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16th May 2011

From Andrew Aldous, Programme & Development Officer, SHQ

Over the last year anyone wanting to take part in a course at Glenmore Lodge has been eligible to receive part funding through the Scottish Development Fund at Scottish Scout HQ. This was to the value of one third of the total cost.

Glenmore lodge are now offering additional funding through the Grangers Volunteer Fund to anyone in Scouting who wishes to take part in one of their courses. The amount payable will depend on the reasons for taking part in the training and priority will be given to anyone taking part in a course for the running of the DofE scheme. Accessing Scout Permits will also be seen as an appropriate reason for funding and between 20 and 50% of the full cost of the course may be met by the Grangers fund.

This means that with the combined contribution of the Grangers Fund and the Scottish Development Fund a total of up to 80% of any course may be covered, resulting in Groups and Districts only having to pay for 20% of the cost.

The application process for the Grangers funding sits in two options. If the training is for the purpose of DofE then application forms for the Grangers Fund are sent to Alex Cumming at the DofE Edinburgh office. For all other reasons the forms are sent to Simon Fisher at Glenmore Lodge direct. Anyone applying for the Grangers Fund should not send the forms to Scottish Scout HQ.

Further details about this Grangers scheme are attached as is the application form. Remember, after you have applied for the Grangers funding and have a place on a course, also then apply to the Small Grant Scheme of the Scottish Development Fund for a further 30% discount. Forms and info can be found on the SHQ website.

Glenmore Lodge were advising all Scout applicants to contact SHQ direct for funding options. If you wish to benefit from the Grangers Fund you now apply either through Alex Cumming at the DofE Edinburgh office or through Simon Fisher at Glenmore Lodge.

Further details can be found on the Glenmore Lodge Website, or by contacting me at SHQ by email or on the number below. Please note that currently the Glenmore Lodge Website still shows me as the contact for this fund for the Scouts. This will be updated soon to show that any Scout Volunteers apply through either Alex at the DofE or through Simon at Glenmore Lodge.

Please if you have any questions get in touch. This is a great opportunity to get our leaders involved in some excellent training at a low cost. Please also pass on this info to our volunteers so that everyone is aware of this opportunity.

Author: Gary Bainbridge


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