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Upcoming events

Module 10- First Response
30th September 2017 10:00 - 16:00

Single Weekend Training (non residential)
30th September 10:00 - 1st October 2017 5:00

Duke of Edinburgh's Award support evening
2nd October 2017 19:15 - 21:30

Module 25 - Assessing Learning
7th October 2017 10:30 - 13:00

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Our Volunteers & Staff

Scouting is a volunteer led organisation.

At a Regional level, the Region is managed and run by The Regional Team which is made up of volunteers who provide support to Scout Groups and Districts across the Region, in their particular area of speciality/expertise

The Regional Commissioner and her team and the team are supported by a small employed staff in the Regional Office, at Auchengillan Outdoor Centre and The Glasgow Scout Shop.

To contact a member of the team by email, click on their name or click here to have an email passed to them if there is no hyperlink to their direct email address.

Please note that the email addresses on this page are to enable volunteers in local Scout Groups and Districts to make contact with the Regional Team and they must not be used for commercial purposes.


marion        AnnGordon.jpg        sarahw        comingsoonSm.jpg

                           Marion Rankin      Ann Gordon          Sarah Ward             Vacant
                          Regional Commr.         ARC                     ARC                   ARC
                                                 (Adult Training)    (Communications)  (Development)

Raff.jpg        stuarthunter2        comingsoonSm.jpg        euanwaddell     ClaireT.jpg

            John Rafferty      Stuart Hunter          Vacant           Euan Waddell     Claire Taylor       
                  ARC                   ARC                   ARC                   ARC             Activities    
         (Explorer Scouts) (Section Support)  (Scout Network)    (Youth Inv.)         Adviser    

ewandofe        HarryKilgour.jpg       joelweb       gilliandweb

                                 Ewan Gray       Harry Kilgour         Joe Lally       Gillian Dodds   
                                  Duke of             Duke of          International    Safeguarding
                                Edinburgh's        Edinburgh's          Adviser          Awareness
                              Award Adviser    Award Adviser                           Coordinator

sandy        comingsoonSm.jpg        comingsoonSm.jpg

                                      Sandy Mowat           Vacant             John Moffat
                                          Chair                 Vice Chair            Treasurer

Regional Office

Gary Bainbridge

Gary Bainbridge
PR & Development Officer


Lyndsey Hobbs
Administration Assistant


Cecile Chabrilliat


Ailsa Milne

Auchengillan Outdoor Centre


Andy Wilson
Centre Manager

Claire Taylor

Claire Taylor
Assistant Manager

The Glasgow Scout Shop

Ally Bower 

Ally Bower


David Love
Sales Superviser


Gillian Moffat
Sales Assistant


Megan Hoey
Sales Assistant


Laura Graham
Sales Assistant


Cameron Horne
Sales Assistant

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