can also travel to your group to speak about any topic concerning their forthcoming expedition, be it kit, preparation or expedition skills, such as preparation for the Hikes Away badge.

    They have also offered to assist with local fundraising activities you may have.

    How do you utilise that support? Drop an email to Daniel Hall at Cotswold Outdoor for more information.

    I hope that we can provide your group with some assistance in the near future and we look forwards to hearing from you soon.

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  • Scotland's Scouts urged to think green

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 24th September 2013

    A Grand Green Idea returns with new wildlife category

    Former BBC Scotland meteorologist, Heather ‘the weather’ Reid got a taste of the green life as she kicked-off a nationwide search for the best green community idea.

    With the help of a buzzy insect and a flower or two, Heather Reid is urging local Scout Groups from the Clyde region to enter A Grand Green Idea, for their chance to win £1,000 of funding to help bring their green initiative to life.


    A partnership between WWF Scotland and People’s Postcode Lottery, A Grand Green Idea is challenging community groups, schools, clubs and community councils to come up with an idea that will benefit their local environment. In addition to the previous categories of energy, waste, food and transport, groups will now also have the opportunity to enter ideas related to wildlife. This could range from the planting of wild flowers to assist bees with pollination, to adding/clearing pondweed for a local aquatic ecosystem, or creating an insect habitat.

    The competition hopes to convey that little ideas can make a big difference within Scotland’s communities. It was this spirit that saw Hutton Primary School, in Boreland near Lockerbie, win last year’s inaugural competition with their fresh fruit and vegetable production system.

    With the help of the £1,000 prize, the busy primary pupils equipped their self-sufficient vegetable production programme to allow for pupil’s families to grow their own produce. Local residents too benefit from the fresh produce grown by the eco pupils, saving them from travelling to the nearest shop, which is over seven miles away.

    Commenting on the launch, Heather Reid said:

    “It is a real pleasure to be involved once again in such a worthwhile and exciting project. A Grand Green Idea gives communities the perfect opportunity to get together and think about their local surroundings and how they can make it more environmentally friendly.”

    Lang Banks, director of WWF Scotland, said:

    “We are thrilled to be launching year two of A Grand Green Idea. Last year we were bowled over by the number of brilliant entries, which showed how creative Scotland’s communities can be with their environmental ideas. Something tells me we are going to have a difficult time selecting a winning idea again.

    “This year we are pleased to introduce our new wildlife category and look forward to some interesting ideas. Once again, we would like to thank players of People’s Postcode Lottery for their on-going support for this competition. Our environment is very important and by joining together at every level, including community, we can all help to make a big difference.”

    Clara Govier, Head of Charities at People’s Postcode Lottery, added:

    “Following the success of last year’s challenge we are pleased to continue our support for A Grand Green Idea. The choices we make impact on the communities we live in and we hope that this year’s competition will inspire groups across Scotland to look at how they can help their local environment. We wish everyone good luck with their green ideas.”

    All community groups, schools, clubs and community councils with six members or more can enter the competition. Judging the ideas will be a panel from WWF Scotland and People’s Postcode Lottery, who will be testing entries based on their ability to benefit the wider community, the long term benefit of the project and the ability to involve a wider audience.

    To apply for their chance to win, entrants must state their idea in under 500 words before the closing deadline of 13 October 2013. For more information or to enter, visit

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  • Gone home: Norrie Munro

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 8th August 2013


    It is with much sadness that we have to report the death of our colleague and friend Norman Munro.

    Norman, or as he was always known to his friends Norrie, was a much loved and popular person who had the knack of getting on with everyone. This is borne out by the fact that no one ever had a bad word to say about him.

    Norrie who was brought up in Maryhill Glasgow joined the 39th Glasgow Scouts taking part in all of their activities. He became one of the last scouts to gain the coveted King’s Scout Badge and Certificate signed by the late King George the sixth.

    He went on through the ranks and as a Rover Scout he gained every badge that was available to him including the Rambler’s which involved him walking 100 miles through Northern France. His great interest of course, was camping and getting the ‘out’ out of Scouting.

    He had a great many interests and was a frequent visitor to Glasgow’s theatres and it therefore came as no surprise when he auditioned for a place in the cast of Glasgow Scout’s Gang Show in 1952. As a competent singer and dancer he was immediately accepted as a member.

    When Norrie decided to leave the stage he then concentrated his efforts both as Head of our Make Up Department and as Secretary to the 39 Club, a group of older Scouts who look after the best interests of The Glasgow Gang.

    As a professional printer Norrie took the burden of administration and producing the official magazine, and other duties in his stride.

    Norrie served in many committees and gained many awards all richly deserved.

    The huge turnout at Norrie’s funeral in July was testament not only to the extent of his interests, but especially to the high regard and affection which was held for him by so many people.

    Norrie is very sadly missed by his family and friends, and the Scouts and Leaders of The Glasgow Gang Show.

    He has ‘Gone Home’ but his memory will always remain with us.

    Written by: Raymond StoddartWritten by: Raymond Stoddart

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  • Vacancy for District Commissioner for Strathcalder District

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 8th August 2013

    After 5 years in post, Graeme Dodds who is District Commissioner for Strathcalder District has indicated his wish to step down from that role.

    Could you succeed Graeme as District Commissioner and provide inspirational leadership and support to volunteers across the District?

    The successful candidate will be able to embrace the 6 key areas of leadership and management in Scouting:

    • Providing direction
    • Working with people
    • Achieving results
    • Enabling change
    • Using resources
    • Managing your personal time and skills

    As District Commissioner you will be responsible for leading the Scout District, ensuring that we provide good quality Scouting for young people. You will help take us forward as a growing organisation relevant to young people and adults alike. You will be capable of providing strategic direction and working with people of all ages.

    It's a key part of our support structure and a lot of hard work but the reward of seeing young people enjoy the adventure of Scouting is something that can't be beaten.

    Click here to download a copy of the role description/person specification and nomination form.

    Nominations and self nominations should be submitted to Gary Bainbridge in the Regional Office by Friday 30 August.

    For an informal discussion about the role, please contact Stuart Imrie on 0141 639 2243.

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  • New Assistant Regional Commissioner (Section Support)

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 5th August 2013

    The Regional Commissioner, Stuart Imrie, is delighted to announce that he has appointed Stuart Hunter to the role of Assistant Regional Commissioner (Section Support).

    This is a newly designated role on the Regional Team with a remit to coordinate and oversee the work of the ADC's, supporting them in their work with Scout Groups.  The role is more of an administrative, convening role, providing effective communication with Scottish Headquarters, rather than an active programme and event lead.

    Commenting on the appointment, the Regional Commissioner said 'I am delighted that Stuart has agreed to bring his enthusiasm for Scouting to this newly established post. Whilst it will no doubt be challenging to start a totally new role in the Region, Stuart brings his wealth of experience gained with the 29th Glasgow to the role of ARC (Section Support).'

    Stuart’s appointment took effect from 1 August 2013.

    In accepting his new challenge, Stuart commented 'I'm excited to have been appointed to this new role and look forward to assisting ADC’s throughout Clyde support their Beaver, Cub and Scout sections.'

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  • Blantyre Cubs working on John Muir Award

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 19th July 2013

    The 78th Lanarkshire (3rd Blantyre) Cub pack recently completed a sleepover whilst working towards their John Muir Discovery award.

    During a busy weekend the Cubs spent the day at Redlees urban park and practised their scouting skills which included navigational skills by completing a "John Muir" geocaching task, practised their firefighting skills and finally they practised their canoeing skills in the quarry and finished the day with a game of laser quest.

    After an early rise it was off to Chaterhault country park to complete a conservation task with the park ranger, Susan McNiesh. A short hike followed and the Cubs then removed tree guards that were starting to damage the trees they were initially there to protect. Some time in the playpark followed and then it was time for home and a well earned sleep!

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  • Stamperland Cubs hit the news

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 8th July 2013

    Stamperland Cubs Visit Central Station

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  • Clyde Explorer Belt 2013

    Author: Craig Millar | Date: 3rd July 2013

    The Clyde Region Explorer Belt has started.  The groups are now all safely away and have completed their first days walking.

    After a couple of slightly delayed flights we arrived safely in Washington on Saturday afternoon, took a short walking tour of Washington before a (very) late dinner. 

    Sunday the groups were let loose on the Mall to visit the Smithsonian Museums before meeting back at the youth hostel before a final meal as a whole group.  

    Monday we moved on to Harpers Ferry via Wallmart for final supplies and the first groups were shipped off to their start points while the rest had a night in the KOA campsite.

    Tuesday and the rest of the groups were dropped off or started walking from Harpers Ferry.  They have all now checked in after there first days walking and all are happy :) 

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  • We helped Stitch the Pitch!

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 11th June 2013

    Helping to mark the end of Scotland's Dementia Awareness week, Explorer Scouts from the 36th Glasgow, ably assisted by members of Scout Network and leaders from Clyde and West Region's worked with Alzheimer Scotland to 'Stitch the Pitch' at Hampden Park on last Saturday.

    Stitching the pitch

    Our Scout volunteers joined more than 100 other volunteers from Alzheimer Scotland, Girlguiding and kindred organisations which saw Hampden Park transformed by the laying and lifting of almost 5,000 memory quilts in glorious sunshine, completing the 'Yes We Can' challenge that grew from a joke several years ago.

    Photos shows Scout volunteers pictured with Craig Brown, former Scotland manager who laid the final quilt and the Clyde volunteers in front of the quilt covered pitch.

    Click here to read the BBC news coverage of the event.

    You can read more about Stitch the Pitch on Ann Hill Quilter's website and on the Alzheimer Scotland website.

    Thanks to Karen Imrie for the story and images.

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  • 100 years old and growing!

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 10th June 2013

    Scouting is alive and well in East Kilbride with the 1st East Kilbride Scout Group opening a third Beaver Scout Colony as part of their centenary year celebrations and plans for a second Scout Troop are now well advanced as well.

    How do you celebrate your 100th birthday? If you're a Scout Group, then you look at what most young people join your movement for and decide to hold an activity based weekend camp!

    Many months in the planning and with some trepidation, last weekend the Group achieved another first when they took most of their 180 members to Auchengillan Outdoor Centre.

    Two coaches took Cubs and Scouts up to Auchengillan on Friday. The 'Beaver bus' set off on Saturday morning. Beavers and younger Cubs were in dorms, Beavers for a one night 'sleepover', while Scouts and older Cubs slept under canvas. The cost of this event was heavily subsidised from 'bag-packing' efforts and a grant of £350 from South Lanarkshire Community Fund.


    (click here for more pictures)

    A wide range of activities took place over the weekend from hiking to hill walking, grass sledging to climbing. Everyone came together for a campfire on Saturday evening, where painted jars with night-lites were used at the end of the evening to great effect, after the celebratory birthday cake was cut.

    The camp closed late Sunday afternoon with lots of tired young people and exhausted leaders heading home. A fantastic weekend, great weather, memories that will last a lifetime, an experience which should inspire the next generation of leaders and helpers as we seek to carry forward into our next century what the local founders of the Group started all these years ago.

    Twenty four of the Group's Leaders took part, supported by parents and four leaders from the 3rd East Kilbride, one of whom Alan Reddick, (Assistant District Commissioner Cubs), led the campfire and we were delighted to be joined by Douglas, our Depute District Commissioner during the weekend. Without these adults and young leaders willingly giving their time, this event would not have been possible.

    To read more about the Group's history, click here.

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  • Paddlesports opportunity for Scouting

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 6th June 2013

    Clyde Scouts have been approached by the group behind a new not-for-profit paddlesports centre being developed in the North of Glasgow city centre. The site is based at Pinkston Basin just off J16 of the M8 motorway. The site would include bathing quality water, changing facilities and a safe & secure location for beginners to learn paddlesports including kayaking and canoeing. The site will also include an artificial whitewater course.

    Click here for more information about the proposed paddlesports centre.

    Click here for more information about the proposed involvement by Clyde Scouts, including a survey to help us gauge interest in the proposal.

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  • Clyde's first new Scout Group is still growing

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 5th June 2013

    During the first half of 2011, Clyde Region was pleased to welcome its first new Scout Group in Plains, just outside Airdrie. Started by some enthusiastic Parent's and a former Scouting volunteer, the Group has been running Beavers for young people in the village for just over 2 years now.

    Earlier this year, the group had a slight set-back when some of the leadership team decided to move on but undeterred, Linda Lafferty decided to take on the challenge of running the colony and rebuild the leadership team.

    'The young people get so much fun out of coming to Beavers every week' said Linda, 'I just knew that we couldn't let the Group close and when I started speaking to others they agreed to help.'

    Taking on-board Scouting's flexible volunteering suggestions, Linda has been running the Colony with help from some Explorer Scouts, a member of Scout Network and a team of eager Parents on a rota for the last 5 months and she was delighted to invest 8 new members last week, bringing the Colony up to 12 members.

    Plains Beavers 

    The Beavers have been working hard on their Air Activities and Promise Challenge badges and this weekend will see them join in the Plains Gala Day.

    Future plans for the Colony includes a family camp at Avondyke.

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  • Clarkston Cubs complete Map Reading & Navigator badges

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 15th May 2013

    Cubs from the 121st Glasgow have been working with the Rangers at Whitelee Wind Farm since January.

    The Rangers visited the Cubs weekly meetings and helped them to learn 6 digit reference numbers, contours and fire lighting!

    The Map Reading and Navigator's badges were finished with very wet and windy hike at the wind farm in April!

    Cubs at Whitelee Wind Farm 

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  • Can you help Alzheimer Scotland to Stitch the Pitch?

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 4th May 2013

    Alzheimer Scotland are attempting to complete a challenge and cover the Scottish National Football pitch at Hampden with 5000 metres of quilts made by quilters from around the world. They have asked if Scouting can assist them in helping to cover the pitch on Saturday 8th June 2013. Teams of Explorer Scouts, Scout Network members and adult volunteers would be needed to help them in laying and removing the quilts from the pitch and other practical tasks.

    Assistance will be needed from 9.30am-4.30pm however this time can be split into shifts throughout the day.

    This is an ideal opportunity to support a worthy Scottish charity and raise the profile of Scouting in the community. Please contact Karen Imrie at if you can help or for further information.

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  • New DC for South Western District

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 26th April 2013

    The Regional Commissioner, Stuart Imrie, is pleased to be able to announce that Stuart Yuill has agreed to take on the role of District Commissioner for South Western District from 1 September 2013.

    Commenting on the appointment, Stuart Imrie said, 'with a vast experience of Scouting at Group, District and Area, combined with his professional management background, Stuart brings a wealth of experience to the role of DC and I am looking forward to working with him.'

    Stuart Yuill said 'I look forward to leading the team and working to ensure Groups are well supported whilst also identifing opportunities to grow and develop Scouting in South Western District.'

    We're sure that everyone will join with us in wishing Stuart all the best in his new appointment.

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  • Could you help deliver safeguarding training

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 29th March 2013

    During the last couple of years, our Safeguarding Awareness Coordinator has been delivering safeguarding training across the Region for adults whose appointment review is due in the months ahead.

    We're looking to develop that training further and are looking to recruit a small team of volunteers who can assist with this important work to ensure that The Scout Association’s safeguarding policies are understood and implemented at all levels in Clyde Region, through the delivery of workshops on safeguarding and anti-bullying.

    Do you have good presentation skills and enjoy helping others increase their knowledge and understanding?

    Click here for a role description for this role.

    To nominate someone of to self-nominate, contact Gary in the regional office with details of who the individual is and a short statement about why you think they would be suitable for this role

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  • Scouts from Clyde help celebrate Livingstone's bi-centenary

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 29th March 2013

    This year marks the 200th anniversary of Dr David Livingstone, explorer and missionary, who was born in Blantyre Scotland and Clyde Region's very own 'Livvy Scouts' from Blantyre were lucky to be invited to help mark the occassion in a very special way, at a commemorative service on David Livingstone's birthday, 19th March, within Westminster Abbey, London. David Livingstone's body is buried within Westminster Abbey and his heart is buried in Malawi, so this was a fitting location for this service.

    There were a lot of things to be organised if the trip was to be a success so the planning started in earnest. The Scouts were asked to undertake the formal role of organising and seating the guests at the service and they all wanted to make the 'London trip' a success.

    It was going to be an expensive venture but they met this challenge head on! Fund-raising took place to facilitate the trip and the Scouts completed a 24hr cycle, covering 600 miles. There were many tired faces during the night but in true Scout fashion spirits were high as the goal was focused on. Many local businesses and individuals contributed to assist with costs and the Group are grateful to them for their generosity. Without them we would not have made it and it is fair to say that community spirit is alive and well in Blantyre.

    The Group received their invites to this historical event in the post. Not only were they to assist with the smooth running of service but they were also invited to the civic reception within Dover House, the Scotland Office where they would be joining President Banda of Malawi, Lord Jack McConnell, Michael Moore MP and local MP Tom Greatrex, a distinguished line-up for the day.

    On departure day, the Scouts said their goodbyes and excitedly boarded the train at Blantyre for the start of their journey, bound for London Euston. It was at that time that the most hair raising part of the journey occurred, namely getting 6 Scouts and 2 leaders safely aboard the underground! A quick pit-stop to freshen up and change into Scout uniform and it was off to Westminster Abbey where there were security checks to be negotiated before heading inside.

    What a spectacular sight it was and there was a real air of excitement as the Scouts were briefed on their tasks for the afternoon and what was about to happen.

    'They set about their tasks in an exemplary manner; polite, professional, proud and looking incredibly smart in their uniforms,' said Cub Scout Leader Chris, 'it was testament to the way the Scouts conducted themselves by the many positive comments and conversations that were received on completion of the service.'

    Next stop after the service was Dover house where inside, there was a great atmosphere and another different environment for the Scouts to enjoy. Speeches were made, David Livingstone's legacy congratulated and hopes for the future were discussed. On completion of the reception the Group were afforded the honour of having their photograph taken with President Banda, before heading out for a celebratory McDonalds!

    Following a well earned rest, the next morning the Group enjoyed the hospitality of Tom Greatrex MP on a guided tour of Parliament and then headed out for some sightseeing at The London Eye, The London Dungeons and a a tour of London aboard a WW2 landing craft which included a dip in the river Thames.

    Commenting on the trip, Chris continued 'we had a fantastic time in London and were privileged to have represented our local community and Scouting at this historical event. Thanks again to all who assisted us with our trip, financially and otherwise - without your help it would not have been possible.'

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  • Operation 'dog poo' for Blantyre Cubs

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 21st March 2013

    The Cubs at 78th Lanarkshire(3rd Blantyre) have been using Redlees urban fringe park on Blantyre Farm Road for many of their outdoor activities and had become concerned about how much dog fouling there is around the quarry area.

    So they decided to put their concerns into action!

    Working in partnership with Community Links, the Cubs came up with an action plan to highlight the problem within the quarry itself. As part of an activity day, the Cubs designed and placed their own posters around the quarry and also used environmentally friendly paint to highlight some of the dog fouling in the area. On the day, several dog walkers commented about the dog fouling issue and congratulated the Cubs on their efforts to reduce the problem.The cubs are currently working towards their John Muir award and will use this project as part of their achievement.

    In addition to this project the Cubs also cleaned out the birdboxes in preparation for the new nesting season and practiced their firelighting skills and outdoor cooking

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  • Blantyre Cubs complete Science badge

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 15th February 2013

    Cubs from the 78th Lanarkshire (3rd Blantyre) have recently completed their science badge.

    The Cubs worked in Partnership with Rolls Royce East Kilbride to complete the award with Rolls Royce engineers hosting 2 weeks programmes at their facility.

    With the assistance of the engineers, and some enthusiastic parents, the Cubs conducted several experiments, discussed and then compared their results. As an additional part of the experience the pack investigated the work that takes place within Rolls Royce and also completed a tour of the aero engine museum within the factory. On completion of their activities the Cubs were awarded the science badge and a certificate from Rolls Royce signed by the engineers. The pack would like to thank Rolls Royce for their assistance in facilitating the science activities and in particular Tony McCrory and Danny Thomas in their running of the award.

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  • Congratulations to good service award recipients

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 15th February 2013

    Scouting recognises the contributions of our many adult volunteers by the award of Good Service Awards.

    Congratulations to those adults listed below whose contribution to Scouting in Clyde Region has been recognised by the Chief Scout in recent months.

    • Award for Merit
      • John Archibald, Explorer Scout Leader, South Western District
      • Jacqueline Craig, Beaver Scout Leader, 9th Glasgow
      • Pamela Walls, Scout Leader, 29th Glasgow
      • Roberta Willis, Group Scout Leader, 43rd Glasgow
    • Chief Scout's Commendation for Good Service
      • Jonathan Dransart, Cub Scout Leader, 3rd Glasgow
      • Stuart Hunter, Scout Leader, 29th Glasgow
      • Ross Smith, Assistant Scout Leader, 29th Glasgow

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  • Gone home: Bobby Wright

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 30th January 2013


    Clyde Region was sorry to hear that Bobby Wright who was an Honorary vice-President passed away last week.

    Bobby has been involved in Scouting for nearly all of his life. He started out his adult service at the 34th Glasgow before starting a new Scout Group in the Gorbals and then taking on the challenging role of District Commissioner for Central South District in the former Greater Glasgow Area. From there he moved to take on the role of Depute Area Commissioner supporting the growth and development of Scouting before becoming Area Chairman. Always a keen supporter of Glasgow Gang Show, Bobby worked with the Gang Show team helping to manage their budgeting and finances during the mid-1990’s, following their move to The Mitchell Theatre.

    There is a private cremation on Friday of this week and then a Service of Remembrance which will take place at Netherlee Parish Church, Ormonde Avenue, Netherlee, Glasgow, G44 3SL at 1.30pm to which those that wish to remember Bobby are warmly invited.

    Bobby will be missed by many Scouting friends and our thoughts are with his wife Jean and his family.

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  • Some special activities to celebrate the Commonwealth Games coming to Glasgow

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 12th November 2012

    Clyde Regional Scout Council has been building up a good working relationship with the Commonwealth Games since Glasgow’s bid was launched.

    During the bid process, we held a joint celebration to mark 100 years of Scouting and 100 days until Decision Day and we also had Scouts at The Old Fruitmarket on the day that the announcement was made who gave positive comments to local and national media about the Games coming to Glasgow.

    In October 2010, a member of the cast of Glasgow Gang Show was part of the Handover Ceremonies Cast in Delhi and it is anticipated that he will be part of the Opening Ceremony Cast for CG2014.

    In addition, for the last 3 years, regular joint meetings have taken place with the Boy’s Brigade, Girls Brigade, Girlguiding, Scouting and other Uniformed Youth Organisations to share good practice and discuss how we might collectively participate in and benefit from CG2014.

    Following on from this, we are now in the advanced planning stage, for some special activities to take place with all 4 organisations from now until 2014.


    A common badge is being developed that can be worked towards by all 4 organisations during session 2013/14 which would be completed by the end of June 2014. The badge will have 4 sections reflecting the organisations working together which will be Service, Faith & Inclusion, Get Active and The Commonwealth. Each section will have a possible 17 activities to choose from, representing the fact that CG2014 has 17 sports. At least one of the activities must include participation with one of the other organisations to promote team working.

    A competition is about to be launched, run in parallel by 4 organisations to find a suitable design.

    Joint Activity Day

    It has been agreed that a Joint 4 Uniformed Organisations Activity Day will be held in March 2013. A venue is currently being looked at and more details will follow. For the Scouts, this event will be open to Beavers and Cubs.

    Carol Service

    A joint Carol service is being planned for Glasgow Cathedral, on 8 December 2013 to celebrate the start of the Commonwealth Games Year.

    Commonwealth Games Camp

    A joint camp, which for the Scouts will be open to Scouts and Explorer Scouts will be held at Auchengillan during the weekend 23rd/26th May 2014. There will be 200 young people from each of the Scouts, Guides, Boys Brigade and Girls Brigade at the event. 

    Commonwealth Games

    Discussions are ongoing about how the organisations might get involved in either the Games or activities that will be happening around the City during that time.

    More information about all of these events will appear in the coming months on but please feel free to contact Gary Bainbridge in the regional office if you have any questions. 

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  • Looking for an activity permit?

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 19th October 2012

    To apply for a permit, send this application form to the Region's Activities Advisor, Colin Lamont to get the ball rolling. An appropriate assessor will then be appointed to carry out a technical assessment of your skills based on the activity's Assessment Checklist, which can be found from the A to Z of activities. There are 4 sections that must be completed to gain any scout activity permit.

    1. Technical Competence - completed by a regional/approved assessor, based on the activity's Assessment Checklist.
    2. Knowledge of Scout Rules for that Activity - usually completed by a scout assessor (in the case of an external assessor this will be done by an appropriate commissioner).
    3. Child Protection - completed by an appropriate commissioner, usually your District Commissioner.
    4. Personal Suitability - completed by an appropriate commissioner, usually your District Commissioner.

    Once all 4 parts are complete - (1) and (2) by the assessor and (3) and (4) by your District Commissioner - these forms are returned to the Regional Activities Advisor and your permit will be registered on membership services. At that point your permit becomes official and a laminated credit-card sized permit will be issued to your DC for them to sign and present to you. For more information, click here or get in touch.

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  • 204th Explorers hunting for Czech treasure

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 30th July 2012

    15 Explorers form the 204th Glasgow have recently completed a 2 day Treasure Hunt in the Czech Republic capital of Prague.

    The Explorers were split into 2 teams, before leaving the UK and were posted out clues that eventually led them to Edinburgh Airport, they had no idea which country they were going to until they received their boarding cards.

    On arrival in Prague they stay at a local hostel. Over 2 days the teams competed by travelling all over Prague using the Metro, Trams and Buses to find landmarks, crack clues and puzzles and learn a great deal about Prague itself.

    Both team leaders were in mobile contact at all times with the leaders using local sim cards, which allowed them to check on their progress.

    This is a bi-annual event for the 204th with previous treasure hunts being in Frankfurt and Dublin.

    Thanks to Gerry Durkin for the pictures and story.

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  • Gone home: Alistair Hamilton

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 7th June 2012

    Gone home: Alistair Hamilton 

    Alexander (Alistair) Hamilton : 1925 - 2012 

    Clyde Region was sorry to hear of the passing of our Regional President, Alistair Hamilton last week, aged 87 years.

    Alistair was born in May 1925 and following his education at Hamilton Academy then Glasgow University, joined McGrigor Donald Solicitors, the firm that he stayed with until his retirement. In addition to his work at McGrigor Donald, Alistair served with distinction in many roles with the Law Society of Scotland, including serving as their President during 1977/78, for which he was awarded the CBE.

    Alistair's service to Scouting was quite simply exemplary. Over a period of more than 50 years, he volunteered at Group, District, Area, Regional and Scottish level, bringing him a passion for supporting the development of young people, combined with his unique eye for good but sensible governance. His contribution to Scouting was recognised by the award of the Silver Wolf.

    Since 2002, Alistair served as Area then Regional President where he used his network of business contacts to secure support for Scouting in the wider community. Annual General Meetings with Alistair in the Chair were always a memorable occassion where the business of the evening was conducted in an efficient manner with Alistair's wry sense of humour creeping in to keep the evening light hearted and of course nobody, would ever get something past him, unless it had properly put on the notice of the meeting.

    Alistair's wise counsel has been sought by many people over the years who knew that he could be relied upon to keep them on track and his sense of community spirit meant that he was always happy to help those around him. He served as an Elder at Cambuslang Old Parish Church for more than 50 years and he was Legal Adviser to the local community council.  

    Away from Scouting and the law, Alistair's other passions included golf, sailing and of course supporting Motherwell Football Club.

    Large numbers of friends from across Scotland were present to give thanks for Alistair's life which influenced so many people on Thursday 31st May. He was a great friend who will be missed by us all, in particular his family whom our thoughts are with.

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  • Biggar & Tinto Scout Group hits the news again!

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 6th June 2012

    Lanark Gazette

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  • What is really that impossible a task?

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 7th May 2012

    Every story has a beginning and this one started when three Groups, the 1st, 9th and 14th East Kilbride amalgamated at the end of 2007. At that time, it probably did seem like a high mountain to climb for Bill Linley, Chairman of the newly formed Group.

    It was obvious that the 1st's wooden hall built in 1968 was well past its best. Various options were looked at, including knocking it down and a 'new-build', selling the land, moving, and building elsewhere on the proceeds but in the end, the Group decided to stay put and see what they could do with their current hall.

    A local Chartered Surveyor came 'on board' and in keeping with the Group's wish to try to keep the essential character of a 'scout hall', came up with the idea of building a shell round the existing wooden structure using modern materials. In April 2008 plans went out to tender and by November 2008 planning consent was secured with the mere task of securing finance being all that was left!

    After lots of frustration and failed attempts, funds were secured with £30,000 coming from Viridor (landfill credits), £21,000 South Lanarkshire Council (Scottish Power, Whitelee Wind Farm) and £2,500 from Scottish Scout HQ as well as the Group's own local fundraising.

    Work started in late October 2010 and a further grant from Awards for All allowed the Group to add new central heating and a new kitchen to its project.

    The end result? £80,000 worth of improvements to their existing building and a scout hall fit for the year 2012 as the Group continues to grow, with membership hitting in excess of 130 young people.

    On Saturday 30th April, friends and family of the Group gathered in East Kilbride for a fun day to celebrate their achievement.

    'From grant funders and contractors to parents and leaders, thank you for helping turn a damp cold building with zero insulation, into a warm and welcoming meeting place,' said Group Chairman Billm, 'next year, the Group will celebrate its centenary in a hall fit for purpose, allowing us to keep delivering Scouting to the children of the town and to continue to do so into our next century. I would keep you here for ages if I tried to thank everyone who has contributed to what has been achieved or who simply offered advice and encouragement. It may have taken four years, but I hope you all agree it was worth it.'

    And that everyone does!

    Not satisfied with where they are at, Bill spoke about the next phase of the Group's plans which include replacement of the hall floor, a new fence and a car park. Assisting with this will be the Group's newly formed committee of parent's who are freeing up the leaders to deliver their weekly programme and they are now enthusiastically looking at there next fundraising venture.

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  • Scottish Queen's Scouts expedition to Windsor 2012

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 4th May 2012

    For some, including myself, the journey started on the Saturday, with a tour around the sights of London with the Scottish Scouts expedition, beginning at Baden-Powell House. Highlights included a trip on the London Eye, a visit to Buckingham Palace (where the sight of 20-odd fully-kilted Scottish scouts was almost as exciting to tourists as the changing of the guard) and the chance to see the famous black door of No.10 Downing Street.

    We also bumped into some international visitors, Scouts from over 20 countries in the Commonwealth who had flown over specially to be part of Sunday's parade, in celebration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. The tour was a great opportunity to get to know the other award recipients from across Scotland, and to find out what different challenges we had all faced in gaining our awards. The weather was very Scottish all day, with no let up in the rain.

    Sunday was the day of the parade, and we began the day with a coach ride from our London hotel to the Mews of Windsor Castle, where the fun began. Firstly we were sorted into our sections, and our uniforms were inspected (a nice change for those of us who are used to inspecting our own Scouts), then we were treated to a short, but motivating talk from the Chief Scout himself, Bear Grylls. We then were taken outside, where the weekend's rain saw no sign of abating, and had the unique experience of a crash course in marching from Her Majesty's drill instructors, our parade leader kept our spirits high and reminded us to feel proud as we marched. We were then informed that due to the extreme case of April showers (the wettest it had been since records began, we later found out), that the so-called 'wet-weather contingency' was to be implemented, which meant we would be doing our parading in ponchos.

    After lunch, it was time to meet up again for the start of the parade. While we were waiting, to raise moral, the Scottish scouts decided that a rousing chorus of 'Singing in the Rain' was in order, however startling Her Majesty's finest horses, was frowned about, so the singing was unfortunately cut short, much to our amusement. We then formed into our sections ready for the parade itself. As section R we paraded last. We marched up through the lower ward of Windsor Castle, passing a crowd of spectators, and entered the quadrangle, which was absolutely packed with press, and spectators. As we got round to the dais, the order 'eyes right' was given, and we turned to face, Bear Grylls, giving us the scout salute, Prince Philip; and, of course, The Queen, who smiled down at all of us. It was a very proud moment for all of us. We then marched to St George's Chapel for the National Scout Service, where we all renewed our promise with the Chief Scout, who also gave us another inspiring speech, emphasising our achievement and making us feel that all the effort we had put in to gain our Queen Scout Award, had been worth it.

    Afterwards, with a brief respite from the rain we were able to march back down to the mews. As we were at the back entering the Quadrangle, we were at the very front, behind the band and colour party on the way back down. I think most of us felt that this was the highlight of the whole trip, we marched, in full uniform, through the streets of Windsor, with crowds on either side of us, a band in front of us, and a seemingly endless stream of Scouts behind us. Overall, I would rate the weekend as being one of the best experiences I've ever had, I made some new friends, was made to feel very important, and gained some experiences I will remember for life.

    I would encourage anybody who is able to complete their Queen Scout Award, and attend the parade, I've never felt prouder to be a scout.

    Thanks to Euan Morris, Scout Leader, 24th Glasgow for submitting this story and pictures.

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  • Welcome to the 5th Clyde Scout Group

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 3rd May 2012

    The Scouting adventure arrived in Broomhouse recently when the newly formed 5th Clyde Scout Group had their first meeting.

    'Broomhouse is thriving with new houses and families' said Group Scout Leader Bill (pictured below with Carslaw Purdie), 'so it made sense to start a Scout Group and work with the local community to offer more opportunities to our young people.'

    The new Group has started with a Beaver Colony and a Scout Troop and it won't be long before their joined by a Cub Pack.

    New scout group in Broomhouse 

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  • 380 new members in Clyde help take Scouting’s numbers to highest this century

    Author: Gavin Holt | Date: 19th April 2012

    Annual census: Scout numbers in Clyde now stand at 7,451

    Scottish Scouts membership now stands at 41,261

    Growth driven by rise in Beaver Scouts (aged 6-8) – 161 joining in past year

    380 new Scouts in the past twelve months in Clyde have helped take the number in the country to its highest this century. The news comes as details of The Scout Association’s annual census are published today.

    Scouting in Scotland has grown 4% in the past twelve months, helping take total Scottish membership to 41,261. Total numbers in Clyde now stand at 7,451. This impressive surge in membership - the sixth consecutive year of expansion - has helped cement Scouting’s position as the largest co-educational youth organisation in the country.

    A large part of this growth is due to the number of young people in Clyde joining, with 354 young people aged 6-25 signing up in the past year. Nationally, 1400 members aged 6 to 25 have signed up in this period.

    The Scout Association believes that the reasons for this growth are twofold.

    Firstly, Scouting provides an enormous range of adventures for young people, allowing them to experience the great outdoors. In the UK Members can enjoy more than 200 activities including zorbing, water skiing, abseiling and adventure glider flights.

    Secondly, Scouting offers an environment for young people to achieve their full potential as individuals and responsible citizens. When joining up, all Scouts promise to do their best and help other people. These principles are reflected in the range of community work that Scout groups undertake week in-week out.

    An independent report unveiled last year showed that Scouting can positively impact both individuals and local communities. For example, 41% of employers say Scouting experience positively influenced their decision to employ job applicants while 40% of voluntary groups surveyed would not be able to get the same amount of work done if Scouts had not been involved.

    In keeping with the increasing popularity of Scouting, the charity also has a waiting list of 265 young people across Clyde who would like to participate, and offers flexible volunteering opportunities for adults who would like to help address this while also developing their own skills across a wide range of areas.

    Regional Commissioner and lead volunteer in Clyde, Stuart Imrie said "We are thrilled to see that Clyde Region has grown for the fifth consecutive year. We are also pleased that we are growing quicker than the UK and Scottish average. We believe this is due to the focused efforts of our volunteers to grow Scouting in existing communities and to offer it in new places.

    We are achieving our goal of spreading the fun, friendship, adventure and personal development opportunities that we offer in Scouting to more young people and adult volunteers.

    We are proud that our organisation is producing confident, capable and well-rounded young people and adults while giving opportunities for our older members to develop and increase their own skill sets. We are particularly grateful to our many adult volunteers who make this all possible."

    Chief Scout Bear Grylls said "It is so great to see Scout numbers rising in Clyde and a big reason for this is the number of teenagers joining the adventure. More and more young people are realising that Scouting offers them so much - whether it’s the opportunity to go on a big international adventure or the chance to learn and hone vital life skills. There truly is something for everyone in the world of scouting."

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  • 1st East Kilbride help plant trees at Auchengillan

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 6th April 2012

    More than 60 young people and adults from the 1st East Kilbride Scout Group joined Auchengillan's centre manager Andy to plant trees recently, as part of the Jubileee Woods' Project.

    Recent storms have left Auchengillan's woodlands looking a bit bare so Andy was delighted that The Woodland Trust supported the group to plant more than 400 trees that day, in glorious sunshine.

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  • 8th Airdrie get outdoors

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 5th April 2012

    On Sunday 1 April beavers and cubs from the 8th Airdrie (Chapelhall) visited Dunsyston Forest to practice their tree recognition skills, tracking, and compass work.

    They also made origami boats and raced them in the stream. There followed a traditional Pooh stick race.

    On their next visit beavers and scouts will build shelters and make hot chocolate using a Kelly kettle.

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  • Using camps to recruit parents

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 25th February 2012

    45% of new adult volunteers in sectional roles are parents and camps are a great way to include them and get them involved. It gives parents a sense of the fun and adventure that scouting offers. The February issue of Scouting magazine launched a new area of Member Resources dedicated to 'Using camps to recruit parents'. If you are keen to recruit new volunteers please take a look at these pages and encourage leaders to get involved. If you already invite parents to help run a camp as an introduction to volunteering we would welcome hearing about your experiences. Your story could be the inspiration needed for a fellow scout leader to do the same.

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  • Chief Scout's Silver Awards for 3rd Blantyre

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 23rd February 2012

    Seven cubs from the 78th Lanarkshire (3rd Blantyre) recently completed the highest award for cubs, the chief scout's silver award.

    The award takes around 2 years to complete and during that time, the cubs completed various challenges including climbing and abseiling, spent several nights away on residential experiences, built and placed bird boxes in local woodland and learned more about the local community and global issues that affect them today. 

    The successful Cubs are pictured with their badges and certificates.  

    Cubs from the 3rd Blantyre with their chief scout's gold award certificate 

     From left to right congratulations to Sean, Rory, Ewan, Bryce, Callum, Christopher & Euan.

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  • Can you help take Scouting somewhere different?

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 22nd February 2012

    Kelvin Scout and Guide Club, and Kelvin Brownie and Cub Club

    We are looking for volunteer leaders and helpers, to help with this exciting new project, being organised for children visiting fathers, where the fathers are prisoners in Low Moss Prison, Bishopbriggs. This is a partnership involving local Girlguiding and Scouting and the Scottish Prison Service.

    We are planning to offer an hour's time of suitable programme activities, run by adult volunteer leaders, within the family visiting area, for children aged 5 upwards, on a weekly basis. These scout and Guide club sessions will be from 7pm - 8pm on Wednesday evenings, from the beginning of April. They will effectively be for all ages, but we may have be prepared to adapt and divide the sessions to engage younger and older children, so we welcome leaders who have experience in any age section, within our organisations.

    We will run the project for a trial period of 6 months, and then assess and evaluate the longer term future and sustainability of this.

    We are therefore looking to attract a number of adult leaders, from both Scouting and Guiding, including:

    • helpers and leaders who are not currently involved elsewhere
    • active leaders with other units
    • new volunteers.

    However, we do not want to create an additional burden for busy people, so we are aiming to have sufficient numbers that each individual is on a rota and only needs to be a volunteer for the prison project once or twice a month at most unless they choose otherwise.

    The sessions will be held within the visitor centre of the prison, which is an impressive brand new complex. Obviously running a unit/club in this environment will be rather different to what we may have been used to, but this is a great opportunity for adult members to share their Scouting and Guiding experience and training, with these children and indeed encourage them to join, if not already member, a unit or group in their home area.

    We realise that anyone interested will have lots of questions, and no doubt wish to find out more about the project, so we are planning two meetings for everyone as follows:

    • Tuesday 6th March from 7pm - 8.30pm. We will describe the project in outline with input from the prison staff, explaining about Low Moss and the aims and objectives and about the family and community focus of this new prison, (which will not receive its first prisoners until late March) also about security, safety and welfare etc.
    • Wednesday 21st March from 7pm - 8.30pm. We intend to plan the programme for the first 3- 4 months, identify themes and lead volunteers for each meeting, look at rotas etc.

    Both meetings will be held at Low Moss prison so will allow volunteers to see the environment at first hand. There is ample visitor car parking at the prison, and a bus stop just outside the gate.

    If you are interested in the project, please come to these meetings - this is an open invitation! If you have any queries at all, please email Marie Clare Dungavell or call 0141 248 6022 or 07835 901608.


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  • Could you volunteer to support Auchengillan?

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 17th February 2012

    Calling all ‘outdoor’ types, people with time on their hands, students, retired gentlefolk(!) etc ,etc!

    OK, you get the idea. We are looking for anyone who can give us a hand dealing with the following:

    • Over 100 trees that have been blown over in the storms – we need to get them cut up and moved into the wood stores.
    • Clearing blocked drainage ditches – many have become silted up over the years, resulting in flooded areas in woodlands, resulting in the above!
    • Cutting back rhododendrons or ‘rhody bashing’ as it is known!
    • Thinning out our newest plantations to allow the bigger trees to survive and flourish.
    • Overhauling our pioneering timber, ropes and stores.
    • Painting fences round the swimming pool and various other areas.
    • Cutting grass in the ‘growing’ season.
    • And a hundred other ‘odd jobs’ around the centre.

    None of these require a regular commitment (although always welcome!), and offers of an odd day or two here and there would be very gratefully received.

    We are also looking for people over the age of 18 years to get involved in our active support unit (service team), giving a more regular commitment and getting involved in activities, site maintenance, badgework, shop work, bigger projects and so on. We will supply training where required, accommodation during duty periods and will even supply food at these times! (OK, you may have to cook it yourself, but your cooking can’t be any worse than some of our volunteers!)

    If you feel you are able to contribute towards ‘our centre’ and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, we’d love to hear from you.

    Andy and Claire.
    01360 770256.

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  • Clyde Connections 11

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 10th February 2012

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  • New Assistant Regional Commissioner (Scout Network) for Clyde Region

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 9th February 2012

    The regional commissioner, Stuart Imrie, is please to be able to announce that Wendy McGaugie has agreed to take on the role of assistant regional commissioner for scout network with effect from February 1st.

    Wendy has held a variety of roles in Scouting in recent years including working with the explorer scout section, supporting the delivery of activities at Auchengillan and most recently as an assistant unit leader at the World Scout Jamboree in Sweden last summer.

    Commenting on the appointment Stuart said 'I am glad that Wendy has accepted the challenge of supporting scout network in the region and I look forward to working with her to increase the profile of the section and offer more activities for our 18 - 25 year olds.'

    Click here for information about how to contact Wendy

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  • Sport Relief Community Cash Grants Programme

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 8th February 2012

    Community groups from across Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Lothians are being offered a share in a £100,000 cash bonanza

    The Sainsbury's Sport Relief Mile is arriving in the city with the chance to make your community a winner. In the run up to the big day, a £100,000 Community Cash fund raised through Sport Relief is being made available to small groups in the city who help people living tough lives.

    Grants of between £500 and £1,000 are available to constituted, not-for-profit groups working in a disadvantaged or deprived area in Glasgow which have an income of less than £100,000 (in the last year).

    The Scottish Community Foundation is administering the programme in partnership with Comic Relief and the Glasgow Evening Times and Edinburgh Evening News. The deadline for applications is 16th March 2012.

    What is Community Cash all about?

    We believe that local people know what is needed in their community and are best placed to make any changes.

    Having lots of activities happening in an area brings vibrancy to a local community, which can make it a better place to live. We are also aware that many people are undertaking great work in their area but often struggle to get the support they need.

    We therefore want to support community groups undertaking work that helps people of all ages feel more included in their community, builds their skills and increases their sense of achievement.

    Here are just a few examples of the kinds of group we're looking for:

    • parent and toddler groups
    • dad and lads groups
    • youth groups or older people's groups
    • community festival committees.

    Grants can support a wide range of costs, including running costs, project costs, or equipment.

    How to apply

    Apply online or download an application form at Alternatively contact the Scottish Community Foundation on 0141 341 4960.

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  • Recruits at Kelvindale Explorers Communicating Differently

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 7th February 2012

    7 Explorer Scouts from the 44th Glasgow were recently invested underwater at a local swimming pool when they tried scuba diving for the first time.

    To prepare for this investiture with a difference, members of the unit first of all had to learn British sign language (BSL) as they would be unable to speak whilst underwater when they took the scout promise.

    Members of the unit spent 2 evenings being tutored in BSL to give them the skills to take their promise using sign language, which opened their minds, to how important it is to be able to communicate without speaking.

    Explorer scout, Kirstie, aged 14 years said, 'learning BSL has helped me to appreciate the challenges that people who are deaf have in trying to communicate with people that they meet.'

    Another member of the unit, Garry, aged 14, explained that 'scuba diving was a fantastic experience, especially playing underwater frizzbee and it was nice to take my scout promise somewhere different from what I had done in beavers and cubs. He continued, 'I am really looking forward to the new activities I'm going to experience as an explorer scout.'

    The Group would also like to thank the Allander Youth Activities Trust for supporting us in this very worthwhile project.


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  • Oh what a show!

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 2nd February 2012

    Oh YES it was - many thanks to the cast and crew of the local pantomime Aladdin, which was held in the Rutherglen Town Hall.

    The show was fantastic and the beavers and cubs of the 137th (St Columbkilles) Scout Group, had a thoroughly enjoyable and slapstick evening.

    The staff at the Town Hall are always so friendly and accommodating and even arranged for Wishee Washy (Steve McKenna of Real Radio) to come and join in the Group photograph at the end of the show.

    This was the Groups final event of 2011 and what a happy way to finish off another fun filled year of Scouting.

    137th Glasgow at the panto! 

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  • Celebrating Burn's the Scouting way

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 1st February 2012

    The 36th Glasgow Scout Group held their 16th annual Burn's recently with their beavers, cubs, scouts and explorer scouts coming together for a joint evening.

    The group held its first Burn's Supper in answer to a question from a scout who, after coming to Scotland from France, joined our troop 16 years ago. He wanted to know what a Burn's Supper was so they decided to show him and have done it every year since.

    The teddy bear that you will see in the pictures is part of a school project where pupils have to take turns to 'care' for the bear for a weekend and take him everywhere with them, so he ended up at scouts for the evening, he loved the haggis and joined in with the entertainment, alongside some members of the district team.

    At the end of the evening, the district chairman, Jim McLaren presented 2 wood badges to leaders who had recently completed their training, Alan Mitchell and Mark McMahon and Peter McMahon who was presented with his Chief Scout's 30 Year Service Award. Congratulations to them all.

    Thanks to Peter McMahon for the story and pictures.

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  • Support with energy and engineering programme ideas

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 31st January 2012

    Many leaders will have seen the article in Scouting + on Friday of last week about the new National Grid programme resource.

    The STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) Ambassadors team in Glasgow might be able to assist you with delivering some of these programme ideas. If you would like to take advantage of this, please contact Aileen Hamilton in the Kelvin Building at Glasgow University.

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  • Inspiring Glasgow

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 27th January 2012

    About the day

    The 'Inspiring Glasgow' event will bring together 14-25 year olds from across the City of Glasgow and the surrounding area to inspire, be inspired and make their voice heard helping to challenge negative perceptions of young people.

    The event will be held on Saturday 18th February from 12pm - 4pm in the Mitchell Library, Glasgow.

    During the day, you will hear from inspirational young speakers, make your voice heard to the Glasgow Youth Council on Jobs & The Economy, Justice, Education and Health and be able to put your points directly to MPs and MSPs in a debate!

    The event, run by Glasgow Youth Council in partnership with Glasgow Life, funded by the Truth About Youth Grant Fund(run by Young Scot, supported by the Co-operative Foundation) aims to give young people a chance to make their voices heard, hear from other young people and meet new people.

    If you have an interest in volunteering in your community, representing fellow young people, standing up for causes you believe in and/or campaigning, then this is just the event for you!

    Click here for more information

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  • Census & Membership Fees

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 27th January 2012

    All scout groups and explorer scout units should, by now, have received information from their district secretary about the arrangements for the completion of census and payment of membership fees for 2012.

    If you have not yet received anything, please contact your district secretary or district commissioner ASAP.

    Information from UKHQ can be found at 

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  • Introductory Sailing Sessions

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 27th January 2012

    SailLaser Scotland who are based at Strathclyde Country Park are offering Scouts a special introductory rate for a 2 hour sailing session. The cost of a 2 hour session is £7 (normal prices for taster sessions are £14 + VAT per person).

    This special offer can only be used once and is available for either 9.30am - 11.30am or 1pm - 3pm on one of the following dates:

    • Monday 12th March
    • Saturday 17th March
    • Saturday 5th May
    • Saturday 16th June
    • Saturday 21st July
    • Saturday 25th August
    For further information, contact Steven Noble on 0844 8802115 or visit

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  • Gone home: Ian Duncan

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 18th January 2012

    Gone home 

    Clyde Region was sorry to learn of the recent passing of Ian Duncan who was involved in Scouting on Glasgow's Southside for more than 40 years.

    Ian Duncan was a Scout and Leader in the 81st Glasgow Sea Scouts in Shawlands in the 1960's. When they folded, he joined the 3rd Glasgow in Shawmoss Road. Here he stayed initially with their Scout Troop. He was then for many years their Venture Scout Leader.

    Around the same time he became a member of the Lochgoilhead Scout Centre Support Group. It was then that he had first contact with the 29th Glasgow including frequent sharing of transport for weekends at Lochgoilhead. Ian was an RYA Powerboat and Dinghy Instructor although he preferred the large Longboats to the smaller wayfarers and certainly not Toppers.

    Ian supported South Western then Burrell Districts and was the Assistant District Commissioner Venture Scouts until the position lapsed, following the creation of Explorer Scouts. His District Ski Trips were famous and introduced many to the slopes. Beginners were welcomed and well looked after. Within the 3rd he was now the Group Scout Leader taking on the role as Duncan Black had to become the Treasurer to secure Lottery funding.

    About 10 years ago Ian started helping at the 29th Glasgow delivering RYA Powerboat Courses. When his 3rd Glasgow appointment ran out he became a formal Skills Instructor with the 29th. In addition to courses Ian facilitated the use of the small boats on the Union and Forth & Clyde Canals. Last year he willingly accepted the invitation to return to helping with the Scouts joining the 29th Glasgow's Thursday Troop as an Assistant Scout Leader.

    The Lochgoilhead Centre was his second home. Over the years he had served several periods on the Support Group Committee including Chairman. At last year's National Scout Regatta he was awarded his 40 Year certificate for service to Scouting as a Leader.

    In 2010 Ian was awarded the Silver Acorn by the Chief Scout for outstanding contribution to the Scout movement.

    Outside Scouting Ian was keen on fishing and bowls. Being a member of the Wellcroft Bowling Club and past President regular participating in competitions and being a member of the Club team.

    Ian's nature is perfectly summed up by the following quotation from Bob Lyall, the current Manager of the Lochgoilhead Support Group:

    'When I joined the Support Group over 20 years ago Ian was one of the first of the 'old guard' to treat us 'young uns' as equals and I have fond memories of evening 'cruises' to Carrick in one of the old 'yachts' or Longboats. He also played a large part in training many current and past Support Group Members in keelboat sailing and power boating. Whenever there was an event he was always one of the first to offer help, and as long as it didn't clash with his lawn bowling he would always be there. The last time I met Ian was up at Lochgoilhead when he managed to light a fire during one of the wettest periods of weather (we were burning half of the old guide haven building). We had all the 'young staff' convinced that he had 'taught Bear Grylls all he knew about fires' but didn't have the heart to own up to that 'oily rag' that he 'found'..... Ian was one of the most modest and genuine guys I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, and he will be sorely missed.'

    Ian will be missed greatly by his many friends in Scouting and our thoughts are with his family at this time. His funeral takes place at 1.30pm on Monday 30th January at the Lynn Crematorium.

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  • Our Sporting Adventure

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 11th January 2012

    Our Sporting Adventure is full of activities inspired by the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. On 1 January 2012 the competition began and members can now visit the website, register a team and start competing against each other.

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  • Jamboree on the Trail

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 6th January 2012

    Looking for a new dimension on hiking? Why not think about jamboree on the trail...

    Jamboree On The Trail is an annual day for the World Scout Movement to hike together. All Scouts, whatever their age and wherever they may be in the world, are invited to participate in whatever way they can.

    Beaver Scouts could visit a local park, walking the trails and playing games. Cub Scouts could visit a local nature trail as part of a weekend camp. A Scout Troop might check out a hiking trail while working on badge requirements. An Explorer Unit might make a Service Project out of restoring or maintaining a hiking trail. In their own way, everyone will be hiking the same direction; towards a better future through Scouting.

    Jamboree on the trail takes place on Saturday 12 May 2012. For more information visit their website

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  • Regional Commissioner's Christmas Message

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 23rd December 2011

    By the time this goes out, most of you will have finished the Christmas shopping, have all the presents wrapped, the menu planned and the food in the fridge ready for the festivities to start. Hopefully you will now have a few minutes to sit back and relax.

    In a brief moment of peace before the excitement of Christmas with your families, I would like to reflect on the two gatherings we had with the Bethlehem Peace Light last week in Cathcart and Carluke.

    As Scouts, parents and friends gathered to share this symbol of peace and to take a share of this light back into their own communities, I felt a real connection with our brothers and sisters in Scouting all over the world who were also taking part in similar events. We are such a small part of the world wide family of Scouting, and yet in that simple act we became a vital link in the chain of light around the world. Without us the chain is broken, so each and every one of us is important! So too you are our connection with the young people in your communities, bringing them together with the rest of the world.

    Without your commitment and enthusiasm week in, week out they would not have the opportunity to be part of this great game we call Scouting.

    I would like to thank you for all that you do for all our young people and for your communities. I wish you, your families and friends peace, health and happiness at this time and all the very best for 2012.

    Stuart J Imrie 


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  • Could you lead Scout Network in Clyde Region?

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 22nd November 2011

    Could you support and inspire young adults in Scouting across Clyde Region?

    Are you up for developing our provision for 18 - 25 year olds as much as you enjoy adventurous activities?

    Clyde Region is looking for a volunteer who is keen to lead on the development of Scout Network and provide support to our 8 Districts to establish and grow local Scout Networks.

    You'll need to be able to work well both on your own and as part of a Team, be a good motivator and have excellent interpersonal skills. 

    Click here to download a copy of the role description.

    Click here for a nomination form.

    Nominations should be submitted to Gary Bainbridge in the Regional Office by no later than 12noon on Tuesday 20 December 2011. 

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  • Ever Tried Curling?

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 22nd November 2011

    Braehead Curling (at Braehead shopping centre) is holding a FREE TRY CURLING session on Saturday 3rd December at 10am for people of Scout, Explorer Scout and Scout Network age.

    Curling fits well for some of the Scout / Explorer badges and also for physical section of DofE.

    All you need is clean trainers and a warm jumper. Curling coaches will be on hand to take you on the ice. If interested please contact David Horne (Curling Development Officer) or on 0141 885 4611.

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  • Could your Group help with The Evening Times Streets Ahead Campaign this winter?

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 21st November 2011

    Earlier this year, the Evening Times launched Streets Ahead, an ambitious community campaign aimed at building a better Glasgow.

    Since then, they have been working to create hundreds of Street Champions - people who want to make life better for everyone in their local area - and tackle the projects they want to see happen.

    It could be a clean-up of a local park; a rooftop garden in a tower block; grafitti removal; hanging baskets in a high street; organising a party or event that brings people together - anything that encourages communities to work together to improve their surroundings, boost neighbour relations or simply encourage people to take part.

    This is where we need the help of local Scouting across Clyde Region!

    The winter weather is not far away and The Evening Times has asked us to get involved in their Campaign.

    Would your Scout Group be prepared to help clear snow from some paths in your local community and keep local life moving when the weather turns bad?

    If so, please add a comment to the piece below so that we can get in touch with you!

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  • Chapelhall Scouts try out their Emergency Aid

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 21st October 2011

    Scouts from the 8th Airdrie (Chapelhall) Group welcomed a special guest to help them prepare for their Emergency Aid badge recently.

    David Nicol has worked on numerous movies including Braveheart, Rob Roy, Saving Private Ryan, and the first two Harry Potters.

    David created some gruesome cuts, holes, and bruises and the Scouts had a great time being 'wounded'. The Scouts will use the experience of seeing these types of wounds and will learn how to treat them as part of their work for the Emergency Aid badge.

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  • Clyde Explorers to compete in World Scout Regatta

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 19th October 2011

    The weekend of September 24th/25th saw more than 150 Scouts, Explorers and Scout Networkers competing in the Annual Scottish Scout Regatta at Lochgoilhead.

    Explorers David & Emily from the 29th Glasgow 

    Despite challenging conditions of winds that blew at up to 20mph, special congratulations are due to David Cooper and Emily Whyte from the 29th Glasgow Explorer Sea Scouts who won the Explorer Scout Crewed Sailing event and have gained progression to complete in the World Scout Sailing Regatta in America during the summer of 2012! 

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  • Fireworks Safety Message

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 18th October 2011

    Its fireworks season and a number of Scout Groups and Districts will be holding firework displays.

    If you are intending to run a display it is the responsibility of Group & District Executive Committees, as trustees to ensure that the event is run in accordance with the safety policy of The Scout Association and guidance of the Health and Safety Executive and RoSPA.

    Further information can be found in the October/November magazine.

    If your display intends to use Category 4 fireworks ensure that those running the display are fully competent to do so. This should be demonstrated through appropriate training and experience or use of professional firers. Further information from the British Pyrotechnists Association.

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  • Strathcalder gets Back to Basics

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 13th October 2011

    Last month, 26 Scouts and 5 Leaders from across Strathcalder District headed for Bonaly Scout Centre, Edinburgh, for a Back-to-Basics camp.

    Assistant Scout Leader (ASL) Andrew Swann was inspired to run the camp when he read in the newspapers about how little today's young people know regarding basics skills such as tying knots, building Survival Shelters from your surroundings and basic first aid skills.

    He spoke to his scouts and asked them who could do the above and was really surprised that most of them could, but they admitted that prior to joining the scouts very few of them actually knew any of the basics skills mentioned.

    During the weekend, the Scout took part in a wide range of activities, including:

    • Pitched their tents.
    • Cooked Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
    • Learned First Aid.
    • Learned Map & Compass work.
    • Learned Axe & Saw work.
    • Learned Backwoods Cooking (cooking on an open fire).
    • Learned how to put up an old fashioned tent correctly.
    • Played a lot of games = Capture the Flag, Generals.

    For some of the Scouts this was their first camp away from home, they really enjoyed it and the best part was the campfire on the Saturday night, the whole campsite turned up and took part in the camp fire, at least 130 people were there.

    'I'd like to say a massive thank you to everyone who helped at the weekend,' said ASL, Andrew Swann, 'particularly to Ruth who helped organise all the food and the money.'

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  • Our Journey to Success!

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 13th October 2011

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  • Explorers 'Can Do It'

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 3rd October 2011

    Explorer Scouts from the 44th Glasgow in Kelvindale recently took part in the first ever B&Q You Can Do It Master class for Explorer Scouts at their Coatbridge store.

    The Explorers learnt how to put up a shelf and make sure it was level along with putting up curtain poles, mirrors and the hardest task of all a floating shelf.

    'Putting up a shelf was much harder than it looks,' said George, aged 16 who learnt how to use a Cordless Drill correctly. John from B&Q said 'these classes give the young people real life skills than they can then go on and further develop as they progress through life.'

    The young people learnt a number of skills during the 3-hour master class including how to use a cordless drill correctly and how to put something up on different wall types. They were also given the chance to have a go at solving a simple plumbing problem and learnt how to cut and re-join pipe.

    All of these skills are great skills that will be with the young people as they progress through life. 15 year old Explorer Scout Andrew said 'this was a fantastic experience, I learnt a lot and can't wait to have a go at wallpapering and painting next.'

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  • Carluke Scouts help Scottish SPCA

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 30th September 2011

    3 Scouts from the 3rd Carluke Scout Group decided to venture into the work of animal welfare and conservation around the globe recently as part of their work for their Chief Scout's Gold Award.

    Over a period of 3 months, the Scouts collect donations from their friends and family for their local Scottish SPCA Centre in Hamilton and they then visited the Centre an spent some time helping staff and volunteers before enjoying a tour of the facilities.

    Carluke Scouts delivering donation to the Scottish SPCA 

    The picture above shows the girls with one of the centres residents and a volunteer along with just some of their donations.

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  • Scouts go wireless @ 3rd Carluke

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 28th September 2011

    Congratulations to the 3rd Carluke Scout Group who recently received a grant from Awards for All Scotland that they've used to purchase IT equipment for their Scout Group, including laptops, a printer, digitial camera and camcorder.

    Awards for All Scotland Logo 

    'The equipment will be used in all our sections, said Assistant Scout Leader, Maggie, 'we felt it was important not only to share information with the young people, but to allow them to find out how to safely use computers and the internet for themselves in a supervised environment that supports their badge work and helps develop skills and confidence in a fun way.'

    Photos and video will also open up new creative channels of expression for the young people and will let them document scouting life over the year and share it through the Group's website at and others in the wider community.

    Scouts & Explorers from 3rd Carluke with new IT equipment 

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  • Please help secure funding for Avondyke

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 28th September 2011

    As part of its support for Scouting, Clyde Region is responsible for running Avondyke Scout Training Centre which is situated just outside Stonehouse in South Lanarkshire.

    The building at Avondyke has been used by many Scout Groups for more than 30 years where we can introduce our youth members to camping and outdoor activities.

    Avondyke needs upgrading and we have applied for a grant from the RBS Community Force Grants Scheme which if successful, will secure £6,000 to make the building wind and water tight and help secure its future as an accessible campsite in a rural community.

    We see the long term future of Avondyke as being key in enabling local Scout Groups across Clyde Region to get outdoors, enjoy safe, adventurous activities & give young people the chance to go camping.

    To secure this funding, we need your help.

    Please spare a few minutes of your time, go to and vote for our project. The more votes we get , the greater our chance is of securing this money.

    If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, please post a message on there to encourage as many of your friends and family as possible to vote for us. Please feel free to copy and paste the message from our Facebook page at

    Thanks, in anticipation for your help.

    Please click here to print this article out as a letter that you can distribute to your young people, their Parent's and friends.

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  • Have fun, get active and help save lives - BHF Scotland helps groups to get moving

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 27th September 2011

    With the summer holidays now a distant memory, British Heart Foundation (BHF) Scotland is urging group leaders to get off to a healthy start by signing up to take part in Ultimate Dodgeball, Jump Rope For Heart or Artie's Olympics.

    Ultimate Dodgeball and Jump Rope for Heart are open to all groups for children aged 7 - 16 years. And the great news is that BHF Scotland supplies everything you need to play, including a free kit, so it couldn't be simpler to organise. The Ultimate Dodgeball kit contains three balls, an organiser's guide, posters and sponsorship form. This will help you run a series of lessons that will promote safe activity in a fun, enjoyable environment. You can then run an Ultimate Dodgeball Tournament as a sponsored event!

    Photo of children taking part in Ultimate Dodgeball 

    Young people taking part in Ultimate Dodgeball 

    The Jump Rope For Heart kit is worth over £100, including teaching materials and skipping ropes. Once the children are confident with the skipping games, you can organise a sponsored "Jump Off''.

    Artie's Olympics is tailored for younger children aged 3-8 years old, and aims to encourage them to get active and enjoy physical exercise from an early age. This scheme is suitable for Beaver, Cubs & Scouts and any other groups that work with young children. The group receives a free kit with a range of activities that are simple for children to learn, plus a supporting teacher's pack, gold medal stickers and balloons.

    All these activities can contribute to children's recommended one hour of physical activity a day. Groups taking part raise vital funds to help the nation's heart charity continue its life-saving work, and raise funds for themselves, keeping 20% of money.

    Carole Nicol, BHF Scotland's local Fundraising Volunteer Manager, says: "If children can catch, throw, dodge or skip they can play Ultimate Dodgeball and take part in Jump Rope for Heart or Artie's Olympics! Heart disease is still Scotland's biggest killer, so it's vital that our children know the importance of being active to lead a healthy life. We invest time and funds, both locally and nationally, to help educate children on how they can look after their hearts. A wide range of our children's resources is available free of charge. But we can only do this thanks to donations of time and money - such as the sponsorship raised from schemes like Jump Rope For Heart, Ultimate Dodgeball and Artie's Olympics. "

    For more information on how BHF Scotland can support and improve your group's health education, or to register for any of the above initiatives and receive free kit, contact Carole Nicol on 0141 954 8542 or or visit

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  • 5 Star Sixer Camp

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 24th September 2011

    The 137th Glasgow recently enjoyed a great weekend at Auchengillan with their sixers and sent in some pictures from the camp to share with you.

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  • 1st Biggar/Tinto Enjoy a Successful Group Camp

    Author: Gavin Holt | Date: 21st September 2011

    Cubs, Scouts, Leaders and Young Leaders camped on the Friday and Saturday night, in what turned out to be some very wild weather, causing damage to one tent when the centre pole tore through the canvas.  Scouts must be very sound sleepers though as only two woke up, who came to inform leaders, the remainder even slept on as the leaders did an emergency repair and re-erected the tent again!

    During the day on Saturday the weather was kinder and Beavers came along to join in the fun.  The youngsters were split into mixed age groups, supporting each other as they worked round bases.  All had the opportunity to try archery, an assault course, pioneering challenge involving retrieving water from the burn, orienteering, firelighting, science experiments, team challenges and a bouncy obstacle course.  The evening was rounded off with a campfire before the Beavers went home, Cubs and Scouts then enjoyed a late night barbecue.

    Sunday's Scouts Own was led by one of the Scouts, James, as part of his Chief Scout Gold Award, reflecting on the weekend and the teamwork that was involved by everyone to ensure the weekend was a success.

    Rounders and football games took place before the tents were taken down and packed away.

    Overnight saw over 60 people on camp, with around 90 taking part on Saturday, this included youngsters, leaders and a few parent helpers, some of whom enjoyed themselves so much that they left with PVG and adult application forms.

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  • 9th Airdrie win The Blacks Of Greenock National Camping Competition

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 16th September 2011

    Winners of the 2011 Blacks of Greenock National Camping Competition 

    A patrol of 6 Scouts from the 9th Airdrie Scout Group has won the 2011 Blacks of Greenock National Scout Camping Competition. The patrol qualified for the final after success in the Calder District and zonal qualifiers.

    The competition final was held over two days on the weekend of 10th/11th September at Meggernie Scout Camp in Glen Lyon, Perthshire. The boys and girls of the 9th Airdrie showed a total commitment to teamwork and persevering against dreadful weather conditions, to display Scout camping skills and knowledge at their very best.

    District Commissioner Bill Craig congratulated the Group on their success in the most prestigious competition on the Scottish Scouting calendar and added that the patrol was 'a credit to their Group and to Calder District.'

    Regional Commissioner Stuart Imrie said 'I am delighted that a Patrol from Clyde Region has won the competition and send them my congratulations on their success.'

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  • Clyde Hillwalkers head for Ben Lomond

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 16th September 2011

    It was a murky start for Lenzie Scouts leaving Rowardennan on Saturday morning to climb Ben Lomond with 150th Glasgow and mountain leaders Niall Archibald and Tim Clarke under the auspices of Clyde Region Scouts.

    The 150th from Cambuslang had camped overnight at Auchengillan whilst Euan, Ewan and Stuart from the 12th Glasgow set off early from the Lenzie Scout Hall to RV on the shores of Loch Lomond. There was much fun exploring the shoreline while waiting for the Cambuslang Scouts to pack there tents and get up to Rowardennan.

    The cloud was down to 200m and the forecast was for showers and winds of 20 to 25 mph. But the weather was set to improve into the afternoon so there was a chance of some good views, at least on the descent of Ptarmigan ridge.

    Scouts Hillwalking 

    After a wet, windy and cloudy gathering at the summit Trig Point, the views over the islands of Loch Lomond on the way down were fantastic. Beyond the southern shore of Loch Lomond can be seen another sliver of water, the River Clyde, dissected by what could only be Dumbarton Rock.

    This was a pretty stiff test for the Scouts, navigating in cloud and ascending 974 metres from Loch Lomond which is only 17 feet above sea level. The descent was very steep initially, coming down the NW spur from the summit and negotiating some tricky ground before arriving back on the bonnie banks.

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  • Mission Accomplished!

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 14th September 2011

    A sixteen strong party of Strathaven Explorer Scouts and their leaders returned to Zambia this summer, repeating the successful visit a similar team from the Unit made in 2008, again undertaking work on behalf of the Charity, Health Help International.

    It was always going to be difficult to repeat the success of the Explorers' previous memorable visit but this year's team did just that and achieved everything they had set out to do.

    The Explorers were based at HHI's HQ in the town of Monze where they camped in an adjacent play park but their activities took them further afield to camp in the more challenging environments of the rural Ntambo Community and the Lochinvar Game Park. There was a reward for all the hard work they had put in, with a final two days in the relative luxury of the Fawlty Towers Camp Site in Livingstone.

    The main purpose of the visit was to build a Hammer Mill House and Shop for the disabled members of the community of Ntambo. This they did over five working days, while camping nearby with a minimum of facilities. The inauguration ceremony carried out by a Government representative was a memorable event, enlivened by the singing and dancing of the Zambian women and it was a great moment when the Hammer Mill, paid for also by the Strathaven Scout s, started up and produced its first batch of meal.

    Other work carried out by the Explorers for one of the schools they visited included re-glazing of broken windows in the classrooms and painting of one of the school buildings. The reality of the conditions and life of the children of a third world country was brought home to the Explorers in seeing the basic lack of facilities for the 700 pupils of this school - no running water and no electricity and limited educational materials - but despite that their great enthusiasm to be educated.

    Apart from the work they carried out, the Explorers enjoyed two days camping in the Lochinvar Game park beside the Chonga Lagoon where they enjoyed seeing a Hippopotamus emerging from the water at breakfast one morning just 200 metres from where they were camped and a final two days spend at Livingstone including a visit to the Victoria Falls and a sunset cruise on the Zambezi river.

    You can view some of the pictures from their Zambia trip on our Facebook page.

    Clyde Regional Scout Council

    Promote your Page too

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  • Clyde Connections 10

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 7th September 2011

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  • Lanark Scouts in the News

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 25th August 2011

    Lanark Scouts Lord It Up

    Click here to read the story online

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  • Chapelhall Scouts hits the Headlines

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 23rd August 2011

    Scouts from Chapelhall headed for Kandersteg this summer. Click here to read their story in The Airdrie & Coatbridge Advertiser

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  • Hillwalking and High Ropes Update

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 20th July 2011

    The Operations Sub-committee at UKHQ has agreed improved rules for hillwalking and new rules and guidance for high ropes activities (which includes crate stacking) within Scouting. Details of what has changed and the reasons behind it can be found at

    The new rules and guidance for high ropes activities are for implementation by 31 March 2012 to ensure those running activities have time to make any updates to their operation. Until then, members should refer to the January 2011 version of POR (PDF download here) for high ropes activities.

    The updates to hillwalking are for implementation immediately as they don't place any restrictions on activities that were happening within the existing rules.

    This follows lengthy reviews, consultations and pre-launch checks with the Movement. The changes have been designed to remove some of the barriers that have been identified, and provide support, where none previously existed, in running these activities to ensure their continued, safe provision for our members.

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  • Avondyke Update - we're still looking for volunteers

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 12th July 2011

    Following on from our notice about holding a meeting at Avondyke on 6 July 2011, I thought I would take an opportunity to update adults across Clyde Region about where we are now at.

    More than 30 adults, attended the meeting where a wide ranging discussion was had about how we, as a Region, might continue to operate Avondyke.

    At its meeting in June, the Regional Executive Committee agreed minimum criteria (see earlier article) for the continued operation of the Centre.

    I am pleased to be able to report that we are now part way to meeting these with a number of individuals and Groups having committed to assist with opening and closing and maintenance tasks. If anyone else would like to volunteer, please contact Gary Bainbridge ASAP.

    At the meeting, it was agreed that there was a vital need for an Avondyke Coordinator to take a lead in coordinating the volunteers and liaising with the Regional Office and Business Committee and that anyone interested in this role should make contact with Gary Bainbridge in the Regional Office by August 31st.

    An updated role description can be downloaded from here

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  • New District Commissioner for Calder District

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 1st July 2011

    The Regional Commissioner, Stuart Imrie, is pleased to be able to announce that he has appointed Bill Craig to the role of District Commissioner for Calder District with effect from 1 July 2011.

    Bill has previously held a variety of appointments with the 2nd Coatbridge Scout Group and within the former Monklands District and will bring with him a wealth of experience of local Scouting.

    Commenting on the appointment, Stuart Imrie said 'I am pleased that Bill has agreed to take on this important role to support Scouting in Calder District.  am sure Bill's experience of Scouting and people skills will stand him in good stead.'  

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  • Appointments Requiring PVG Scheme Membership

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 23rd June 2011

    SHQ has published updated guidance about which Scottish appointments require membership of the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme. Please click here for more information.

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  • Clyde Unit's Jamboree Countdown Begins

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 16th June 2011

    The Clyde Jamboree Unit have begun the final countdown to their departure on their 22nd World Scout Jamboree Experience.

    With less than 40 days until they meet at Glasgow airport for their flight to Copenhagen for the UK Contingent Pre-Event, there is still a lot of preparation and organisation still to be done.

    Last weekend saw all but one of the Scottish Jamboree Units congregate at Meggernie for a final Training Weekend, including team building activities, a Burns' Supper and lots and lots of Ceilidh dancing!!! UK Contingent Leader Mike Parkes did the address to the haggis with a translator by his side ably assisting his pronunciation.1 After a feast for nearly 300 people, it was time for some ceilidh dancing, followed by a short disco and supper.

    Sunday morning saw units get an introduction to subcamp life and some team building activities amongst the units. It was then time for a BBQ and to strike camp and saying goodbye to new friends, next to be seen at the UK Contingent Beach Party in Copenhagen.

    It is scary to think that it is over 18 months since the Clyde Jamboree Unit was formed and in just over 2 months time, the Jamboree Experience itself will all be over. As Leaders, we can talk and talk about a World Jamboree; we can show pictures of a World Jamboree; we can share experiences gained from a World Jamboree. However, it will only be during and after the 22nd World Scout Jamboree that the young people will appreciate how wonderful and life changing an experience it is and how privileged they should feel to have been part of it. Each young person will gain something different as a result of being part of such an event, whether it be confidence, tolerance or appreciation of other cultures.

    It is up to them to then pass on their experiences and encourage younger generations to aspire to attending a World Scout Jamboree. We must also not forget that these young people are the future of Scouting and by being part of the largest event in the Scouting calendar, they are more likely to carry on in the Movement and allow other young people the opportunity to experience the fun

    The Clyde Jamboree Unit with Chief Commissioner for Scotland, Eleanor Lyall 


    1 “A marquee filled with over 200 young people and adults going to the Jamboree was always going to be an amazing atmosphere. Add to this traditional dress and music, and you really have something special. I have to admit that when the haggis was piped in by five pipers, it was one of those moments that made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.” Mike Parkes - UK Contingent Blog 

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  • Scouting in the Lanark Gazette

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 15th June 2011

    Lanark Gazette June 2011

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  • Loch Lomond Wild Camping Ban

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 7th June 2011

    Wild campers (ie those camping outside designated campsites) around Loch Lomond face fines of up to £500.

    Approved in March 2011, new legislation which 'outlaws' wild camping between Dryman and Rowardennan comes into force on 1 June 2011. This section is part of the West Highland Way - popular with walkers from all over the world - and includes part of the Loch's shoreline.

    The byelaws, which will apply only during the March - October period, have been put in place following a consultation exercise by the Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park Authority (NPA).

    Action was considered necessary after many of years of 'informal' camping that in some cases was associated with anti-social behaviour such as littering, vandalism or criminal damage - this despite several campaigns promoting messages on how to camp responsibly.

    Although a minority, the perpetrators of the worst excesses have continued to have a disproportionate effect on other visitors and on the overall environment. Many of the worst affected areas are close to sites of particular environmental sensitivity such as the SSSI at Sallochy Bay.

    Commenting on the new arrangements, Grant Moir from the NPA said,

    "Loch Lomond is a beautiful part of the National Park and one of the most famous places in Scotland to come and visit. It is important that we do everything we can to protect it whilst enhancing the visitor experience."

    "We will continue to welcome day visitors into the area to enjoy the sights, such as, Ben Lomond, Conic Hill and Inchcailloch. There are also still opportunities to camp in the area at the official camp sites at Cashel and Milarrochy. There is also the new campsite at Sallochy being built by Forestry Commission Scotland for visitors to enjoy. The byelaws are giving the landscape a chance to recover and for the area to be managed for all who live or visit the area."

    "Our Ranger teams will be out and about over the summer; giving advice about camping in the National Park and sharing all the things you can do and see here. They will also be out patrolling with the police to enforce the new camping byelaws as part of the Respect the Park initiative and Operation Ironworks*. Every effort is being made to make sure Loch Lomond remains a family friendly destination and we ask everyone to help protect and respect this special area."

    Whilst it's regrettable that Scotland's famously liberal approach to wild camping is affected, the type of camping that has necessitated this action is surely not what was envisaged by the proponents of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

    The legislation is to be reviewed within three years - let's hope the situation has improved by then.

    To find walks in The Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park see Walks, routes & maps in Loch Lomond and The Trossachs

    *Now in its fourth year, Operation Ironworks is a cross-agency group that supplies the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Parks' patrols.

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  • What is turquoise, noisy and sleeps under canvas at Auchengillan?

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 3rd June 2011

    For those of you that didn't get the answer to our headline question, it is of course, the 150th Glasgow's Beaver Colony.

    With 5 Explorers as a support team, the Beavers had a fantastic time last weekend. They explored Auchengillan, played in the woods, collected sticks, used the climbing tower, toasted marshmallows, jumped in muddy puddles and, best of all, slept in a tent for the first time!

    A great experience for everyone involved and GSL Margaret MacRobert hopes that her pictures will inspire other Colonies to go camping!

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  • Share your Overseas Knowledge with Others

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 25th May 2011

    Globe Trekker

    Have your organised or been involved in a Scouting trip or expedition overseas?

    If so, we need your help!

    Please take a visit to Globe Trekker and share your experiences and knowledge with other trip organisers. Globe Trekker is only as good as the testimonials submitted by you, so let's make it into a great tool for everyone.

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  • Invite the Chief Scout to 'Virtually' Attend your Beaver Birthday Celebration

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 24th May 2011

    If you are planning any activities or events to celebrate 25 years of Beaver Scouts in your area check out the special message Bear Grylls has recorded for you to show at your celebrations.

    Download it now from the Brand Centre and have the Chief Scout 'virtually' attend your event.

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  • Congratulations to DofE Award Recipients

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 19th May 2011

    Young people in the Scout and Explorer Scout sections work towards their Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Awards alongside their Scouting Awards.

    Congratulations to:

    • Alastair Paton, 204th Glasgow on completing his Bronze Award
    • Alexander Calderwood and Craig Colvin, 72nd Glasgow on completing their Silver Awards.
    • David Duggan, Finlay Fraser and Liam McDonagh from the 2nd Uddingston on being the first 3 people in Clyde Region to complete the Gold Award, using eDofE, the new online recording system.

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  • Funding Opportunity

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 16th May 2011

    From Andrew Aldous, Programme & Development Officer, SHQ

    Over the last year anyone wanting to take part in a course at Glenmore Lodge has been eligible to receive part funding through the Scottish Development Fund at Scottish Scout HQ. This was to the value of one third of the total cost.

    Glenmore lodge are now offering additional funding through the Grangers Volunteer Fund to anyone in Scouting who wishes to take part in one of their courses. The amount payable will depend on the reasons for taking part in the training and priority will be given to anyone taking part in a course for the running of the DofE scheme. Accessing Scout Permits will also be seen as an appropriate reason for funding and between 20 and 50% of the full cost of the course may be met by the Grangers fund.

    This means that with the combined contribution of the Grangers Fund and the Scottish Development Fund a total of up to 80% of any course may be covered, resulting in Groups and Districts only having to pay for 20% of the cost.

    The application process for the Grangers funding sits in two options. If the training is for the purpose of DofE then application forms for the Grangers Fund are sent to Alex Cumming at the DofE Edinburgh office. For all other reasons the forms are sent to Simon Fisher at Glenmore Lodge direct. Anyone applying for the Grangers Fund should not send the forms to Scottish Scout HQ.

    Further details about this Grangers scheme are attached as is the application form. Remember, after you have applied for the Grangers funding and have a place on a course, also then apply to the Small Grant Scheme of the Scottish Development Fund for a further 30% discount. Forms and info can be found on the SHQ website.

    Glenmore Lodge were advising all Scout applicants to contact SHQ direct for funding options. If you wish to benefit from the Grangers Fund you now apply either through Alex Cumming at the DofE Edinburgh office or through Simon Fisher at Glenmore Lodge.

    Further details can be found on the Glenmore Lodge Website, or by contacting me at SHQ by email or on the number below. Please note that currently the Glenmore Lodge Website still shows me as the contact for this fund for the Scouts. This will be updated soon to show that any Scout Volunteers apply through either Alex at the DofE or through Simon at Glenmore Lodge.

    Please if you have any questions get in touch. This is a great opportunity to get our leaders involved in some excellent training at a low cost. Please also pass on this info to our volunteers so that everyone is aware of this opportunity.

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  • Correction to DofE Article in Recent Clyde Connections

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 5th May 2011

    In the April 2011 issue of Clyde Connections, we said that the paper system for recoding DofE would only be available until late summer. We now understand that this is incorrect and it is expected that even when eDofE is rolled out nationally the paper system will still be available.

    For anyone who would like training on the eDofE system, please contact Ron Alexander.

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  • New Activities Adviser for Clyde

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 4th May 2011

    The Regional Commissioner is pleased to be able to announce the appointment of Colin Lamont to the role of Regional Adviser (Activities) for Clyde Region.

    Colin has been involved in Scouting since joining as a Beaver Scout and is now an Assistant Scout Leader at the 145th Glasgow and is a member of the Region's Development Project Management Group.

    Colin has been involved in hillwalking, kayaking, climbing and skiing and commenting on his appointment said, ' I am really excited about supporting Groups to get as many young people out doing exciting (yet safe) outdoor activities as possible and will be looking at planning some activity events in the near future to encourage more of our young people and leaders to expand their range of activities.'

    To contact Colin or any member of the Regional Team, click here


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  • Gone Home: Rae Edmonds

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 27th April 2011

    Gone Home

    Clyde Region was sorry to learn of the passing of Rae Edmonds last week.

    Rae has been involved in Scouting for nearly 70 years in a variety of guises. She was originally the Cub Scout Leader at the 9th Glasgow Scout Group where she met her husband Eric and then she took on the challenge of ADC (Beaver Scouts) in North West 1 District.

    Away from the Group, Rae was involved in supporting Glasgow Gang Show for many years and whilst she didn't hold a formal role in Scouting, she continued her support for the 9th Glasgow working with her husband Eric and daughter Ann who were both actively involved in the Group.

    Her funeral took place on Friday 22 April 2011 where many of her Scouting friends were there to give thanks for her life. She will be greatly missed by many people and our thoughts are with Eric and Ann at this time.

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  • New District Commissioner for Clydesdale District

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 8th April 2011

    The Regional Commissioner is pleased to announce that Charles Bow has been appointed as District Commissioner for Clydesdale District with effect from today.

    Charles has a vast experience of working to support Scouting at District and Area level having previously held appointments as District Secretary and Area Secretary, Treasurer then Chairman.

    Charles is also currently vice-Chairman of Clyde Region and Chairman of the Region's Development Project Management Group.

    Commenting on the appointment, Stuart said, 'I am sure that Charles' experience of supporting Scouting at an Executive level will enable him to build a strong District Team to support the development of Scouting in Clydesdale and I am delighted that he has agreed to take on this important role.'

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  • Roll of Honour: Our St. George's Day Award Recipients

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 7th April 2011

    Scouting relies on the time and effort of volunteers across Clyde Region to ensure that our adventure based programme is enjoyed by more than 5,500 young people.

    Each year, Scouting takes the opportunity to recognise the exceptional people, whose extraordinary commitment and dedication to young people, helps Scouting reach out to our local communities.

    We were pleased to learn that the Chief Scout has made St. George's Day Awards to 15 adults from across Clyde Region.

    The Silver Wolf - given in recognition of services to Scouting of the most exceptional nature. The Silver Wolf was introduced by Lord Baden-Powell and remains the Scout Association's highest award.

    • Duncan Black has been a volunteer for more than 40 years, holding a variety of roles at Group and District level. Duncan is currently Group Treasurer at the 3rd Glasgow Scout Group.
    • Gordon Ross has been a volunteer for more than 50 years, starting off working with the Scout Section then becoming Group Scout Leader. Gordon is currently a Unit Assistant with the 77th Glasgow Explorer Scouts and a Canoeing Assessor.
    • Sinclair Scott first volunteered for Scouting nearly 45 years ago and has dedicated much of his time to the 1st Douglas Scout Group where he is Scout Leader. In addition to his Group role, Sinclair is the Region's Special Needs Adviser and is also an Honorary vice-President of Clyde Region, representing the Presbytery of Lanark.

    Bar to the Silver Acorn - given in recognition of further specially distinguished service. The Bar to the Silver Acorn is seldom awarded for less than 25 years' service.

    • Carslaw Purdie has held a variety of appointments in Scouting at Group, District and Area level since he first volunteered as an adult more than 30 years ago. Carslaw is currently District Commissioner for South East District.

    The Silver Acorn - given in recognition of specially distinguished service. The Silver Acorn was first introduced in 1933 and is seldom awarded for less than 20 years' service.

    • Charles Bow has provided vital support to Scouting in a variety of office bearer roles at District, Area and Regional levels since he first volunteered as an adult in Scouting more than 20 years go. Charles is currently Clyde Region's vice-Chairman, Chairman of our Development Project Management Group and District Secretary for Clydesdale District.
    • Maralyn Carruthers has provided administrative and fundraising support to Scouting for more than 30 years. Maralyn is currently Group Secretary at the 78th Lanarkshire Scout Group.
    • Richard Cuthbert has been involved in Scouting as an adult volunteer for more than 30 years. Richard was responsible for supporting the amalgamation of the finances for Lanarkshire and Greater Glasgow Area's and is currently the Regional Treasurer.
    • Malcolm Gillies has been a Scouting volunteer for more than 30 years at Group and Area level, holding a variety of appointments working to support young people with special needs to access Scouting.
    • Ken Gray joined Scouting as a volunteer more than 40 years ago. For the last 15 years, he has been part of the summer camp team for the 77th Glasgow Scout Group.
    • Hugh Macpherson has given more than 25 years' service to Scouting providing vital support in looking after property and finance as Group Chairman and now a member of the Group Executive Committee at the 3rd Glasgow Scout Group.
    • William Morrison has been a volunteer with Scouting in Lanarkshire for more than 40 years. William is currently an Assistant Cub Scout Leader with the 3rd Shotts Scout Group.
    • Frank Parkinson has been associated with the 77th Glasgow Scout Group for 42 years as part of their summer camp team and has held a variety of other supporting roles for Scouting with the disabled.
    • Andrew Sharkey has held roles at Group, District, Area, Region and National levels since he first volunteered for Scouting more than 20 years ago. Andrew is currently Group Scout Leader at the rapidly growing 2nd Lanark Scout Group, Camp Chief for Blair Atholl and a member of the Region's Training Team.
    • Charlie Stewart first volunteered with the 77th Glasgow more than 25 years ago as Venture Scout Leader and is currently the Group Treasurer.
    • Gillian Stuart has worked with both Beavers and Cubs since she started as a Scouting volunteer more than 25 years ago. Gillian is currently Group Scout Leader at the 121st Glasgow Scout Group.

    Commenting on the news of the Awards, our Regional Commissioner, Stuart Imrie said, 'I am delighted that the tremendous effort of so many of our volunteers has been recognised. Congratulations to them all and my humblest thanks for all that they do for Scouting.'

    If you know of an adult in Scouting whose contribution should be recognised by the award of a Good Service Award, please contact your District Commissioner or Gary Bainbridge in the Regional Office

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  • Congratulations to our Good Service Award Recipients

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 6th April 2011

    Scouting across Clyde Region relies upon the good will of volunteers to deliver and support our programme of adventure for young people.

    We are pleased that the Chief Scout has recognised the contributions of the following volunteers:

    • Anita Bremner is currently an Assistant Scout Leader at the 50th Glasgow and is a Training Adviser helping to support new leaders through their training. For her contribution of more than 12 years, Anita has been awarded the Award for Merit.
    • Anne Law is currently District Commissioner for Great Western District. Anne has been involved with Scouting in Clyde Region for nearly 20 years having previously held the roles of Assistant Cub Scout Leader, Cub Scout Leader, Local Training Manager and Deputy District Commissioner. For her contribution to Scouting, the Chief Scout has award Anne the Award for Merit.
    • Brian MacMillan is an Assistant Scout Leader at the 198th Glasgow and is also actively involved in supporting the leaders at the 50th Glasgow Scout Group. Brian has worked with Cubs, Scouts, Venture Scouts and Explorer Scouts over the last 12 years and for his outstanding service, the Chief Scout has awarded him the Award for Merit.
    • Sandra Veitch has held a variety of roles in Scouting, working with disabled young people, supporting the training of new volunteers and she is currently District Commissioner for South Western District where she leads the support for local Groups in one of our Districts. For her contribution to Scouting, over the last 17 years, the Chief Scout has awarded Sandra the Award for Merit.


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  • 150th Glasgow Invest Scouts on the Water

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 4th April 2011

    Scouts and Explorer Scouts from the 150th Glasgow enjoyed an activity weekend at Lochgoilhead recently.

    During the course of the weekend, several of the Scouts and Leaders ended up in the Loch instead of on the water but one lucky Scout was invested whilst kayaking!

    Later on in the weekend, one of their Explorer Scouts was invested on the Pole Climb.

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  • Safeguarding Awareness Training - Important Information

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 15th March 2011

    The following is the text from an email that was sent to all GSLs and Group Contacts on 11 March 2011:

    Dear GSLs & Group Contacts,

    You will be aware from information that has been circulated from SHQ, UKHQ and Clyde Region that during the latter half of 2010, The Scout Association introduced a requirement for all adults who are subject to a 5 year appointment review, to undergo Safeguarding Awareness Training as part of the preparation for the consideration of their appointment renewal.

    Below, is some important information about why this change has been introduced which I would ask you to take time to read.

    Why has this change been made?

    The Association reviews its safeguarding arrangements constantly and following a formal internal review and external advice from the NSPCC, it was decided that training in safeguarding should be an on-going requirement, as it is with first aid. The issues facing Scouters in keeping young people safe are changing all the time and it's essential that we provide up to date training.

    Who is responsible for ensuring adults have completed the training?

    The appointee's line manager, which for the majority of adults in Scouting is their Group Scout Leader or Group Contact will need to check that those they review have completed the training; as they do for First Response (and Disclosure checks). Form AR reflects this. It is therefore your responsibility to remind adults in your Group that they require to register for a Safeguarding Awareness Course.

    Who is responsible for ensuring that training is available?

    Clyde Region's Safeguarding Awareness Co-ordinators are provide training sessions meeting the objectives and can offer advice about the NSPCC Keeping Children Safe package.

    The training will be offered in each District, once every year, between September and June. You do not necessarily have to attend the training in your District, you can attend the one on the most convenient date for you.

    How should we record this safeguarding training?

    Following completion of the training, the staff in the Regional Office will record it on the adults record on the membership database at

    Which appointments does this rule apply to?

    All those subject to an appointment review - essentially anyone who holds an appointment except for Scout Active Support and those in elected roles.

    How is this training different to the safeguarding training delivered in Module 1?

    Module 1 provides basic knowledge and information for Adults in Scouting regarding their role and responsibilities in respect of safeguarding young people. This training is delivered by specialist trainers who are equipped with a deeper knowledge of the subject matter. It supplements and builds on the training given in Module 1, so adults have more confidence in their safeguarding roles and responsibilities.

    How long does this training take?

    Participants in the NSPCC Keeping Children Safe package can complete the training at their own pace. Training workshops would normally be expected to last about 2-3 hours.

    What should be checked at review?

    Adults need to be able to demonstrate that they have completed safeguarding training during the period since their last review. Form AR has been amended to assist.

    External courses can be used in 'exceptional circumstances' - what are these?

    Our preference is a session with a Safeguarding Awareness Co-ordinator or participation in the NSPCC Keeping Children Safe package. When this is not seen as a viable option, external courses (such as those offered by local authorities) may be a suitable way to meet this training obligation, subject to the prior approval of the Head of Safeguarding.

    I am a police officer / social worker / teacher. Why should I have to be trained again?

    Professional training for the likes of police officers, Social Workers or teachers will not have any Scouting context. For example, a specialist police officer will have a detailed understanding of the law and investigative techniques, but will not (by virtue of their professional background) have an understanding of what the Association's stance is in respect of alcohol on activities or best practice in terms of the Yellow Card.

    Why should I have to do the same training every five years?

    Safeguarding training is constantly reviewed and our understanding of the issues faced by young people change over time. The content of this training will, therefore, change to reflect this. Best practice suggests that those completing online training for one appointment review may benefit from doing an alternative method for the following one - but this is likely to be affected by local priorities.

    What happens if my leaders do not complete the training?

    Any adult who does not complete the Safeguarding Awareness Training cannot continue to be involved in Scouting. They will have their appointment cancelled for failing to comply with the rules of The Scout Association.

    If you have any queries in relation to this, please don't hesitate to contact me, your District Commissioner or one of our Safeguarding Awareness Coordinators.

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  • DofE Expedition Report

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 11th March 2011

    In August 2010, Scout Network members Joanne Hay, Magnus Judge, Willian McFarlane and Andrew Thomson undertook their Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award Expedition.

    After 3 practice expeditions, the team headed to the Cairngorm Region where they completed a physically demanding route and collected a number of water samples were taken which were to be analysed and compared against branded bottled water at a later date.

    They have recently published their report from the expedition which formed part of their presentation. The report logs the experiences of each member of the team during the qualifying expedition as well as all the work that went towards preparing for it. This includes all the practice expeditions that took place; how a project and route was selected; and the outcomes from the project.

    The team have kindly agreed that the report can be published online for others to see how they got on.

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  • A reminder of some important rules for DofE Expeditions

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 11th March 2011

    The Expedition season is almost here again, with not long to go until the Easter weekend, leaving little time to go for any Wild Country Area projects. To be sure all understand the requirements, Ron Alexander has made an extract from the Green Form to help you understand what is required.

    Please send a copy of your Green Forms to Ron and once he gets the reference number he will copy it to SHQ. If your expedition is not in Wild Country, you should go through the normal procedure for activities, via your District Commissioner, again Ron would appreciate a copy. Groups using eDofE can get forms attached on the system and help in recording the expeditions.

    Have a good expedition season!

    What is the notification form for?

    The form must be used to notify the Duke of Edinburgh's Award (DofE) that you are organising either an unaccompanied practice or a qualifying expedition in one of the DofE's designated wild country areas as defined in the Handbook for DofE Leaders (sixth edition pp 67-68). An unaccompanied expedition is one where remote supervision is used at any point, that is, all final practices and qualifying expeditions. Any training where remote supervision is used must also be notified.

    Who needs to be notified?

    The DofE Expedition Co-ordinator for the wild country area you are visiting, names and addresses are available at:

    In addition a copy must be sent to your Operating Authority and their approval received.


    Notifications and route details are submitted to Expedition Assessor Networks to:

    • Confirm that your proposals, if followed, comply with the 20 conditions of the Expedition section.
    • Ask for assessment by the wild country DofE Assessor Network.
    • Provide advice based upon local knowledge of the area to assist with the planning of the expedition.
    • Help the DofE to monitor, support and encourage responsible use of Britain's wild places and resolve any issues which might arise.

    What information do you need to provide?

    For qualifying expeditions requesting assessment through the Network you must send the following to the appropriate Expedition Co-ordinator:

    At least 6 weeks before your expedition:

    • Two copies of the notification form per team fully completed and signed by your DofE Leader/Supervisor.
    • Two copies of route outlines (tracings on A4 tracing paper or a separate tracing for each day). The route outline should be taken from a 1:50,000 OS map and-include grid co-ordinates, grid references showing the start, all camp sites, the finish, the location and brief details of any exploratory work, bad weather alternate routes, escape routes and the direction of travel.

    At least 2 weeks before your expedition:

    • Route cards with grid references, daily distances and timings, details of exploratory work, camp site locations, bad weather alternative routes and escape routes.
    • Notes on the aim of the expedition.
    • List of personal and team equipment to be carried including details of meals and supplies.

    For practice expeditions or for qualifying expeditions where you have arranged your own assessment with an Acredited Assessor the following must be sent to the appropriate Expedition Co-ordinator:

    At least 4 weeks before your expedition:

    • Two copies of the notification form per team fully completed and signed by your DofE Leader/Supervisor.
    • Two copies of route outlines (tracings on A4 tracing paper or a separate tracing for each day). The route outline should be taken from a 1:50,000 OS map and include grid co-ordinates, grid references showing the start, all camp sites, the finish, the location and brief details of any exploratory work, bad weather alternate routes, escape routes and the direction of travel.

    At least 2 weeks before your expedition:

    • Route cards with grid references, daily distances and timings, details of exploratory work, camp site locations, bad weather alternative routes and escape routes.
    • Notes on the aim of the expedition.
    • List of personal and team equipment to be carried including details of meals and supplies.

    You should send a stamped self-addressed envelope with your notification form.

    What happens once you have submitted your form?

    The Expedition Co-ordinator will review the information provided to assess its suitability as a DofE practice or qualifying expedition.


    Frequently Asked Questions about the Expedition Assessment Voucher Process

    Q) Why have Expedition Assessment Vouchers been introduced?

    A) The Vouchers have been introduced to meet the growing cost of reimbursing the out of pocket expenses incurred by our volunteer Assessors, such as travel and car parking. The charges will also go some way to supporting the costs incurred by the Charity of administering the Expedition Assessor Networks.


    Q) What are Expedition Assessment Vouchers?

    A) Expedition teams who want to use an accredited Assessor from one of the DofE Assessor networks for their wild country qualifying expedition ( must purchase an 'Expedition Assessment Voucher'. The voucher comes with an ID code which confirms that the payment is registered and valid. There are vouchers for each level: Bronze, Silver and Gold. This process exists manually today; we are simply automating the process and including the Gold level. Note: Vouchers have an expiry limit of two years from the date of purchase and refunds are not available after this time limit has been exceeded.


    Q) We are using our own Assessor - do we need to pay for a voucher?

    A) Expedition teams that are using their own Assessor (not requesting an Assessor from the Assessor network) do not pay for an Expedition Assessment Voucher.


    Q) Who orders Expedition Assessment Vouchers?

    A) Anyone can purchase vouchers from the online DofE shop ( if they have a DofE shop account or a eDofE account. You can also order the vouchers directly from ASL Tel: 0131 553 5280 Fax: 0131 553 5776.


    Q) How much do the vouchers cost?

    A) Bronze: £40 per expedition team, Silver: £60 per expedition team, Gold: £80 per expedition team.


    Q) How do I receive the 'ID code' for a purchased voucher?

    A) When you purchase a voucher from the online DofE shop, you will receive an order email confirmation to your main email address (located within your DofE shop account or in your eDofE account) and a separate e-mail which contains the ID code for each voucher purchased. If you contact ASL to purchase the vouchers then they will forward the voucher codes to your declared email address.


    Q) What do I do if I do not receive the voucher ID code email?

    A) Please check your e-mail address is saved and ticked as the main contact in your eDofE account, and then check the email has not been sent to another one of your addresses. If you cannot find the e-mail then contact your DofE Regional/Country Office.


    Q) How do I use the Expedition Assessor Vouchers?

    A) When you complete the Green Expedition Notification form and tick the box to request an accredited Assessor from the network, you provide the ID code in the relevant box which is sent to the Expedition Co-ordinator. The Expedition Co-ordinator will check the ID code is registered and valid. They will get back to you if they have questions and/or confirm that they have an Assessor ready for your expedition. DofE staff should keep a record of which expedition teams are using which Expedition Assessment Voucher ID code in a safe place.


    Q) What happens if the Expedition is cancelled before it starts and I have already provided the ID code?

    A) If the expedition is cancelled by yourself (for example: if the team size is below four people, or the travel arrangements to the wild country have fallen through) up to 48 hours before the start of the expedition you can apply to reuse the voucher. To do this, contact the Expedition Co-ordinator and request they release the voucher. This means you can reuse the voucher for an alternative expedition within the two year time period. Note: You must notify the Expedition Co-ordinator at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled start date.

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  • The latest from our Development Project

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 11th March 2011

    It's now just over 7 months since our Local Development Officer Marie Clare joined us and here, she tells us about some of the positive work that she is doing to help grow Scouting in Clyde Region…

    Recruiting Young People and Adults at Schools

    I have been working with some Groups in South East District who have low numbers of young people in a few of their sections. By visiting local schools and talking to young people at assemblies and in classes about the Scouts they were able to find out more about their local Group and find out what happens in their section.

    To get a Beaver colony up and running the leader and I visited two schools and delivered workshops that included games, crafts and a talk about the Beavers. Within a few weeks the colony is now successfully running and numbers are growing every week.

    Place an advert on Volunteer Development Scotland Website

    When out and about in the Region and visiting Groups one thing that comes up time and time again is the need for volunteers. Adverts for volunteers have been placed on the Do-it website and with the Job centres throughout the Region. If you are in need of some volunteers a good place to start is to place an ad with the Volunteer centres and this can be done through the Volunteer Development Scotland website. Get in touch with me and I can assist with this and the recruitment and retention of new volunteers.

    New Groups

    I have been working with St David's Primary School in Plains and we hope to open a new Group in May, starting with a Beaver Colony. I recruited volunteers at Parent's evenings and activities that involved Parents at the school. All of the volunteers are new to Scouting so I have been working with them to help them learn how to run a Group. We have visited two Beaver colonies and are now in the process of planning the programme for when the Group starts.

    If you would like some assistance in your Group or District you can download the expression of interest form from the website or contact me direct by calling 0141 248 6022 or email at

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  • Blackwood Beavers & Cubs Visit to Pets at Home

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 7th March 2011

    Beavers & Cubs from the 1st Blackwood Scout Group recently enjoyed a fun visit to Pets At Home in Hamilton, doing part of the Beavers, Animal Friend Activity Badge & Cubs Animal Carer Activity Badge.

    They got to hold Guinea Pigs, Rabbits and touch a bearded dragon lizard. The Beavers and Cubs also found out loads of interesting things on what certain animals eat.

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  • Duke of Edinburgh's Award Update

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 22nd February 2011

    Leaders may be are aware the eDofE system had some updates during November and the DofE are currently working on a restyle which should hopefully help with the look, feel and functionality of the system.

    New developments include a redesign, addition of a new expedition mapping programme, reporting functions and improvements to the alerts and resources.

    In addition to this, the Welcome packs are being revamped to make them more user friendly (especially when being posted). They will soon be a see-through plastic wallet containing all of the relevant information (which is also being updated). From 1 April 2011, the cost of Welcome Packs will increase.

    Expedition Assessments

    Don’t forget that from 1 April 2011, all qualifying expeditions now need to be assessed by an appropriate DofE Accredited Expedition Assessor. 

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  • Would you like to learn more about sensory impairment?

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 16th February 2011

    Deafblind Scotland work with dual sensory impaired individuals and have been given some funding by the Big Lottery in order to support Deafblind people to make awareness raising presentations to schools and other organisations.

    The presentations involve a 50-60 minute talk during which time the Deafblind person will not only help to dispel stereotypes by explaining what are Deafness, Blindness and Deafblindness but will also include a practical element in which the audience are taught how to recognise and communicate with someone who is Deafblind. During this part of the session the participants will learn Deafblind manual signing.

    Touching Lives Team 

    Below are some quotes from teachers and students who have participated in previous sessions:

    Miss Sturroch, Teacher, 'The sessions were, yet again, fantastic! They give our pupils a great insight to deafblindness and other disabilities. Invaluable experience for them!'

    Agnes Johnston, Teacher, 'The children were very attentive and particularly benefited from the 'Hands on', use of the spectacles and from being spoken to by real people rather than watching DVD or Video presentation.'

    A pupil's comment, 'Being deafblind doesn't mean that your life is over.'

    A pupil's comment, 'I didn't even know there were people who were deaf and blind, I was very intrigued!'

    We would love to visit your troop and allow them to better understand the world of Deafblindness and can send someone along to present whenever is convenient for the group.

    For more information or to book a visit please contact the Touching Lives team at Deafblind Scotland on 0141 777 6111 or email - they hope to hear from you soon!

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  • Investiture Under Water

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 10th February 2011

    Pegasus Explorers invested their newest members somewhere slightly different!

    Check out their video which tells the tale. 

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  • The 121st Glasgow has been busy!

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 3rd February 2011

    Congratulations are due to Cubs from the 121st Glasgow who have completed the highest award for Cubs by achieving the Chief Scout's Silver Award

    To achieve this award, young people have to complete 6 or 7 challenge badges throughout the two and a half years that they are in Cubs. A lot of hard work and dedication was put in by the boys and their leader and the activities that they had to do included; taking part in 2 overnight camps, completing a hike, visiting places of interest, organising a fundraising event, making a model, finding out about an international charity, trying two new sports, taking part in an act of worship and many more activities.

    Cubs from the 121st Glasgow 

    As well as achievements by their Cubs, the Warrior Explorer Scouts have been busy and Explorer Scout Douglas Oates has completed his Chief Scout's Diamond award which was presented with the award in the City Chambers.

    To achieve this award Douglas had to complete twelve nights away camping, take up a new skill and a new physical activity and show progression and a lasting interest, provide service in the community for six months, plan and prepare a three day / two night expedition as well as many more activities.

    Warrior Explorer Receives Award 

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  • Clyde Connections - Issue 8

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 11th January 2011

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  • Kilsyth Scouts & Explorers brave the snow!

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 17th December 2010

    Whilst the rest of the country slowly ground to a halt during the recent weather, 8 intrepid Scouts , 2 Leaders and a parent from the 1st Kilsyth Scout Group braved the snow, after a matinee performance of Glasgow Gang Show and headed to Auchengillan to camp in the snow, in pursuit of their Gold Zodiac Award!

    The rolls with egg and sausage for breakfast on Sunday fuelled striking camp in the blizzard.

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  • People Making Waves

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 17th December 2010

    People Making Waves 

    The Wave of Friendship programme runs for four years up to September 2012 and during this time will provide grants to 200 volunteers, with each successful applicant receiving up to £500 to cover their travel, accommodation and other costs to volunteer in London (for Scottish volunteers) or Scotland (for London-based volunteers). The grants can support individual volunteers or groups, and do not have to part of volunteer exchanges.

    The scheme has been launched to promote and support volunteering in Scotland and London in the lead up to the 2012 Olympic Games. It's part of larger programme called People Making Waves, which aims to encourage a cultural and volunteering legacy from the Olympics.

    Suitable volunteering opportunities can be practically anything providing they are fixed term (from a day, a weekend to a week or more) and demonstrate some or all of the values of the Olympics movement: Friendship, Respect, Excellence, Courage, Determination, Equality and Inspiration.

    So far the scheme has funded a wide range of volunteering opportunities including stewarding on the Edinburgh Moonwalk and Race for Life in London, planting Caledonian forest in the Scottish highlands, volunteering at the British Museum and London art galleries, and supporting charities and voluntary organisations in London and Scotland.

    You can find more information about the scheme on their website: including details of the simple application process.

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  • Peace Light from Bethlehem Update

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 13th December 2010

    Many Groups will be aware that in recent years, the Region has held a Service of Reception for the Peacelight from Bethlehem around this time of year.

    Regrettably, for a variety of reasons, there will be no service this year.

    I do still intend to collect a share of the light for Scotland and will be doing so tomorrow, Tuesday 15th December.

    For those who would like to collect a share of the light to take back to your own home or Church, we will be having an informal gathering with tea/coffee and mince pies tomorrow night from 7.30pm - 9pm in the Regional Office at 21 Elmbank Street, Glasgow.

    Please RSVP to Gary Bainbridge at or 07789 991773 to confirm if you plan to attend.


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  • Congratulations to 35th Glasgow Beaver Scout Leaders

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 7th December 2010

    Scouting volunteers from the 35th Glasgow, Heather Nilsen-Nygaard and Morag Young have recently had their good service to scouting recognised by the Chief Scout.

    Heather Nilsen-Nygaard has given service to Scouting as a volunteer for nearly 19 years having been an ABSL, then BSL. Heather has always provided an excellent, well-planned programme within the Colony, incorporating a wide variety of activities. With the introduction of the 6-25 programme, Heather embraced the changes and her Beaver Scouts continue to be offered a high standard of activities, while having a lot of fun. The 35th Beavers also enjoy a range of outings to places of interest, pantomimes, sporting venues and campsites. Within the Group, Heather is an active participant in all events and she attends meetings and is always willing to put her point across. She supports the work of her GSL and Group Executive and she has worked with new Leaders from all sections, to assist them with programme planning - an area in which she is particulary skilled. Heather served as a 'young person' on the SHQ Beaver Team and from 1995-1998, was Scotland's representative on the National Beaver Scout Team. She also represented the Beaver Scout Section at Youth Seminars in Portugal and Luxemburg. In addition to her role in the Group, Heather is also ADC (Beaver Scouts) in Eastwood District. Under her leadership, Beaver Colonies across Eastwood District have continued to thrive and Heather has provided leaders with a great deal of support and guidance, tailored carefully to their needs. She has led the organisation of many 'Beaver Fun Days' within the District, assisted by representatives from every Colony. These are very ambitious events, catering for hundreds of children, with a wide range of activities centred around an agreed theme. They are lots of fun and are greatly enjoyed by the children, parents and siblings.

    Morag Young joined the 35th Glasgow in 1990 to help in the Beaver Colony, as part of her service commitment in Guiding, and has never left. On reaching the age of 18, Morag became an adult leader and has given excellent service ever since. While holding the ABSL appointment, Morag has regularly, successfully stepped up to the role of BSL. Morag has supported many Beaver Scouts through the transition process to Cub Scouting and has worked closely with the Cub leadership team, to ensure that children are fully integrated within the Pack. She has also supported a number of Explorer Scout Young Leaders in developing leadership skills within the Colony. With the BSL, Morag provides an energetic, imaginative and varied programme for Beaver Scouts, which the children clearly enjoy. As well as contributing to the running of the Colony, Morag is a tremendous asset to the Group as a whole, being able to successfully turn her hand to running a Cub Pack, or when necessary, helping to run a Troop meeting. She takes a great interest in the running of the Group and provides great support for the work of the GSL and Group Executive. Away from the Group, Morag supports Beaver Scouting across Eastwood District and helps with the training of new leaders in the Region.

    Heather & Morag with 35th Glasgow Beavers 

    For their good service to Scouting, Heather and Morag were presented with the Award for Merit at the Group's recent AGM. 

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  • Duke of Edinburgh's Award Recipients

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 1st December 2010

    Congratulations to the following Explorer Scouts who have recently completed their Duke of Edinburgh's Award:

    Bronze Award:

    • David Barry, 16th Glasgow
    • Oliver Gray, 16th Glasgow

    Silver Award:

    • Terrence Rae, Pegasus Explorer Scouts
    • Ross Morton, Pegasus Explorer Scouts

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  • Remember the summer and those outdoor activities?

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 6th November 2010

    Remember the summer and those outdoor activities? For most of us, it is now but a distant memory as we settle in to winter weather and enjoying indoor activities.

    Beaver Scouts Jonathan, Charlie and James from the 1st Glasgow received their Chief Scout's Bronze Award on a day 'out and about' this summer and from the pictures below, they looked as if they were certainly enjoying their activities.

    Thanks to Abdul Mateen for the pictures 

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  • Mossneuk Beavers are Scary!

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 2nd November 2010

    Scout Groups around the Region will, I am sure, have been enjoying Halloween parties during the last week. Thanks to Bill Linley from East Kilbride for his picture of Beaver Scouts from Mossneuk Colony scaring their Beaver Leader!

    Mossneuk Beavers enjoying Halloween 


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  • 2nd Lanark Celebrate Group Centenary

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 26th October 2010

    The 2nd Lanark Scout Group hit the Lanark Gazette recently as part of their centenary celebrations:

    One hundred years and growing 

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  • Queen Scout Award and Gold DoE Expedition Success!

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 25th October 2010

    Many congratulations to the following nine leaders within our Region who recently completed their Queen Scout Award expeditions: Tanveer Bamrah, Drew Hendry, Magnus Judge, Billy Lui, William McFarlane, Euan Morris, James Ritchie, Andrew Thomson and Hannah Wells.

    Hannah, Euan, Andrew, Magnus and Billy also passed their DoE Gold expeditions.

    Having trained in sunshine throughout 2010 their final hike was rather damp and chilly as the Cairngorms had Scotland's first snowfall at the end of August!

    It was a fantastic achievement and we wish them all the best in completing the rest of the awards.

    Plans are in place to support leaders in Clyde who wish to do their DoE or QSA hikes in 2011. Please click here if you'd like more information.

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  • Wanted: 18 – 25 year olds to take part in Queens Scout Award and Gold DoE Expeditions in 2011

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 25th October 2010

    Are you considering doing your Diamond Chief Scout's Award, Queen's Scout Award, Silver or Gold DoE award expedition next year?

    On Wednesday evening 17th November there will be a meeting bringing together 18-25 year olds from Clyde Region who are planning to do their expeditions in the summer of 2011. The meeting will be held at 7.30pm at Clyde Regional Scout Council, 21 Elmbank Street, Glasgow.

    We recognise that many leaders are keen to do their awards but find the expedition part difficult to complete. Richard Mumford, a Mountain Leader and qualified DoE Assessor will work alongside myself to train you (where necessary) and supervise the practice and qualifying expeditions. This should take no more than six evening meetings, two weekends and the four day-three night qualifying trip. We will work to your prior experience to ensure you are fully trained but with the minimum of time constraints as we know you already have busy scouting commitments!

    If you cannot make it but would be interested in joining a group, please let me know before the meeting so we can include you in our plans.

    If you can make the meeting or have any questions please let me know by calling me on 01555 664399 or email me at

    Siobhán Sharkey
    ARC Scout Network

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  • Vacancy: District Commissioner for Clydesdale District

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 19th October 2010

    Could you support and motivate nearly 250 volunteer adults to deliver Scouting to our youth members. We're looking for a volunteer District Commissioner to lead a support team and coordinate the work of Clydesdale District.

    The successful candidate will be able to work well in meetings and on a one to one basis, provide positive management for local Scouting and develop relationships with volunteers in the organisation and external agencies who can enhance our work.

    It's a key part of our support structure and a lot of hard work but the reward of seeing young people enjoy the adventure of Scouting is something that can't be beaten.

    Click here to download a copy of the role description & person specification.

    Nominations should be submitted using this form to Gary Bainbridge at the Regional Office by 29 November 2010. For an informal discussion about the role, please contact Stuart Imrie on 0141 639 2243.

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  • Carluke Scouts enjoy Auchengillan

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 18th October 2010

    Carluke Cubs & Scouts enjoyed and activity packed weekend at Auchengillan last month.

    Despite the somewhat temperamental weather, the Group took full advantage of the many activities on offer at Auchengillan and were joined by their Beaver Colony for the day on the Saturday.

    Assistant Scout Leader, Maggie Hogg said 'I had a really great weekend and just love Auchengillan, the leaders always have as much fun as the young people which is what Scouting is all about.'

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  • Cub Leader represents Scouting at the Commonwealth Games

    Author: Gavin Holt | Date: 13th October 2010

    As the Commonwealth Games 2010 come to a close this week, Eyes are turning to Glasgow who will be hosting the event in 2014. But as the games close, The Commonwealth experience is just starting for Richard Bolt. Richard, an Assistant Cub Scout Leader with 16th Glasgow (1st Milton of Campsie), is away to Delhi as part of the 352 member cast to represent The Scout Association at the handover ceremony from the Delhi games to the 2014 event in Glasgow.

    Richard will be one of 352 members of the Glasgow 2014 handover cast in Delhi this Thursday. They have been rehearsing 9am until about 7pm every day for 3 weeks, to be prepared for the 8 minute performance (That is about 17 hours of rehearsal per minute!)

    Richard has also been involved in Glasgow Gang Show for many years and claims that the skills he learnt there are very useful for this performance!

    Also appearing in Gang Show this year, Richard has only missed one rehearsal due to his 2014 Commitment – He was in Delhi at the time!

    He also claims that general Scouting skills have helped him take on this mammoth task,

    “Walking into a room full of strangers, I just treat it like going to a big camp. You are all there to have fun and share a common purpose. The experiences you get through Scouting definitely make talking big challenges like this easier!”

    Richard will be representing the Scouts of Glasgow and of the World in front of the 60,000 people in the Stadium and the expected One Billion TV Viewers worldwide.

    “If it wasn’t for being involved with Scouting, and with Glasgow Gang Show, I would never have had the opportunity to do anything like this. It is a once in a lifetime adventure”

    You can see the performance as part of the handover ceremony on Thursday 14th of October 2010 at approximately 3:30pm on BBC1 and on the BBC Website

    If you are on Twitter, you can click below to share the story with your followers and spread the word about Scouting on the World Stage!

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  • Awards for Good Service: September 2010

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 7th October 2010

    Clyde Region was pleased to learn that the Chief Scout has recently made awards recognising the contribution of the following volunteers:

    • Roy Adam has been part of the leadership team at the 77th Glasgow for nearly 10 years. Roy started out working as part of the Scout Troop leadership team, helping to deliver a weekly programme to a Troop of young men with physical disabilities. For the last couple of years, Roy has been a member of the Group's (Fellowship) Active Support Unit, providing assistance at weekend camps and summer camp. For Roy's Good Service, the Chief Scout has awarded him the Chief Scout's Commendation for Good Service.

    • John Cassidy has volunteer as part of the 113th Glasgow's Group Executive Committee for more than 25 years. John willingly turns his hand to whatever needs done, including fundraising, maintenance of the hall and grounds and the Group's Mock Auction and Jumble Sale. The Group recently celebrated their Centenary and John led the organisation of a year to remember for members past and present. For his outstanding service to Scouting, the Chief Scout has awarded John the Award for Merit.

    • Fraser Cochrane has been a Scouting volunteer for than 15 years. Originally working with the Scout section, Fraser was responsible for ensuring that his Troop enjoyed an active programme of activities and the Troop were often found to be travelling abroad to international camps, helping them to develop a better understanding of the World around them. In 2006, Fraser took over the running of the Group's Beaver Colony where he ensures that our youngest members are introduced to the Scouting adventure and are always left looking for more as they move up to Beavers and Cubs. For his outstanding service to Scouting, the Chief Scout has awarded Fraser the Award for Merit.

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  • Great Western Leaders are Refreshed!

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 30th September 2010

    More than 50 leaders from across Great Western District enjoyed a weekend of fun, learning and refreshing their skills at Auchengillan recently.

    The weekend provided an opportunity for leaders to improve their basic Scouting skills, share ideas with each other and meet friends old and new.

    The sun shone on Auchengillan which made it even nicer!

    Commenting on the weekend, District Commissioner Anne Law said 'I'm sure I am speaking for everyone when I say it was lots of fun, we all learnt something new and formed excellent links and friendships between other leaders in the District which will stand us in good stead for the future, so I'm delighted that we met our aims. On behalf of the District, I'd like to say a huge thanks to Gerry Durkin of the 204th for arranging and coordinating the bases and to Caroline and Brian Lowe (80th), Sandy Bennet & Gordon Hobden (20th), Alastair Jardine (178th), John Wordie (86th/191st), Jim Peebles (72nd), Fiona Hunter (183rd), Scott Ballantyne (9th), Robin and Moira Russell (District Team) and Scott McDonald (Auchengillan) for all that they did to help the weekend go smoothly.' Anne continued, 'a huge thanks also to Christine Quigg and Jinty for making sure that we were all well fed.'

    The District hopes to repeat the event in 2 years' time.

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  • Gone Home: Ian Fletcher

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 23rd September 2010

    Gone Home

    Clyde Region was sorry to learn of the passing of Ian Fletcher earlier this month.

    Ian was born into a family with long connections with Scouting and Guiding so it was no surprise when he joined his local Cub Pack aged 8 and Scouting played a big part in his life from there on.

    For many years, Ian was Cub Scout Leader at the 139th Glasgow where he ran a thriving Pack, ensuring that young people got the most out of the programme and summer camps around the UK were always the highlight of the year.

    Not content with running his Pack, Ian was ADC (Cub Scouts) and actively supported other Packs around the District, visiting them to support new leaders and organising District events.

    As well as volunteering in his Group and District, Ian had a long association with Glasgow Gang Show having been part of the Stage Crew team then latterly chairing the show's Business Committee, overseeing the finances and administration for Gang Show.

    Despite the challenges that his health regularly set him, Ian lived life to the full and got the most out of everything that he got involved with.

    Ian was called to higher service on 12 September 2010 and nearly 100 Scouting friends joined with his family to give thanks for someone who was always ready to help others and who enriched the lives of many.

    He will be sadly missed and our thoughts are with his family at this time. 

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  • Changes to Safeguarding

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 17th September 2010

    New Safeguarding Information 

    Child Protection or Safeguarding? There have been a few changes to the Child Protection Policy recently. 

    A new yellow card has been produced and this incorporates neglect into the policy statement. You should have this version by now as it was issued with the September issue of Scouting magazine.

    From now on there will be a requirement for every leader/commissioner to have completed approved safeguarding (the new name for child protection) training at the time of their appointment review and there are three ways to do this.

    One way is to attend the training session offered in your district or if that date does not suit you can attend the session offered in any other district in Clyde Region. The alternative is for you to complete the Keeping Children Safe package which is now on-line and consists of 3 modules (you need to complete all 3).

    For details of the training being offered around the Region, please visit the Regional Diary

    Training offered by other youth organisations, churches etc could also be considered suitable. If you fall into this category please let your DC or Training Advisor know so that we can match up the objectives and the content.

    The cut off point to have completed the training for those who have an appointment review due during 2010, should be December 2010, however leaders who have booked in to sessions running between January and June 2011 will have their appointments confirmed, unless of course they don't turn up on the day!

    Adults applying for Activity Permits will also need to do some sort of safeguarding training as well. This should be agreed with the appropriate Commissioner.

    The safety of children and young people in our care is very important so please make every effort to attend one of the sessions before your appointment review. In fact even if your appointment is not due for renew you can still come along.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me at 

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  • 183rd Glasgow Come Home with Trophies!

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 15th September 2010

    Scouts and Explorers Scouts from the 183rd Glasgow took part in last weekend's Scottish Scout Regatta and came home smiling.

    The Scout team won 1st place in the Scout single handed sailing, 1st place in the Scout power boat challenge and won their heats in the Scout crewed sailing race.

    The Explorer Scout team won their Single Handed Sailing heat and came 2nd in the Crewed Sailing final.

    To top it all off, the leaders came 2nd in the finals of the crewed sailing!

    This is the second consecutive year a Scout from the 183rd has won both the power boat challenge and the single handed sailing.

    Congratulations to them all!

    The Scottish Scout Regatta is an annual event for Scouts and Explorer Scouts in Scotland. For more information visit

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  • Carluke Scouts go Mountain Biking

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 3rd September 2010

    Carluke Scouts go Mountain Biking

    Scouts from the 1st Carluke enjoyed a day's mountain biking in Glentress this summer.

    Assistant Scout Leader, Gordon Nelson said, 'we are lucky to have two trail cycle leaders we do this very regularly but it was a nice day for a change hence why I took the photo.'

    Gordon and his colleague Robert Manby are keen to promote mountain biking in the Region so if you would like some support to do this with your Group, please get in touch.

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  • Clyde Connections Issue 7

    Clyde Connections Issue 7

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 24th August 2010

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  • Awards for Good Service for Liz Wardrop and Jean Grimm

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 17th August 2010

    Clyde Region was delighted to learn that earlier this month, the Chief Scout made awards to volunteers, recognising their good service as follows:

    Elizabeth Wardrop is an Assistant Cub Scout Leader at the 183rd Glasgow. Liz has worked as part of the team delivering an exciting programme of activities to her Cub Pack for more than 10 years and is a great asset. Liz is particularly well known for her craft skills and is often found helping out at events in Great Western District as well as Auchengillan Jamborees. The Chief Scout has awarded Liz the Chief Scout's Commendation for Good Service.

    Jean Grimm is the Group Treasurer at the 10th Coatbridge Scout Group. Jean has supported Scouting as a member of the Group Executive Committee then Group Treasurer for more than 30 years. During her time with the Group, Jean has been responsible for organising annual fair days, jumble sales, bingo evenings and social events to help raise funds for the Group. This is combined with the need to keep accurate financial records and ensure that the Group Executive Committee is kept briefed on their finances. The Chief Scout has award Jean The Award for Merit.

    Do you know of leaders in your Group or District who regularly give good service to Scouting which has not been recognised? If so, please contact your District Commissioner or get in touch with me in the Regional Office.

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  • Presentation of Bar to the Award for Merit to Karen Imrie

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 12th August 2010

    Karen Imrie has given service to Scouting at Group, District, Area and Regional level over a period of nearly 20 years. In July, she was presented with the Bar to the Award for Merit amongst friends and family at the Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette.

    Her first love in Scouting has always been working with the Cub Scout section and for many years she worked hard as part of a leadership team to ensure that all of her Cubs were given the opportunity to enjoy a balanced programme and gain badges and helped to lead themed programme evenings and take the Pack to camp bi-annually.

    In 2003, she took on the challenging role of Local Training Manager, working hard to persuade Group Scout Leaders and new leaders of the benefits and value of completing their wood badge.

    Presentation of Bar to the Award for Merit to Karen Imrie

    In 2006, Karen took on the role of Blair Atholl Coordinator for Gt. Glasgow Area. Having been associated with Blair Atholl for many years Karen new only too well the benefits and enjoyment that young people would get from being part of a Blair Atholl Patrol. For many years, the Area had struggled to fill its quota and it's a credit to Karen that in recent years, the number of young people applying for selection has increased.

    In 2003 and 2009, Karen joined the staff of Auchengillan International Jamboree in the role of Assistant Director of PR & Media helping with the massive amount of pre-camp administration, coordinating home hospitality for Groups and greeting international Groups as they arrived in Glasgow.

    Most recently, Karen was Chairman of Eastwood District Appointments Committee, driving forward the implementation of the now current appointments process in the District and ensuring that new adults felt welcome.

    We offer our congratulations to Karen on her well-deserved award.

    Do you know of leaders in your Group or District who regularly give good service to Scouting which has not been recognised? If so, please contact your District Commissioner or get in touch with me in the Regional Office.

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  • Clyde Development Project gets under way!

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 5th August 2010

    Marie Clare McLinden

    Earlier this week, we were delighted to welcome Marie Clare McLinden to the Regional Office in the newly created post of Local Development Officer.

    Marie Clare will be with us for the next 3 years, supporting the development of Scouting and recruiting adult volunteers across the Region.

    I'm sure that everyone will join with me in welcoming Marie Clare to this exciting new post and I asked her to tell us a bit about herself so that you can get to know her so over to Marie Clare! 

    'After studying at University, I worked as an Environment Officer in Glasgow East Regeneration Agency. I delivered educational activities and workshops to young people and I worked with the local community to help them develop their greenspace and this encouraged and taught people about how to care for and improve their local environment.

    I am really excited to be part of the Scouts and I'm looking forward to the new challenges this will bring. I have already had experience volunteering with the Guides in Motherwell where I have enjoyed working with the young people to complete badges and challenges as well as work with the wider community. I have gained some great experiences from this, including learning to bake which, along with making jewellery which is now a hobby I love to do at home.

    I can't wait to meet and start work with everyone involved across the region where I will be able to learn much more about the Scouts as well as learn some new skills along the way.'

    Marie Clare can be contacted in the Regional Office and at 

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  • Network heads North

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 21st July 2010

    It always gets a bit quieter in the Regional Office at this time of year and earlier this month, I took the opportunity to catch up on some time off and headed off to camp with a Group of Scout Networkers.

    The 77th Glasgow Scout Network is no ordinary Unit; they provide an opportunity for physically disabled young people to experience Scouting at its best!

    Our summer camp adventure began first thing on the Monday morning when we gathered with 2 minibuses at The Quay in Glasgow and 8 Networkers and 9 Leaders loaded ourselves and our gear into the minibuses to head for Badaguish, just outside Aviemore. Badaguish is a fully accessible outdoor centre with modern log cabins and was an ideal setting for summer camp.

    During the course of the week we went cycling, clay pidgeon shooting and fishing, tried out the swimming pools in Inverness and at the Macdonald Resort in Aviemore and of course has some time to relax in camp.

    After what seemed like no time at all, we were packing up and heading off for our next destination; Fort Augustus.

    We spent our last 2 nights of summer camp at Cumberlands Campsite and on the Saturday, the Networkers walked the Great Glen Way from Altsigh to Invermoriston which for them was knackering but rewarding to complete the hike.

    All too soon, Sunday morning was with us and we were striking camp ready for the journey back to Glasgow, with a pit stop at The Green Welly in Tyndrum.

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  • Let's get camping!

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 25th June 2010

    The 3rd Carluke Scout Group recently enjoyed their first camp of 2010 with a back to basics theme.

    The Scouts enjoyed a range of activities including fire lighting, axe and saw skills, patrol tent pitching and learning about the countryside.

    3rd Carluke Scouts in Camp 

    The Cubs joined the Troop overnight on the Saturday night to ensure that they had their fair share of the fun as well.

    Maggie Hogg, Assistant Scout Leader at the 3rd Carluke said 'great fun was had by everyone' she continued 'I'd like to say a special thanks to all of the Cubs and Scouts for joining in all of the activities and of course the person who arranged the sunshine will have our gratitude for a long time to come.'

    Scouts from 3rd Carluke in Camp 

    The activities continued on Sunday with some creative pioneering, bivouacking and hammock building competitions!!

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  • Chapelhall Scouts join Scottish Skills Weekend

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 11th June 2010

    10 PLs and APLs from the 8th Airdrie joined Scouts from across Scotland for a skills training weekend at Meggernie last weekend.

    Among the traditional Scouting skills were axe & saw, backwoods cooking, pioneering, use of stoves, pitching a Patrol tent, map & compass, and fire lighting. The Scouts also too part in grass sledging and ballista building.

    Patrol Leader Emily said, 'I enjoyed all of the activities. This was a great weekend.'

    The Scouts from Chapelhall would like to thank Bruce and his team from Scottish Fellowship for making this a great event.

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  • Issue 6 of Clyde Connections

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 30th April 2010

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  • Clyde Connections - the future?

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 30th April 2010

    Issue 6 of Clyde Connections has been published digitally online as part of our ongoing website development and improvements to communications.

    More than 900 adults across the Region have email addressed recorded on the membership database at and we are giving consideration to stopping the distribution of Clyde Connections by post, for those adults who have an email address.

    Would you be happy with this proposal?

    Do you find Clyde Connections useful?

    Is there any content that you think is missing from Clyde Connections?

    We are constantly looking at ways to improve communications in Scouting and would be grateful if you would take this short online poll to help us shape the future of the newsletter: Click here to take survey

    Alternatively, please drop me an email at with your views on the newsletter 

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  • Kirkintilloch Scouts Invested at Sea

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 21st April 2010

    The 45th Glasgow (Kirkintilloch) Scout Troop invested their new leaders in a very different location recently.

    During a camp at Loch Venachar, near Callander, they invested new Scouts and Leaders out on the Loch.

    The intrepid scouts and brave leaders had to stand to alert in their kayaks making the scout sign whilst the rest of the troop stood on the shore cheering them on, and waited for the inevitable splash.

    In the end, all returned safe and dry to land. New scout Mathew Welsh who was one of those invested said, 'It was great; camp was amazing and fun, but the best bit for me was getting to take my promise in the canoe.'

    The Group are always looking for new, interesting and challenging ways for their scouts and cubs to take their promise, they (and we) would be delighted to hear any amazing ideas or stories from other Groups.

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  • The passing of two good friends

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 8th April 2010

    Gone home 

    Clyde Region was sorry to learn of the passing of two good friends recently.

    Colin Marshall was a 'weel kent face' in Scouting in the North East of Glasgow. Colin was District Chairman of North Eastern District for many years where he supported the District Commissioner and his team in running the affairs of the District. In addition Colin was involved in the 22nd Glasgow then 10th Glasgow Scout Groups where his warm hearted nature helped many young people to enjoy Scouting. Colin was perhaps most at home when in the kitchen, either at camp or at an event ensuring that everyone was well fed and watered. Colin was held fondly in the hearts of everyone that he came into contact within Scouting and always went that extra bit to help people out.

    Ross McManus was a stalwart of Glasgow Gang Show and was one of the last remaining members of Gang Show's 39 Club. Ross was on cast and the moved back stage where he worked to help put the show on. Ross was a great supporter of Gang Show over many years and missed his first show in 2009 when his health was deteriorating.

    Scouting was well represented at both of their funerals and we give thanks for everything that they did, to help other people.

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  • An evening under water for East Kilbride Explorers

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 16th March 2010

    Ever wondered what its like to breathe underwater?

    A group of Explorer Scouts from the 6th East Kilbride found out when they spent an evening on the PADI Discover Scuba Diving course.

    Whilst not an actual scuba certification; during the Discover Scuba Diving experience the Scouts learnt how to use scuba equipment in shallow water and get a quick and easy introduction to what it takes to explore the underwater world. The evening saw everyone complete their Scout Water Sports Activity Badge.

    Explorer Scouts from the 6th East Kilbride trying out Scuba Diving

    One of the Scouts to take part, Scott said 'There is nothing like breathing underwater for the very first time. It takes a little getting used to; after all, human beings weren't designed to do that - but very shortly I found it really easy.'

    The biggest challenge the Aquatron instructors had with the Scouts was not coaxing them into the water, but coaxing them out when the course was over.

    Explorer Scouts from the 6th East Kilbride trying out Scuba Diving

    Aquatron are currently offering a two for one price for Scout Groups. This gives a cost of £12.50 for each Scout/Explorer and Leader and it's a great way to spend an evening. What's more, you can complete an Activity badge.

    Explorer Scouts from the 6th East Kilbride trying out Scuba Diving

    For more information, visit the Aquatron website at

    Thanks to John Anderson from the 6th East Kilbride for this story.

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  • Scouting is fun!

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 15th March 2010

    Scouts & Explorer Scouts from the 1st Kilsyth have seen a limited number of opportunities to keep their Zodiac Nights Away going recently with all the winter weather.

    Downhil Bivvy

    Last weekend, they managed to escape to Bonaly last weekend and managed to keep temperatures and adrenaline high with the Scout winter sport 'down hill bivvying.'


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  • Kirkintilloch and Lenzie Scouts raise funds for Haiti

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 18th February 2010

    Just days after the Haiti disaster, Scouts & Explorer Scouts from the 12th, 32nd & 45th Glasgow joined together for a fundraising extravaganza to raise funds for the Shelterbox efforts in Haiti.

    During the course of the day, they packed bags in their local Sainsbury's, with the Cubs and Scouts working hard alongside their Leaders to ensure everyone's bags were packed well. Samanthan from the 45th Glasgow said 'it's amazing how generous people are being and how interested they are in what Shelterbox are doing.'

    Scouts bag packing 

    While that was going on, Explorer Scouts from were out on the streets of Kirkintilloch with a bucket collection, which brought in a surprising amount. Explorer Scouts Charlotte and Craig said 'we couldn't believe it when people were actually crossing the street to put money into the buckets; it shows how much they care.'

    Explorer Scouts raise money for Haiti

    As the day drew to a close, tired Explorers and Leaders worked on, to get the last donations out of Kirkie's generous shoppers.

    The bag pack and collection raised more than £1,800 with further donations and support from Beaver parents totalled £1,960 which enabled sponsorship of four shelterbox's for Haiti, giving accommodation and support to forty people for up to six months.

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  • Carluke Scouts trade their way to a Cake

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 11th February 2010

    Scouts from the 3rd Carluke tried a new activity at their Troop meeting last; a trading post.

    The evening saw Scouts working together in their Patrol's to negotiate, manage their time and work together as a team.

    Assistant Scout Leader Maggie Hogg said 'I was impressed by their inventiveness, focus and determination alongside their cake decorating skills!'

    Carluke Explorers Winning Patrol 

    The photograph above shows the winning patrol, on the night, with the cake that they decorated and re-sold back to the trading post.

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  • Getting ready for camp!

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 28th January 2010

    Explorer Scouts from the 3rd East Kilbride brushed up on their cooking and hygiene skills recently when they attended an Elementary Food Hygiene Course.

    12 Explorer Scouts successfully completed the course and were presented with certificates by their Explorer Scout Leader; Paul Hart.

    An Explorer Scout from the 3rd EK getting her certificate

    'It's essential that the guys understand the importance of hygiene when preparing food' said Paul 'and they learnt about this whilst having fun at the Scout Hall and achieved an externally recognised qualification.'

    The Unit hoped to run this course on an annual basis as part of their balanced programme.

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  • Peacelight from Bethlehem

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 23rd December 2009

    Friends of Clyde Scouts were delighted to join together at Rutherglen United Reformed Church on Thursday 17th December to receive a share of the Peacelight from Bethlehem and to look forward to Christmas.

    Initially a charitable mission, for children in need in Austria and other countries, the distribution of the Light has involved Scouts and Guides from Europe since 1990. Each year, a child from Upper Austria fetches the light from the grotto in Bethlehem, at the site of Christ's birth and it's transported to Austria for a service of dedication and distribution at the cathedral in Vienna. From Vienna Scout representatives distribute the light across Europe. All who wish to receive the light are welcome to do so and it is used in services and kept alight at public places until Christmas.

    Scouts receiving the Peacelight

    Each year, the light is received in the Region and this year it was shared with Scouts and friends from Barrhead, East Kilbride, Lugton, Motherwell, Neilston, Newlands, Provanmill & Rutherglen. Before arriving in Glasgow, the light was shared with South East Scotland Scouts.

    The message from the Austrian Scouts in 2009 reads 'The Chain of Lights is not only a Symbol of the Peacelight - it is a Sign of Peace, Warmth and Family.'

    Visit our flickr gallery for some pictures from the event and visit for more information about its distribution.

    Our flickr Gallery!

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  • Young Leaders take control!

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 12th November 2009

    Explorer Scout Young Leaders at the 29th Glasgow (Tuesday) Cubs took over the programme recently. During a programme planning session, they came up with the idea of running a themed night once a month and they have now runt the first of those; a Pirate Night.

    Cubs from the 29th Glasgow dressed as Pirates

    Plans for future programmes include a Cowboy and Indian Night.

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  • South East District Cubs make some noise

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 25th June 2009

    Nearly 90 Cub Scouts and their leaders from the Region's South East District headed for Loudon Castle in Ayrshire earlier this month for a day of fun filled activities.

    The Cubs, pictured below all thoroughly enjoyed their day out and are looking forward to the next District activity.

    South East District Cubs at Loudon Castle

    South East District Cubs at Loudon Castle

    South East District Cubs at Loudon Castle

    South East District Cubs at Loudon Castle

    Written by: Gary Bainbridge

    Pictures from: Angela Donachie


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  • Scouts get on their bikes to fundraise for summer camp

    Scouts get on their bikes to fundraise for summer camp

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 11th June 2009

    Scouts from the 1st Bellshill and Mossend recently completed a 40 mile sponsored cycle from Aberfoyle to Strathyre. The funds raised from the sponsored cycle will go twards the Group attending AJ09 which takes places at Auchengillan in August this year.

    Scouts from 1st Bellshill & Mossend setting off on a sponsored cycle

    The weekend of May 16th/17th saw them experience all of Scotland's infamous inclement weather.

    When they reached Loch Lubnaig, the Group stopped to invest their newest Scout; Alice Hannah.

    A new Scout being invested

    The weather wasn't all cruel to them as they managed to find a ray of sunshine by the side of the Loch.


    Written by: Neil Kelly

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