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  • Celebrating our young peoples top awards

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 25th January 2021

    Whilst 2020 might have been filled with challenges, the resilience of Scouting has stood out for families right across our local communities.

    We know that adapting our programme was challenging but our young people have continued to grow and develop as they completed their badges and awards and that is a huge testament to you, our volunteers.

    Ordinarily, we celebrate the achievements of Scouts, Explorer Scouts and members of Scout Network during November but we were unable to do that last year.

    We are now inviting you to submit details of young people from all sections who have completed top awards during 2020 and during March, we will showcase a video online sharing the achievements of our young people.

    Please use this form to tell us about the young people who have completed their awards. To allow us to make the celebration something more than a list of names, we are asking for photos and favourite memories from young people when they worked towards completing these.

    Thank you for all that you are continuing to do to deliver Scouting to our young people, it is greatly appreciated.

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  • Youth Involvement

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 25th November 2020


    Our Youth Involvement Commissioners, James and Iona, are looking for young people to share what their experience of Scouting has looked like over the last year and what's important to them in the future.

    Clyde Scout's first Youth Voice Blether is taking place on Monday, December 14th at 7pm via Zoom and all Explorer and Network Scouts within Clyde Region are invited.

    You can sign up to this event, or just stay in the loop by completing this form:

    Discussions from this event will be extremely useful in shaping the priorities of our new Regional Youth Advisory Group (RYAG).

    To find out more, you can email James or Iona.

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  • Would you like to help shape direction or make a difference to Scouting in Clyde Region?

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 6th October 2020

    We’re looking for volunteers to stand for election to the Regional Executive Committee and become a Trustee of the Charity.

    What’s the Regional Executive Committee, do I have anything to offer and what might I get out of it?

    All good questions!

    So, the formal bit… The Regional Executive Committee is responsible for managing the affairs of the Region, for supporting the Regional Commissioner in meeting the responsibilities of their appointment and for providing support for Scout Districts, Groups, Explorer Scout Units and Scout Network Units across the Region.

    But what does that mean in practice?

    The committee meets four times a year and is responsible for overseeing the running of The Glasgow Scout Shop, Auchengillan Outdoor Centre and the regional office. In addition, it sets a development plan or strategy to look at how we might support local Scouting.

    The committee discusses potential new developments for Auchengillan Outdoor Centre and ideas for events and activities, gets updates on accounts and budgets for all operations and manages risk (anything bad) that we might be exposed to.

    We also look at challenges that are occurring within Scouting and how we can support more young people, regardless of their background to be given the opportunity to join Scouting.

    Lots of people don’t realise it but members of the Executive Committee are to some extent overseeing a business with a turnover of more than £1million per year.

    But I’ve never been on a board or a committee before?

    That doesn’t matter, we can train and support you to grow in to the role. You’ll get an induction training evening with the Chair and Secretary and then we’ll discuss what other skills you feel would be useful to you.

    Additionally, some people opt to join committees because of skills that they already have in management, governance, communications, HR or risk management.

    It’s good to have a mixture of experienced and new members.

    So, interested? We have 2 vacancies this year for a 3 year commitment and 1 for a 1 year commitment.

    For an informal chat about the role, you can contact Gary in the regional office.

    For more information about the nomination process, click here .

    To complete a nomination form or self nomination, which should be returned to Gary Bainbridge in the Regional Office by 6 November 2020, click here .

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  • What's being done to support Scouting in Clyde Regions during lockdown?

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 31st May 2020

    It's hard to believe that it's more than 8 weeks since the last group left Auchengillan and we took the decision to close both Auchengillan and 21 Elmbank Street to members of the public. While we have been unable to meet face2face, a wide ranging programme of work has been undertaken by the staff and volunteer team during this time and it's been a few weeks since our General Purposes sub-Committee (Scott Ballantyne, Regional Chair, Stuart Yuill, Regional vice-Chair, John Moffat CA, Regional Treasurer, Marion Rankin, Regional Commissioner and Gary Bainbridge, Chief Operating Officer) last updated you on the ongong work being undertaken since face2face Scouting stopped.

    Firstly, a massive thank you to everyone who has adapted the way in which you are delivering Scouting. We are delighted to see that so many sections have been undertaking activities online through Zoom, using #TheGreatIndoors and #CampAtHome materials and a whole variety of challenges. The General Purposes sub-Committee has been meeting regularly and maintained almost daily contact in between meetings to keep abreast of the information coming out from The Scouts and the Government about what we can and cannot do and to look at the challenges that face Clyde Region and its Groups and Districts.

    For those Groups who own their own Scout Hall, you will be aware from the national call and emails from The Scouts and Scouts Scotland that there is funding support available, based on the rateable value of your Scout Hall. We have written to the Chief Executives of the 5 local authorities and are pleased to report that we are receiving positive responses from them. If you own your own Scout Hall and have not yet applied for funding from the Retail, Leisure and Hospitality Fund or Coronavirus Business Support Fund, please do so via your local authority. It would be good to know whether or not Groups are being successful in receiving grants.

    We have maintained regular contact with Scouts Scotland and our General Purposes sub-Committee will shortly be meeting with them to discuss how we can work closer together at this time of challenge. We have reviewed and discussed the content from the all members calls that were led by Tim Kidd and Matt Hyde from UKHQ to ensure that we are aware of the impact of the challenges that they are facing, on local Scouting.

    Support for Groups and Districts continues to be available from the volunteer and staff team so please do get in touch if there is anything that we can do to assist you at this time. We have held a fortnightly drop-in cafe using Zoom with District Commissioners and members of the Regional Support team. We surveyed our membership to find out how we can support you at this time and arising from that have been sharing programme ideas on our social channels.

    As Auchengillan and 21 Elmbank Street were closed to the public and once the details of the Job Retention Scheme were clarified, we furloughed members of our staff team to reduce our staffing costs. Our Treasurer, John Moffat and our Accountant, Ailsa Milne have been working tirelessly to look at the costs that Clyde Scouts incurs operationally in supporting Scouting, in running our regional office, at The Glasgow Scout Shop and at Auchengillan Outdoor Centre, to identify which of those costs we still need to incur and which can be deferred or cancelled in the interim. They are providing regular support to members of the General Purposes sub-Committee to enable us to steer our way through these challenges financially while minimising our financial risks. We have met with Scout Store to discuss and review the ongoing relationship between The Glasgow Scout Shop and them as they are both the supplier of many of our products and a competitor to our online business. The Glasgow Scout Shop continues to trade online with internet orders being dispatched regularly, supporting volunteers who continue to deliver programme activities. We have written to the Directors of Education of the 5 local authorities to engage with them in discussions about how Auchengillan Outdoor Centre can play its part in the delivery of outdoor learning as a phased return to school begins for our young people in August.

    We submitted applications to Stirling Council and Glasgow City Council and have been successful in receiving funding from the Retail, Leisure and Hospitality Fund with us receiving 100% of the available grant for Auchengillan and 75% of the available grant for 21 Elmbank Street as our second property. We have made a successful application to the Third Sector Resilience Fund for financial support for the salaries of the 3 members of staff who were not furloughed to allow us to maintain our basic finance, HR, administration and governance functions during this time.

    We know that there are challenging times ahead for us all as we steer our way through the easing of restrictions and consider what future support for Scouting will look like. While the First Minister of Scotland has published the route map out of lockdown, we are still considering what this means for how we operate and of course guidance about how and when face2face Scouting might restart will come from The Scouts and Scouts Scotland in due course. There will be challenging discussions and difficult decisions in the weeks and months ahead as we look at how we might work towards achieving what we'd like to deliver balanced with how we can become financially sustainable again, in the time beyond lockdown. We will share more about these challenges and what the future looks like in further updates as the Trustees of Clyde Region consider our route map out of lockdown.

    Thank you for all that you are doing and we hope that in the midst of this busy time for us all in Scouting and in our family and professional lives, you are taking time for yourselves. It feels as though on some days life is going even faster than it did before lockdown but this needs to be a marathon and not a sprint for us, so that we are ready for adjusting to life beyond lockdown.

    If you have any questions in connection with what we have shared, please do get in touch via the regional office.

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  • Coronavirus - Clyde Scouts update

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 23rd March 2020

    Following the recent advice from the Prime Minister, the Scouts have suspended all face-to-face Scout meetings, activities and events for the time being.

    Sadly, this means changes to our day to day operations for Clyde Scouts.

    Auchengillan Outdoor Centre is now closed to customers and our staff team are going to be focusing on improving the Centre for your return and supporting our communities where we can.

    We have decided to temporarily close The Glasgow Scout Shop to the public, with immediate effect for the time being. You can continue to place orders online at and these will be dispatched without postage charges being applied.

    The Regional Office is currently closed in line with Government advice about social distancing. Members of staff are working from home and enquiries by email will be dealt with. You can email or leave a message on 0141 248 6022 and your message will be returned.

    We'd like to thank everyone for their continued support.

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  • Consultation on membership of the Regional Scout Council

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 15th January 2020

    At our Annual General Meeting in November 2019, proposals to expand membership of the Regional Scout Council were discussed and amendments were proposed from the floor.

    It was agreed that the Regional Executive Committee would discuss the matter further before bringing proposals back to the Regional Scout Council.

    In order to help inform that discussion, you are invited to answer a short questionnaire about your views on adult and young person membership of the Regional Scout Council here.

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