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23rd October 2013

Not sure what happens in Games Workshop or why it might be of interest to you?

Read on…

It’s all about collecting, building, painting and playing games with model soldiers (and tanks and dragons!).

However, they are not just any sort of store, they are an active workshop, where people can come down and do their hobby, or try the hobby for the first time. They can bring their own collections down to play games against their friends or build and paint their models, all with friendly staff to help out.

We deal with fantasy worlds, from Space Marines fighting space battles in the 41st millennium, through Wizards and Dragons battling in the Warhammer World, to adventures in the lands of Tolkien’s Middle Earth.

We sell the model kits that people collect to form their armies. These model kits require assembly and painting (though painting is optional), and then collectors will fight battles against other collectors using their model armies.

The hobby encourages a wide range of skills. The gaming worlds are supported with a rich range of literature, encouraging reading, the rules systems have simple maths at their core. The games themselves have problem solving and tactics, the model making and painting teaches skills at art and crafts, and finally the hobby is a very social activity as well.

But how does that fit into the Scout programme?

Up to 2 hours in store, where we will run introductions to both the painting and the gaming aspects of the hobby.

This can be run on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, with times flexible from 5pm, and they'll stay open after their normal closing times for you.

Your visit can be structured to help your Troop work towards 2 specific activity badges, the Model Making badge and the Hobby badge and further down you can see an activity plan of what they could do during your visit based around the criteria of the 2 badges.

There would be no charge for the visit, and a full range of hobby materials is available in store to use for these purposes.

Model Maker Activity Badge

Over the course of the 2 hour visit, you will spend 1 hour building and painting a model.

Because this would be a model making focused visit, they would use different, more advanced models and more advanced painting tutorials (though easily achievable results in the time available) than a normal introduction to the hobby.

The model will be a multi part plastic kit of a space marine infantry soldier approximately 32mm high, comprising a minimum of 8 different parts.

During the assembly activity, a staff member will explain the processes, the tools and the glue being used.

The model will be spray undercoated. Again a staff member will take the scouts through the process of doing this, explaining different ways its done, as well as the benefits of an undercoat.

You will then get a demonstration of painting the model. Using a minimum of 3 techniques to achieve great results. Basecoating, Washing and then highlighting.

At the end of the painting session you'll get a worksheet, so that the Scouts can demonstrate the knowledge they have gained on the night. The scouts will also keep the model Space Marine that they have built and painted.

They will then run a game for the scouts lasting approximately 45 mins. Showing the other side of the hobby, gaming with the models we make, which adds a whole different dimension to model making.

Hobbies Activity Badge

A 2 hour session, where we run an introduction to the hobby. This will explain the hobby and what the scouts are able to achieve in the hobby. It will also give the scouts a practical hands on demonstration of the hobby, by allowing the scouts to build there own models, as well as play a game of warhammer.

You will spend 15 minutes introducing the worlds that your hobby is set in and then spend 30 minutes running through basic assembly and model painting (these are simpler 3 piece models, than the ones we would use for a session designed for the model making activity badge).

You will then spend 45 minutes running through an introduction to the gaming hobby and finish off with a question and answer session.

So by the end the session the Scouts would have had an introduction to the hobby. They would then be able to decide if they wanted to take part in the hobby and collect the hobby.

For more information email Stephen Howe.

Author: Gary Bainbridge


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